Unreasonable ban time.

Ban Appeal DENIED when you were in detention you called me a Fag straight up and i warned you not to say it again

After that you called me it again in ooc

Take a break and take the L
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Okay man, even though others may not believe your story, and I am not saying I believe, I will give you the benefit of the doubt for a small reduction. A full ban I don't give a +1 because you still broke a server rule (hatespeech and disrespecting a staff member) and this ban will let you refresh your mind and hopefully come into the server with a new attitude.

However, in some comments I read you admit to you saying the word and you say you deserve the ban which shows you recognize your mistakes which is an excellent thing.

For all these reasons i believe you deserve a small reduction on your ban length (to maybe 1 week?)

Either way good luck

Appeal Denied by Jenny,
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