Vanilla's Tools - Ship Destruction, Slipspace, and Turbolaser

(1) Your suggestion: Vanilla's Tools

Turbolaser Addon
Ship Destruction Addon
Slipspace Addon 1 or Slipspace Addon 2

All should be hyperlinked to their steam page but if not the links are below as well.

(2) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

Each is good for different aspects of events

The turbo laser works like a mortar shot, artillery strike, etc. This is more reliable and easier to setup than the current infinite ammo rocket launcher that takes about a minute to setup properly. The alternative is this addon which turns that time to under 3 seconds by just selecting a tool.

The ship destruction addon will destroy any prop or entity cinematically by causing explosions around it and making it descend. The duration and speed of this along with other settings can be altered for a glorious explosion of a cruiser or frigate. Currently, we set off a bomb on a ship every time which then takes away from what the bombs themselves are. This will allow a more realistic and cooler looking alternative with little to no setup time.

Finally is a choice of 2 versions of the slipspace addon. This was already suggested before however seeing as I was suggesting the other 2 tools the dev made I thought I'd throw it in here as a reminder it still exists and is cool. In terms of the advantages of this is that it stops gms having to panic when spawning frigates or ships in cause they're not sure if they can play the slipspace sound in time with the prop appearing which is sometimes difficult. This makes it much simpler by making a prop or entity jump in.

Also, all of the addons are tiny at no more than 3MB each, so it wouldn't be a big impact on load time.

(3) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

Implementation of it and getting used to using the tools at first and working out any bugs.
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During my time as GM on CWRP all these tools were VERY useful and helpful for making the quality of events 10x better, I really enjoyed using all the tools and I can say there are no known bugs with these tools.

The main reason why Miss made the Hyperspace 2 is due to the fact you can only do Entities with the Original Tool, So it's better off to go with 2 than the Original. And to my last knowing, I thought we had the Hyperspace tool in. 

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Alrighty lets have a look...

so to start off, the turbo laser could definitely be used but if I did bring it I would not want it to be used to bombard players, I'm sure you and the gm team heard me cry a million times how I don't like it when players are punished for no reason other then them existing. So again if I do add this it would be intended for ships to attack each other.


Hyper space tools are interesting, they are cool but they are a little to star wars for the server (we already borrow a bunch of their shit anyway) so it would just be a matter of is the addon and its problems worth it. I could definitely see this tool be useful for smaller craft that use sub FTL like from the reach saber mission. but for larger ships I have a new format coming on how we should bring them in :)

Lastly the ship destruction thing... this was made a long time ago in our AES code >:( you have innie frigate, pelican, covenant cruiser, phantom!!!! look up AES in the Q menu.

I'm going to keep this up until I find the time to test the turbo laser and hyperspace tools and come to a more informed choice. 

Thanks for the suggestion!

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