not sure why but i logged in and im banned from the server for 2 weeks 3 days for hate speech. i have no idea why i have been working and just started winter quarter for school and haven't logged on for awhile not sure if i was hacked and someone was using my account or what but i can assure you i wasnt using any hate speech nor would i ever. please if there is anything i can do to get this un done i would be more then willing i had just bought the VIP for this server and rlly like joining to take a break from all the chaos that is this pandemic, thank you

I guess this is supposed to be either an Hogwarts or Halo RP ban appeal but you're in the wrong section, there are proper sections in the forums where you can appeal your bans, even though you don't know why or how you've been banned.

You can fill out your appeal for Hogwarts RP on here
Appeals for other servers such as Halo and Clone Wars RP are here and here respectively.

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Seeing as you've made a ban appeal, you can receive your help there. The staff member who issued the ban will usually deal with it.

Good luck! 

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