Rainbow's 6th Ban Appeal

+1 for his in game Unban
Arrow is lying a bit- cause in the past when I was still around- I remember how we competed in Climbswep to see who was better- and how we were 'Buddies' though he snitched on me behind my back a few times. We always played around base and had our mingy moments- and on missions too where he would RDM me on purpose (Happened only a few times- passed it cause we usually were in a discord chat having a laugh- still isn't okay though, and it wasn't a common thing) like everyone does sometimes. Specially when you would get drunk. So saying that you have never really done it before is funny. You have been 'Mingy' yourself before this bank robbery, you just haven't been in trouble for it, or you simply don't remember because you were 'drunk'. I act like this sometimes too- not going to lie here- and a few people who are commenting on this saying he was too mingy do it too- sometimes it being too much- and just getting let off with a warning. As Raccoon has said- he is just trying to come back like I did, and just wants to play with his 501st boys. I know he did some bad things on the Discord- but kids and adults can be stupid. I don't see why he cant be given one second chance.

(Man- if you wanna keep him banned off the discord- thats fine, serves as a fire wall as he only really needs the 501st discord. Just have your eyes set on him to watch his behaviour- and if he does rule breaking on purpose- you ban him. Just like what happened to me.)
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To Raccoon
This will be a long day. First, I did not lie about the bank robbery at all. Me and Corgi talked about it after the event and he told me he was disappointed in my actions and how I acted. Then after that he gave me PT to do. I don't know why I would lie about that? Second, about the hesitation on bombshell becoming sergeant. We picked him for sergeant because he was mostly on and the rest of the sergeants never got on to do their job. Me and you know that rainbow did stupid shit all the time with the random RDM, thinking he is someone else, and constantly minging. We did work with him to improve his actions. After we believe that he chilled and stopped his minging. We made him sergeant to see if he could really do it. However, he could not do it and after like a week or two started to ming again. The example being the bank robbery in the event when he was a sergeant and the number of kicks he had received. I really have nothing to gain from lying on the forums. Just you painting me with this false narrative you gave me.

To Dank
I have never RDMed you during an event. The only times I have ever killed you was an accidental TK which was due to your rocket on your back being apart of your hitbox. This is the same for raccoon as well with his backpack example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGq6Tpwn6wM. The "failrp" things I mostly did was throwing dead bodies and not listening to orders during events. The proof is also in the number of kicks I had been given during my time playing. I only had two kick and that was from you Dank and Corgi. It was the climbswep flying I did when I joined back to SBS after taking a year off. I do believe the second one was RDM during a training which was my first ever RDM on the server. I know I am not prefect but I do try my best to not ming or RDM on the server. Based on all the other 501st troopers, I believe I was the only one who did not ming that much at all. 

I need to remind you two that this ban appeal is for bombshell and this slander of me solves nothing for this ban appeal. I only lied once which was about him being sergeant. I forgot that he reached that rank and already said sorry and edit my responds.
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-1 After the whole entire absolute dogshit of a mess in santos's 1st Ban appeal it shows you havent really matured since you were banned and still a loose cannon i highly doubt it will be healthy for you or the server to unban you. I wasnt there for the whole nazi shazam show you put on before you got banned
but if its as bad as some people make it out to be, you should stay banned, no one likes Nazis.

Best of luck.
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Rainbow shouldn't be unbanned cause he biggest stink and apparently is a nazi.
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Arrow, Raccoon, and Dank y’all quit responding. You’ve said what you’ve needed to say as far as your votes on the appeal. Take the rest to PMs.

Rainbow, you should also quit responding to every single message you get, as many of them have gone off topic.

Any further off topic comments will result in warns and bans if necessary.
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You're nothing short of a toxic minge.

Go spread your cancerous behavior on another server.  Stay banned.
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Appeal denied. Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding your ban (including the usage of pornography/nazi imagery) as well as the mocking of social movements ("GM's cant breathe", after being warned about saying things like that previously) this ban will be upheld. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, but the community cannot turn a blind eye to the events that unfolded after the ban had taken place.
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Appeal Denied by Fish,
Thread Locked
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