SBS Awards 2020 Results - Winners!


The time has come, for the announcement of all the title winners in Hogwarts and Halo.
Myranda and I want to thank everyone who joined and participated in the awards this year.
We had a HUUUUUUUGE turnout compared to last year (it literally doubled in Hogwarts, and the addition of Halo!! woohoo!)

Myranda and I had a lot of fun this year. We just concluded up the Awards Ceremony on Hogwarts, and for those who missed it, I will be posting the results here, as well as the results for Halo! Clone Wars will be released at a later date by Fish when they are done their ceremony.

Spoiler: Hogwarts
Spoiler: Halo

and that's it for the Halo and Hogwarts awards this year!

Thank you to everyone for all the help, encouragement and support. Also a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE huge thank you to those on the Halo committee, Clone Wars committee, and the Hogwarts committee that helped out. Halo and Clone Wars wouldn't have awards if it wasn't for those that stepped up for the other servers, and thank you so much to those in the Hogwarts committee that took their time to join us on discord and help us count nominations and verify people over the weeks. You guys were super super helpful, thanks a lot.

We hope you guys had fun.

We are always open to suggestions and feedback, so please PM Myranda or I if you have anything, or feel free to leave it below.

Thanks you guys. 
See you all next year!!!

Love, Ariel and Myranda ^^ <3
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Might've been a runner-up, though i'll still tare you apart  voldetongue

@Brian Enos @Allia Sherri-Darkmoon yall gonna date now?
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Ravenclaw Horcrux
The Faceless
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Please change the Class president description. I have won the past two years but I have never prefected nor Taught a class in about two years But I will always try to win this award specifically.

Congrats to everyone though!


I truly am the forums goblin

Ah yes, Shoeshiners on top where they belong
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Chip Shoeshiner
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Most Eligible Bachelor, right where I belong. :)
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Finally Master of Roleplay. It’s been a long time coming. I appreciate everyone who voted for me. 
   ( Statue Krepsie )
- SBS Hogwarts VIP (3-30-2016) 
- Total Hours as Statue: 1,354
- Longest Current Player on SBS Hogwarts
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Best Troublemaker seems like it was tailor made for me :)

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