Black Friday Donation Discounts | Ends 11/28 | Happy Thanksgiving

Black Friday Donation Discounts | Ends Saturday, November 28th | Happy Thanksgiving

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Howdy, gamers, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year, we participated in Black Friday for the first time ever. It was far more successful than we anticipated it to be, so we've decided to give it a go again this year. We're offering donation discounts community-wide, across ALL of our game servers, and you can find cuts in donation costs anywhere from the lowest of 25% to upwards of the highest of 67%. This will be effective until midnight (12 AM) CST on Saturday, November 28th. This gives you only a little over 24 hours to acquire these discounts while you can! You will find that most donation options, such as in-game V.I.P. access on Hogwarts RP, all the Open Whitelist Donator Jobs, as well as most donation options on all of our servers, will be included in these discounts. However, there are some donation options, such as Unique Armor or Unique Companies & Squads on Clone Wars RP, for example, that will be excluded due to the custom nature of these specific donation options. All donation options that are discounted, will have their original donation costs crossed out and their new donation costs will be in red font. The Halo RP server's store specifically has it's own unique functionality that makes it clear which options are discounted, however, Halo RP's donation costs are cut exactly 50% storewide.

You can quickly access our website's donate page and select the game server of your choice to see what's discounted, by clicking donate below.

Final Details

We are hopeful that these discounts allow you to get your hands on some of the many donation benefits that you may have been wanting to donate for and maybe couldn't yet afford, and that this may provide you with an opportunity to do so. This would also be a perfect time to donate a gift for a friend on one of our game servers as well if that's something you've been looking to do or something you planned to do for Christmas. Additionally, we can and would be happy to delay giving their donation reward(s) if you wish to have them given at a later date, such as Christmas Day, for example. Please include this desired date in your donation transaction note, along with the rest of the required information. As always, we sincerely appreciate all of your continued support over the years, and this is just one of the small ways that we can continue to return the favor. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and we wish you all Happy Holidays this year!

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Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it!

Thanks for bringing the sale back too!
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Very nice

There was a typo in the donation list, the heir of Ravenclaw isn't up for sale!
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Happy one day late Thanksgiving!
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I'm giving a +1 just for the Supernatural gif  Heart
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