hi everyone new to hogwarts rp

I go by Cairo Vosh in Hogwarts RP server. Having a lot of fun playing here with my wife. I'm a first year right now just trying to get the hang of it and have met some nice people. A dragon named.. Ekkindah? And a ravenclaw, higher year Trevy Wevy Mars? Hard for me to read/remember names. Thanks you guys for being nice and helping out. I've checked out the discord/teamspeak server, is it common for people to go on? The server is quite popular but didnt see anyone on discord/teamspeak.

Anyways just wanted to say Hi! I'll be playing soon, hope to see you around.

Howdy, welcome to the forums & the server :)

Welcome (: Teamspeak is quite dead, some people still use the discord to chat.

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Howdy Sire and enjoy your time there!
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Hello and welcome!
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any suggestions why i can't seem to see the benches in the great hall or in the courtyard

Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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