[Hogwarts RP] Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Contents: 

0.     How do I fix the error signs and what do they mean?
1.     I’m new to Hogwarts! What should I do?
2.     How do I access the rules?
3.     How do I change my name?
4.     How do I get sorted?
5.     I am already sorted, but now it say I'm unsorted. What do I do?
6.     How do I toggle between First Person and Third Person?
7.     How do I get the cursor off of my screen?
8.     I’m stuck!!! Help!!!
9.     I can’t hear anyone!!!
10.   How do I speak?
11.   How do I sit down?
11a. This might sound dumb, but how do I sit forward?
12.   How do I change my appearance?
12a. How do I get out of my dorm?
13.   Explain the chat system for me.
14.   How do I learn new spells?
15.   How do I self cast?
16.   How do I get to my next year faster (aka “How do I level faster?)
16a. Can I use a macro to prevent myself from getting kicked for AFK? Another server I played on encouraged this.
17.   How do I get access to more jobs?
18.   I’m a prefect! What do I do?
19.   What do I do with galleons?
20.   Where can I find potion ingredients?
21.   My potions keep failing! Why?
22.   I am a professor; how do I drop spells?
23.   What’s PTS?
24.   Someone broke a rule! Now what?
25.   How do I get a new wand?
26.   What happens when I prestige,  when should I prestige, how long does it take to get from year 1-7, and is it worth it?
27.   I got pulled by staff! I don’t think I did anything wrong! What should I do?
28.   How can I dance and do other animations?
29.   It’s too dark at night!
30.   How can I get a crosshair on my screen?
31.   What year do I need to be to participate in Quidditch?
32.   How do I turn off the music? How do I stop that constant burning sound?
z. Helpful links

How do I get rid of error signs and what do they mean?
The error signs mean you are missing content for this session. 
This can be due to many reasons, but the first step is always restarting your GMOD client (this means you quit out of it entirely and re-launch it)
This is also what the server owner recommends as a first step.
If that doesn't solve the issue, do the following:
in game, either tell the person who needs help to type !errors and follow the link provided or go to this link https://starbystargaming.com/showthread?tid=26 
Follow the instructions Hogwarts RP Content Issue Guide.
If this doesn't work, make a post in the support section here https://starbystargaming.com/forumdisplay?fid=75 

I’m new to Hogwarts! What should I do?

Every time you enter Hogwarts, you will end up at the boathouse as an unsorted student.

How do I access the rules?

     a.      The rules are found here: https://starbystargaming.com/hogwartsrpcompendium.
     b.      As a new player, you should be familiar with the Main Server Rules and Name Rules
     c.      As you start to play new jobs, you should go in the Job Rules section and read the rules for your job, and any you commonly interact with.
     d.      When you start getting more involved with snatching and PVP, you should become more familiar with the spell rules and grey area rules.

How do I change my name?

     a.      After you set your name for the first time, you’ll have to enter a chat command to change it.
     b.      In chat (default is “y” to pull this up) type /name and then enter what you want your name to be.
          Ex. /name Brett O’Malley
     c.      If you want to claim a name but it says it’s already taken, it might be a name that violates one of the naming rules https://starbystargaming.com/hogwartsrpcompendium/name
     d.      If your name violates one of these rules or staff tells you to change it, you must change it or you will be kicked/banned.
     e.      If staff tells you to change your name and you want to appeal it, appeal here https://starbystargaming.com/forumdisplay?fid=72
     f.     If you want to use the lore name of a character and you are playing that lore job, and it is already taken (ex. Fred Weasley, Harry Potter), ask staff to free up that RP name (so long as you are on that job). This also applies later on if someone takes your name and logs out.

How do I get sorted?
If you are first entering Hogwarts, you need to go up the stairs to the Great Hall and press E on the sorting hat to get sorted.

If E does not work, you need to bind it by pressing ESC on your keyboard, going to setting, scroll down to Use item (buttons, machines, …) and double click it, press E, then apply
Make sure you do not enter the main areas of the school as an unsorted student. This is considered a rule break and can result in kicks and bans.

I am already sorted, but now it say I'm unsorted. What do I do?

     a.     If you are returning to Hogwarts, you can get resorted into your house by typing opening up your chat window (default is “y”) and typing /Hufflepuff, /Gryffindor, /Slytherin, or /Ravenclaw (whichever house you got sorted into)
If you forgot what house you are in, type "!gethouse ^" in chat and press enter. You can also do this in console by typing "ulx gethouse ^". If it says you are unsorted and you can't swap to any jobs, you need to get re-sorted at the hat. 
     b.      You can also access the job in the spawn menu by pressing F4, selecting the job, and confirming the selection in the bottom right corner.

