(01-11-2021, 02:08 PM)Jerome Wrote: It's probably a bit more complex than just adding an addon. I feel like guy probably would have already added an anti-cheat if he could have. I'm not sure why guy has not added an anti-cheat. But, I think the main issue is that it would probably take up too much space and he maybe is worried about false detections.
I would love to see some some of anti-bhop script cause there are a lot of players who blatantly script and nothing can be done about it.

Perhaps this anti-cheat could be tested on the server, it claims to be lightweight. And if it affects performance too much it should not be added. Cause at the end of the dayI think I woud rather have people cheating, than a laggy server.

The only issue i have with this add-on is that it also bans for high k/d's. If that can be disabled then cool but with how lockdowns and snatching and pvp at qp goes sometimes i feel like there would be false bans.
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+1 for any anti-cheat that doesn't affect server performance too much

The fact that some people on this thread are worried the scripters would "update" their scripts to not be detected is pretty funny. They're script kiddies who wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to alter the scripts they downloaded. They're all using the same one anyways, so we really only need an anti cheat that detects that one (not gonna name it here incase it tempts some opportunistic scrubs). It would actually be pretty funny if we could get the one that has been going around detected and then the scrubs all give themselves viruses trying to download new ones.
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