Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application

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Do the math.
You need more mods.

'Nuff said.


But honestly...

You've been around for a while.

I know you have true interest for this server.

You know what it needs to make it better.

You're a strong willed person, and can make any dream you want come true.

I really hope you get a trial. 

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As for the application goes, it looks pretty good.
I know I've seen you around prefecting and following the rules, also being pretty fair with everyone.
I think with some time like a week or so you would have a fantastic shot at becoming a mod.
I'll be +1 as I think you got a shot, good luck! :)
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We desperately need staff. I've seen yuo active for long periods of time before and thought you were a good candidate before I left (if Im thinking of the right Denali) I don't see the hurt in trying. You prefect, report, teach, etc.
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Just because we are low on mods, doesn't mean we should accept everyone, that argument is beyond fucking retarded. Problem with people who come back and decide to mod is, usually they mod for a month or so and disappear. Happened with Amanda, Eden, Lydia those are the only people I can remember, Not saying they were bad mods/gms but usually people end up not being here for the longrun. Denali is a good candidate, but I really just want to see if Denali is committed to playing and not coming back> getting staff> getting bored> leaving. As this has happened so often. 

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I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone! I completely understand all your concerns about me leaving and coming back again. I would be concerned as well. 

I did want to let everyone know that for months I was on every single day, if not every other. I know a few people can vouche for me on that. However I did take some time off at the beginning of the year since I moved and had internet issues for over a month. But I immediately came back and the reason I left recently was because my nana was in the hospital which I stated in my application. It was a very serious problem so I spent a lot of time with family. I'm sorry that you all are worried about that but give me a bit and I promise you'll see that I'm here for the long run. I do grind other games as Luke has mentioned but I have been spending most of my time on here.

This is something that I really do want and I believe I would be a good asset to the team. Helping people is all I ever try and do and I would like to continue to do so in a more in depth manner. I'll do whatever I can to show everyone I'm serious about this. And if not, I'll still be on the server, prefecting and teaching, helping those where I can. 
Denali Nayeli Sisca
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I actually recognize this applicant.

I vaguely remember spotting her within the past week--- I cannot claim I'm an expert on her activity.
It may well be a problem this applicant will have to work on, but frankly, I see no harm that can come from rubber-stamping Denali
and watching to see what happens.

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Denali is one of the only people I recognize from when I first started playing on the server. She's for the most part on a prefect role and enforcing the major rules. (Mostly hate speech and what not) I think she would be an excellent choice for staff so I think giving her a shot wouldn't do any harm <3 We have trials for a reason :3

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no negatives to her becoming staff

people commenting on activity but seeing the current state of the staff team, it doesnt really matter

i've been close friends with her since she was a measly 2nd year, i know Denali will stick around

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+1 approachable and really nice, also knows the rules and been around for enough time and prefects alot.

You are a very nice person, very approachable and have deffinitley been around for a while now. However I do have to agree with Joe's point, I do think you should put some more time into the community to understand the rules and the people within the community again before you apply seeing that you have very recently returned from a break. I have seen you on the server recently, but haven't really seen you actively prefecting, hosting classes, Great Halls etc... So before I can confidently give a +1 I would need to see that you are showing you are actively helping out around the community, prefecting etc... for a decent amount of time being consistent while doing so.

-1 For Now
Goodluck with your application!
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