Do note that “Server Customizable Spare 2” in your keybinds needs to be bound to F4.

     c.      House resets happen every two weeks at the same time for everyone. The houses are completely randomized and you are not guaranteed to be sorted into the same house at the re-sorting.
     d.      You can only choose your own house by donating for VIP. The amount is $30 paid via paypal. You can access more information on VIP and the other jobs you get by visiting https://starbystargaming.com/donate/gmod/hogwartsrp (you can also access this link by typing !donate in chat in game). All inquiries about payment should go to the server owner, whose email is available in the link.
     e.      In addition to student jobs, the Matron (Madam Poppy Pomfrey) and the Caretaker (Argus Filch) are also jobs you can access by typing /pomfrey and /filch (The Matron even has a spell called Hillium Maxima that will heal your target to full health!)
     f.      Remember, you cannot pick up homework or spells unless you are on a student job.

How do I toggle between First Person and Third Person?

F2 by default, you need to have “Open Team Menu” bound to this key by default.

How do I get the cursor off of my screen? 
F3 by default

I’m stuck!!! Help!!!
     a.      There is no command to get unstuck. Do not have people kill you to get unstuck, this is counted as RDM.
     b.      Getting stuck is inevitable, there are some spawns in the boathouse that can put you into a wall
     c.      To get unstuck, you need to either swap your jobs (/pomfrey or /filch in chat, if they are open) or have staff come and help you (“@ stuck” in chat to summon them to help)
     d.      If you are unable to get into the boat house, you might need to practice crouch-jumping. Crouch should be bound to ctrl, jump to spacebar. If you jump then press your crouch button while going forward, you should be able to get over small hurdles.
     e.     If none of these options help, you can either request help in OOC by doing "// i'm stuck at the boathouse"in chat, or reconnect by typing "retry" in console. 

I can’t hear anyone!!!
If you have a hard time hearing others, Press ` (the key next to “1” on your keyboard) and type the following command:
voice_maxgain 5
You may have to adjust this each time you come in server. The default value is 2, and it goes up to 10.

Update: As of the GMOD update in January, the developers added another way. This following text for the rest of this section will be their words verbatim

This update also adds a separate volume slider for Sound Effects. The purpose of this is to address the "low voice chat volume" people have been reporting. What you want to do is set the "Game Volume" slider to maximum, as it affects all the sounds including voice chat. Then you want to set the new "Sound effect volume" and the "Music volume" sliders to the desired position.. (The music slider affects the music from Half-Life 2 campaigns) Doing this will make the voice chat as loud as the microphones of the speaking players are, i.e. the voice chat volume will no longer be reduced by the overall game volume.

How do I speak?
     a.      Your push to talk is bound to X as default.
     b.      With recent GMOD VOIP changes, it is recommended that you give it a brief moment after holding it down before you start speaking through your mic so you don’t get cut off.

How do I sit down?
     a.      In order to sit down, you need to look at the seat directly and hold ALT and press E (ALT + E).
           If ALT+E doesn’t work, you might not have Alt bound to Walk (Move Slowly) and/or E bound to use. To fix this, press esc and go to settings, modify the Key/Button value for both, apply, and escape.
           If you want to just use console commands, open console and enter the following values:
                Bind alt +walk
                Bind e +use
     b.      Another way to sit is by going in console and type “sit” while looking at the surface.
     c.      You can also sit on certain animals/creatures (if they give permission, of course. Remember to always ask!)

This might sound dumb, but how do I sit forward?
That’s not a dumb question! This is actually a very common question! To “sit forward” be sure to be looking from the direction you in the direction you want to face before attempting to sit.


  How do I change my appearance?
     a.      There is a wardrobe in every dorm and in the infirmary. Simply approach one, press E, and select your desired appearance.
     b.      If you find that your appearance keeps getting reset whenever you respawn, be sure to select your job from the F4 menu in the future. This prevents your model/presents from getting changed.

How do I get out of my dorm?
Each dorm has an entrance that you can open by pressing E on the door.

