The Invasion Of Rokaboum

The Invasion of Rokaboum

Description: This storyline will be almost entirely player driven with the exception of the initial battle and the event dupes. All of the battles you partake in, the garrisons you deploy and other actions you take. Now onto the in character description: The Republic will be invading the CIS controlled planet Rokaboum under the direction of Admiral Daro. Rokaboum will only be won if both of the following conditions are met: The CIS must be removed from the planet completely  and the citizens of Rokaboum are fine with a Republic occupation. In order for the CIS to be removed from the planet several military installments, towns, and some other miscellaneous targets must be destroyed or at least remove the CIS from that location. But depending on how the operation is conducted the citizens will either like the Republic more or hate it. The people of Rokaboum are mainly made up of Rodians with some other species mixed in. The people are controlled by an elected “Council” of 5 people. Each council member controls a certain area of Rokaboum. The Council is split between loving or hating CIS occupation as one of the Council members has recently disappeared. We have our suspensions but nothing can be confirmed due to the lack of intelligence on the planet itself. What we do know is listed below on some general targets. We will proceed by first taking out the CIS blockade guarding the planet and then move to the surface and take each target out one by one until we reach the capital and getting rid of CIS completely. Below all of the known targets will be listed alongside the importance and the effects it will cause on the rest of the CIS and the people.

Citizen Opinion
[Image: 7JG9cVd8vWmiTrxMOqEn1QhdVm5rcb953FZsmjZ-...LtVtRLgeyl]

Description: In order for Rokaboum to be in complete control of the Republic, the citizens must be sided with the Republic or rebellions and/or resistances will rise up. If the meter reaches the colored area on either side then resistances might rise up against the opposite side of the meter. The right side of the meter is the Republic and the left side is the CIS. The black line represents the middle and the red line represents the current citizen opinion. The meter can be changed in two primary ways and are listed below: 

Capturing/Destroying targets: Depending on which target it is and how it will be handled after taking it. More information will be given at the bottom of each target.

Sending Diplomats or random events: A single diplomat will be available at the start of the invasion to increase public opinion for the Republic or weaken targets. The diplomat will take several days to complete their mission. If the officers want to send a diplomat they must pick a target and give a mission whether it be to try and increase public opinion or try and negotiate to release hostages or other options for the target. Random events can also happen and,  depending on the outcome, will affect the meter.

Description: Once a target is captured a garrison will be needed in order to keep control of it from CIS or pirate attacks. If Garrisons are constantly moving around or are in one place for too long. They will become fatigued and will not perform well in battle. Below is the current number of garrisons waiting to be deployed are listed:

Total Number of Garrisons: 5 Garrisons
2 has been deployed to the staging point

Random Attacks
Description: After a target is captured random attacks may happen in between missions and will require a garrison to fend off. If the garrison is weaker than the attacking force then the target will be lost and will need to be recaptured. Nothing will happen if the garrison is stronger or if the forces are equal. If they are equal then a small siege will occur and may last the rest of the invasion. All gains from the target will be lost until the siege is broken. Two different forces can randomly attack which are the CIS or pirate forces. If the CIS control it then whatever the CIS had before, weather that be stronger air support or stronger supply lines, will open back up. 

Map of Rokaboum
Below is the map of Rokaboum and can be separated into three different regions. The bottom right region is mostly made of a swamp, in the targets below more is explained about the swamp region. The bottom left region is fairly small and also the invasion staging point. The upper middle region is the largest region that includes several CIS outpost, power and supply stations, the capital, and other targets. Also note that this map is not complete as there might be more targets that appear. If you have any questions about the map feel free to DM me on discord.

[Image: 7Q9mK06I7T2rdZUniTdgTZC09tDibZ9dH8zgp2by...tskM3NSTea]

The Capital
[Image Unavailable]

Description: This is the main capital of Rokaboum and holds the main Council chambers, a small airfield, several civilian houses, and several other unknown Military outposts. The CIS set up several rayshields and have a significant force guarding the capital at all times. This is also where the CIS Commander is stationed almost always according to Republic scouts. After taking down the CIS blockade more information about the Capital will be listed.

Results For Capturing:
  • CIS control over the planet will turnover to the Republic
  • Three garrisons will be needed in order to keep control of the Capital
Results For Destroying:
  • Unable to be destroyed

The Blockade [Target Destroyed]
[Image: _EWGFzUs8sRA7a6hBITZ3rXK7005NmjV9psy5bhK...ov-0zj076F]

Description: This is the main CIS fleet blockading Rokaboum and will need to be destroyed in order to proceed with the invasion.

The Invasion Staging Point [Target Captured] [Two Garrisons Deployed]

[Image Unavailable]

Description: This is the main staging point for the ground invasion. As this is the first target captured, the CIS will want it back and will send forces to take it back. Defense may be needed due to only one garrison being deployed.

