Calling All Mods!

Hey everyone, as Clone Wars begins to pick up some more steam, we are looking to add two more moderators on our team! 

What constitutes a solid moderator you may ask. Well good thing I plan to explain anyway. On CWRP we are looking for mods that:

1. Understand the rules and how to enforce them
2. Players that choose to deescalate situations and that settle conflicts without being heavy-handed
3. Players that are active and understand that activity is the biggest marker of potentially becoming a moderator
4. A player that understands they are not a perfect mod and we are not a perfect staff team, and we need to work together to learn and improve. 

That all being said I strongly encourage CWRP players that may have thought about applying for moderator to give it a try. I look forward to having some new members join our team and growing as both a server and as a staff team! 

As always, PM me with questions!
Fish/RC 1140 Fixer
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