Explain the chat system for me.
     a.      When you type normally using “y”, and don’t put any special commands in, only people in “hearing distance” can see what you wrote. Their names will be above the chat window
     b.      To call for staff assistance, put @ in your chat (“y”) with a message to summon them.
     c.      You can do /me in chat if you want to enter specific thoughts, actions, or emotions.
          Ex. /me throws book across the room
     d.      To adjust the range of what people can read from you, enter in /y to yell and /w to whisper.
     e.      // and /ooc are how to access global OOC chat (which stands for out of character chat)
     f.       To PM (private message) a user, either put /pm or !p in chat, then part of the user’s name (not both of their names), or their steam ID. You can easily get their steam ID by pressing tab clicking their name on the roster and clicking the “Copy SteamID option.” Beware of common names! The names of your recipients will be above the chat window. You might be sending that PM to multiple recipients.
     g.      /op and /owlpost are how to access this server’s advert system, which is to only be used for legitimate roleplay scenarios. Before you use this, be sure to read the main server rules here https://starbystargaming.com/hogwartsrpcompendium/server
     h.      Group chat: if you press “u” and don’t put in any modifiers, you will be able to broadcast a message to people who share your job (default Gryffindor student jobs don’t see what default Gryffindor Prefect jobs see. Hemione, even though her job shows as Gryffindor Prefect, also doesn’t see what the default prefect jobs can see. You must be the same exact job to utilize group chat)
     i.        Radio: you can set your radio channel by doing the /channel command and some number between 0 and 100. This can include decimals, and decimals are suggested especially if the channel is being streamed. /radio <message> will put a message in that channel, and it will be unknown who sent it.

How do I learn new spells?
     a.      You learn spells by having DADA, Charms, or  Wizardry as your class and picking up the spell manual, or by prestiging. To know what class you currently have, simply look to the top left of your screen.
     b.      You must wait until 180 seconds are left in the class, at which point the teacher can drop a spell for you.
     c.      You must be on a student job to pick up spells (teachers cannot pick up their own spells)
     d.      Once you pick up your spell, you must “learn” it by opening your wand settings (default is right click), clicking the spell, then scrolling down in the right panel and selecting the “start learning” option. The spell is then learned and you can select the spell.
Please note, you must be the appropriate year (level) to learn the spell.
     e.      Certain jobs have spells exclusive to that faction or job. Example: Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Morsmordre are available on certain Dark Force jobs like Elite Death Eater and Voldemort, Firestorm is available on Elite Auror and Dumbledore, etc.
     f.       To find out what spells you can learn by going to class and based on year or prestige, do !spells in chat- you will be shown:
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/9EeXfzn.png]

How do I self cast?
     a.      Simply hold your self cast button while casting your spell.
Remember! Not all spells are self-castable
     b.      By default, your self cast key is bound to backspace.
     c.      To change your self-cast key, go to your wand menu, click Settings / Help at the top, click Clientside Settings, scroll to the bottom, and click the “Change Self-cast key:” option, then press the button you want to set it as.

How do I get to my next year faster (aka “How do I level faster?)
     a.      Passively, you gain 10 exp every 5 minutes
     b.      You also get 20 exp from every homework book you pick up, max 1 per class period. Reminder: you have to be in the correct class to pick up homework or spells as a student, if you attend the wrong class as a student you’ll either be asked to leave or put in detention. If you are VIP, however, you can pick up homework from a class you aren’t scheduled to be in, but you may still be asked to leave/put in detention.
     c.      You can only get a maximum of 40 exp every 10 minutes
     d.      Staff members cannot give you more exp
     e.     You can check your progress into your current "year" by looking at the top of your window: it is always visible
     f.      For more info on how long it takes to prestige, and the awards you get for prestiging which becomes available at year 7 for prestige 0-6, please navigate to question 26:  "What happens when I prestige,  when should I prestige, how long does it take to get from year 1-7, and is it worth it?"

Can I use a macro to prevent myself from getting kicked for being AFK? Another server I played on encouraged this. 
It’s never acceptable to do this
Even if real-life issues come up or you have to make dinner, this is not allowed
The AFK autokick system kicks you after 20 minutes, allow this to happen 
As of right now, the minimum ban length for AFK exploiting as a first-time offense is a 1 week ban 
Exploiters usually get caught soon after they start
You do not violate any rules by being AFK on the starter student jobs, but avoiding the auto-kick system is a guaranteed ban

How do I get access to more jobs?
     a.      You get access to more jobs at years 3, 4, 5, and when you prestige at year 7. You can browse what they are in the F4 menu.
     b.      At year 3, the jobs of snatcher, ministry investigator, and all professors become available.