CIS Controlled Trading Port [Target Destroyed]
[Image: jutqtXKJC0FWXPut-a6G0V3i59u5PInCLMubem0u...hVx5RSG5-X]

Description: This CIS base is located along the coastlines of Rokaboum’s 2nd smallest land mass. Before the CIS controlled Rokaboum this was a crucial trading port that the citizens are now limited to use. According to scans the port consists of a small fort, an airfield, and an underground facility that can only be accessed through a small elevator or a large cargo elevator. The underground facility is fairly small but scans suggest there is a decent amount of cargo present inside it.

Result for Capturing:
  • Access to any cargo
  • Access to trading routes
Result for Destroying:
  • Decrease in citizen opinion
  • Garrison(s) will not be needed

CIS Controlled Town [Target Destroyed]
[Image: GlNxPjUlKtsEmW6nen5QIB26jFdPT_HN6rNY14T8...Af_F1JDwTT]

Description: This is a semi large town full of CIS and citizens of Rokaboum. The CIS force is not too large but the problem is the citizens inside the town who are openly against the Republic. This town is located on Rokaboum’s 2nd smallest land mass.

Result for Capturing:
  • Decrease in citizen opinion
  • Decrease in chance of resistances forming in this region
Result for Destroying:
  • Heavy decrease in citizen opinion
  • A lot of supplies will be needed to destroy
  • Garrison(s) will not be needed

CIS Coastal Base [Target Captured] [One Garrison Deployed]
[Image: 97eOpWROhouwDBtZwygLXMuK60evxU-rcjKTOrmq...mRdkEeoU19]

Description: Along the coasts of the main land mass of Rokaboum there are several anti air guns, heavily fortified bunkers, and a whole lot of droids. Luckily for us there is a weak point that we can push and hopefully establish a point where we can launch attacks on other targets on the mainland. High command will also send more garrisons if this attack is successful

Result for Capturing:
  • Able to attack other targets on the mainland
  • Access to more garrisons
Result for Destroying:
  • A lot of supplies will be needed to destroy
  • Garrison(s) will not be needed

Swamp Region
[Image Unavailable]

Description: Little is known about this region other than a majority of it is covered in swamp. Citizens of Rokaboum are told to stay out of it by both the Government and CIS. Exploring it may either help us or just waste time.

Power Station
[Image Unavailable]

Description: This station provides power to a majority of Rokaboum including the Capital and some military targets. 

Result for Capturing:
  • Control of power for most of Rokaboum's targets
  • Possibly Decrease in Citizen opinion if power is shut down
Result for Destroying:
  • Decrease in Citizen opinion
  • Decrease in heavy droid emplacements

Mercenary Controlled Town [Target Captured] [Two Garrisons Deployed]
[Image Unavailable]

Description: This is one of the only targets that have no CIS presense and for good reason. This town is mostly controlled by mercenaries and will kill any outsiders coming into their village unless they are willing to pay. The village’s leaders have asked us to get rid of the mercenaries and something else they are not willing to say unless we meet with them in person. In exchange they will give us supplies and something else that again they are not willing to say as of right now. Due to this not being CIS controlled it is not a required target to take.

Result for Capturing:
  • Increase in citizen opinion
  • Increase in supplies
  • Access to anything found in the village
Result for Destroying:
  • Decrease in citizen opinion
  • Garrison(s) will not be needed

CIS Shipyard
[Image Unavailable]

Description: Through several scans of Rokaboum and some captured intel we have finally figured out where the CIS have been holding their main force alongside a small fleet. The shipyard is almost entirely underground with a small outpost stationed above it.

Result for Capturing:
  • Decrease in chance of CIS reinforcements
  • Increase in any Naval supplies
Result for Destroying:
  • Decrease in chance of CIS reinforcements
  • Garrison(s) will not be needed
CIS Intel Base
[Image Unavailable]

Description: Due to some intel captured at the coastal base we have located a CIS intel base. If we capture this base then we'll be able to go through the intel, destroying it will also destroy all intel.

Result for Capturing:
  • Access to all intel at the base
Result for Destroying:
  • Destruction of all intel

Mission Log:
Below all of the missions carried out during the invasion of Rokaboum will be listed

December 24th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission crucial intel was gathered on the CIS blockade. The intel will be presented to the invasion force during briefing to attack the blockade.

December 28th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission supplies were gathered that are being used towards the invasion.

January 4th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission the CIS blockade was eliminated and a ground staging point for the invasion has been established. Currently we are going through the data we captured at the staging point and scanning the area with the radar dishes to locate more targets. Citizen opinion has not changed.

January 10th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission the CIS Controlled Port was taken and is now in Republic control. After the mission the Officers decided to destroy the port and the CIS base there. Due to this citizen opinion has gone down and some supplies were used.

January 10th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission the CIS controlled town was taken and destroyed. Citizen opinion has gone down significantly as a result of the destruction.

January 15th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission the CIS coastal base was taken and one garrison was deployed. High command has seen our success and has given us seven more garrisons.

January 17th: [Mission Successful]: During this mission a town was liberated from mercenaries. During the battle some stray shots caused a fuel line nearby to start leaking and set fire. It was contained after several failures. A temple was also cleared out of weird undead creatures, Admiral Purge is now investigating this further. Two garrisons were deployed at the end of the mission.
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