If you wish to be a snatcher, I highly recommend you visit Scratcher's Snatcher guide for some additional insight
/snatcher, /runcorn, /mugglestudies, /transfig, /charms, /dada, /wizardry, /potions, /history, /astronomy, and /herbology are the chat commands to be these jobs
     c.      At year 4, the jobs of snatcher leader and quidditch coach becomes available.
/scabior and /quidditch to become these jobs
     d.      At year 5, the jobs of Death Eater, Auror, and prefecting jobs become available
/deatheater, /antonin, /auror, /gprefect, /rprefect, /hprefect, /sprefect to become these jobs
     e.      To see which jobs are available once you prestige in-game, do !prestiges in chat

I’m a prefect! What do I do?
     a.      Prefects help keep order in the school, but they do not enforce all of the server rules unless it is prefect law. 
     b.      https://starbystargaming.com/showthread?tid=14827 is a comprehensive prefecting guide.
     c.     To see if any staff are online (to know if it's prefect law, aka PLaw), press F4, click INFO, and click staff. If no staff are on, it is "Prefect Law." This is more defined in the link above. Please note: GMs are not required to take sits, if you see one of them on and they are building or doing an event, and no moderators or admins are on, it still might be Prefect Law (or more endearingly: GM Law). 

What do I do with galleons?
     a.      You can buy potion ingredients from the cabinet in potions class
     b.      You can buy rope shipments from the entity menu or by saying it in chat “/buyshipment Rope Restraint” as a snatcher job (500 ea)
     c.      You can buy homework and spells for your students (100 ea)
     d.      You can approach the Azkaban escapee and hand him a non-refundable amount between 5,000 and 50,000 (he sets this with his /hitprice command) to kill any target of your choice (Remember! Do not assist him in the kill). The price is above the options, be sure to check it before you place a hit
     e.      As a faculty member (whose class is not active), head prefect, auror, or dark force member, you may purchase someone who has been ransomed in /owlpost for the amount they put.
     f.     You can drop galleons or make checks out to people by doing /dropgalleons #### (amount), /check "player name" ##### (amount), or /cheque "player name" amount. /give #####(amount) also works but you must be looking at the person in point blank range and the animation has to fully complete

Where can I find potion ingredients?
     a.      Essentially, anywhere a student can go under normal conditions, ingredients can spawn.
     b.      There is a guide available on the forums, but it is recommended for the purposes of roleplay that you find the spawn locations on your own, or with the help of someone who can guide you.
     c.      At the start of every class period, the spawn locations will change.

My potions keep failing! Why?
The chance of failing a potion is higher the lower the year you are. When you get to 7th year, you will no longer fail at your potions.

I am a professor; how do I drop spells?
     a.      Once 180 seconds are left in the class and you’ve taught your lesson, you are now able to drop spells and homework
     b.      Go to your F4 menu, under “Main” go to “Entities,” select a spell or the homework book, and click “make purchase” in the bottom right corner.
     c.      The above option or /homework in chat also works for homework books, each spell has a unique command
     d.      Only one type of spell may be given out per class period
     e.      As a homework-giving teacher, you can pick up your own homework. You can’t pick up your own spell manuals.
     f.       You must stay in class until [0] and the next class happens

 What’s PTS? 

PTS stands for Permission to Speak. If it has been owlposted in a class that PTS is active, this must be respected and is enforceable by prefects. This means you may not speak without permission (do "/y /me raises hand" in chat, /y is needed unless you are close to the teacher so they can see it)

Someone broke a rule! Now what?
     a.      You can choose to report the rule break in @ chat or post it on the forums here: https://starbystargaming.com/newthread.php?fid=114
     b.      Remember, not all rule breaks require the assistance of a staff member. If someone is stupefying you, find a prefect- don’t immediately jump to staff. You will come off as pushy, entitled, and like the boy who cried wolf if you call staff over every little thing that can be handled in roleplay. 
     c.     Be prepared to give your side of the story or have evidence if you need to report (forum reports always require evidence)
     d.     Be patient! Staff may either be spectating the situation or in another sit. Do not expect for staff to jump straight to you right away just because you reported something, even if you feel it's severe.

How do I get a new wand?
     a.      You can unlock access to prestige wands by prestiging. !prestiges in chat to see which wands become available at different years
     b.      Certain jobs have wands exclusive to that job
     c.      Prestige wands can be unlocked simply by purchasing VIP
     d.      Holiday wands are given on certain holidays that are dropped by a NPC on the map. If someone somehow picked up your wand that you spawned, you will have to reconnect to server to get the NPC to drop another.

What happens when I prestige, when should I prestige, how long does it take to get from year 1-7, and is it worth it to prestige?
     a.      When you get to year 7, you are no longer able to keep collecting experience. If you approach the prestige board (in the main courtyard on the day map), you will get the option to prestige. It is only possible to do if you are on the default student job. 
     b.      If you prestige, you lose access to all your spells that you picked up from classes and start again at year 1.
     c.      Prestige spells, prestige jobs, and wand skins immediately become available when you prestige
     d.      Prestiging is a personal choice that no one can force you to make, but prestiging as soon as possible is what most will recommend.
     e.      It takes some number between 40-80 hours to go from year 1 to 7, and the exact number is entirely dependent on if you get homework or not. (more homework = less hours). For more information, see Evark's post here.
     f.     If you are in-game, you can do !prestiges to bring up the picture that shows what you get for prestiging

I got pulled by staff! I don’t think I did anything wrong! What should I do?
     a.      First, remain calm. Give your side of the story and remain truthful. Staff are here to correct, they only punish only when absolutely necessary.
     b.      If you are recording and someone’s story seems falsified or out of context, upload your footage and give staff a link to your recording.
     c.      Once again, never lie. Staff can be watching you at any time, and people typically record when playing on here. Lying not only lengthens the duration of your ban, but it establishes a history of you being untrustworthy.

How can I dance and do other animations?

     a.      With the hands SWEP out, press R (if it is bound to “reload”). This will bring up an animation menu.
     b.      Additionally, by binding these commands to different keys you can bypass the need to open up a window:
Use the following format to bind the animations:
bind key "_darkrp_doanimation #"
ex. bind 5 "_darkrp_doanimation 1642"

The commands are as follows:
Signal Forward "_darkrp_doanimation 53"
Gather 'Round "_darkrp_doanimation 54"
Signal Halt "_darkrp_doanimation 55"
Thumbs Up - "_darkrp_doanimation 1610"
Follow me - "_darkrp_doanimation 1611"
Bow - "_darkrp_doanimation 1612"
Non-verbal no  - "_darkrp_doanimation 1613"
Salute  - "_darkrp_doanimation 1614"
Wave - "_darkrp_doanimation 1615"
Lion pose - "_darkrp_doanimation 1616"
Sexy Dance - "_darkrp_doanimation 1617"
Laugh - "_darkrp_doanimation 1618"
Cheer "_darkrp_doanimation 1620"
Dance - "_darkrp_doanimation 1642"
Robot Dance "_darkrp_doanimation 1643"
Magical Levitation "_darkrp_doanimation 1661"

It’s too dark at night!
mat_colorcorrection 0 will help you see better in low visibility conditions. Additionally, raising your gamma can help, but it will affect the world. It is suggested that you do mat_colorcorrection 1 during the day map so you can see the map as intended.

How can I get a crosshair on my screen?
hud_draw_fixed_reticle 1 will put a crosshair on your screen that can help you aim when you don’t have your wand out.

What year do I need to be to participate in Quidditch?
Year 4 is the minimum year.
Once you get to prestige 4, you can also get on the brooms at any year by playing the prestige job Viktor Krum

How do I turn off the music? How do I stop that constant burning sound?
Music can be turned off by going into your console and typing stopsound. There is also a chat command that you can put in (!silencio) to do the same thing. 
Do note: once music has been turned off, it can't be turned back on. 
There is also an audio glitch that can cause a persistent burning effect when you get near certain people. stopsound and !silencio can also reset this. 

Helpful Links
A small collection of commands by @@Robin Hananomi Nefertari

Spoiler: Update Log

Closed Whitelist Request Form *only ones you see me on*

Frequently Asked Questions
Snatcher Guide
Before you apply for staff in SBS
Prefecting Master Class: RDA-Releasing and Etiquette

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Did it better then guy himself


This guide is freaking impressive mate. Honestly, some elements should be in the official compendium. Kudos mate.
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A lot of effort went into this thread, and it definitely shows. It looks amazing Con, good job!

Where is the TL;DR?  Kappa I am only joking but this is a good idea! good one
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I didn't know how to self cast so I used this thread. Thanks for putting effort into this, it will definitely help a lot of new people out, and hopefully there's a command added to the server to redirect new players to this thread. Good job!

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This is some good shit, I love the fact that you made the font big too, bc I hate trying to read small white font. Nice format, good detail, easy to follow, it's cool how you made the gifs.

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This is some good ass shit mate! There's a lot more effort here than on some Staff Apps!
I only wished there was like a section to guide huffelpuffs into the game. Somethin like "hey I got sorted in Hufflepuff what should I do?" "Quick Answer: disconnect". But overall the thread is dope!

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(12-05-2020, 07:24 AM)Arthur Dragonfyre Wrote:  Somethin like "hey I got sorted in Hufflepuff what should I do?" "Quick Answer: disconnect". But overall the thread is dope!

Anyways overall a super useful guide 
                                                                   [Image: https://i.imgur.com/ympz2P8.png]

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/hUsmCun.png]
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/W0Yf3DB.png]
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If reviewed and verified, this could potentially be something pinned for future guide.
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