The 2021 Battalion and RP Update

Hello everyone! I am back from my LOA and happy to announce the first of what is hopefully to be a series of major updates to the SBS CWRP server. For this update, we are looking to greatly modify and expand our current battalion system to address two major concerns:

1. A lack of non-combat RP (e.g. what if I want to interact with the CWRP universe without shooting droids 24/7)
2. Expanding the unique roles and abilities of each battalion so that each battalion does not feel redundant to any other.
That being said, I am happy to announce the below changes!

 [Image: General_Overview.JPG]

I: The Creation of the 7th Sky Corps

One of the first considerations we looked at was consolidating battalions without removing content. Our first step was to combine the 212th Attack Battalion and the 187th Legion into the 7th Sky Corps. This way, players will tryout for the 7th Sky Corps, at which point they will become a 212th trooper. From there, they can either continue down the infantry 212th track, either as a normal trooper or as a part of Noble Company. Alternatively, players can decide to invest more in climbswep specialization and move into the 187th, which will also feature company options. This way, players can swap between the 212th and 187th and the different combat options without hopping around battalions and resetting ranks. The 7th Sky Corps will be led by Commander Cody, and officers in 187th/212th will have equal say among their peers in either subgroup. Members of each unit will keep their ranks, and merge as soon as the update is live.

[Image: 7th_Sky.JPG]

II: The GAR Support Corps

The 38th Armored Corps will also be undergoing several changes. 38th will no longer house the combat engineers, who will be moving to the navy (more details below). Instead, the 38th will receive a company that handles all of the ground vehicles, which include the TX-130, AT-TE Walker, and AV-7 Cannon. Between this and marauder company, we believe that this poises the 38th to be the ultimate ground support/logistics battalion. Whether it requires them to move cargo, set up defenses, or be re-tasked for infantry support, this update to the 38th gives them the teeth they need to both attack and defend effectively, instead of being the “door defenders”.

Furthermore, there will be no noticeable changes to the medics, save the fact that their focus will be on combat medicine instead of all medical RP. Whereas the naval medical personnel will handle surgery, emergency medicine, and all other “medbay” medical functions, combat medics will focus on stabilizing troopers and other non-combatants on the field and getting them to proper medical resources.
III: Grand Army of the Republic Special Operations Command (GARSOC)

In order to create a more professional environment for our special operators, we have combined the 41st, Republic Commandos, and ARC Troopers into GARSOC. GARSOC will be led by the ARC Overseer who will then be tasked with tasking the other units and holding strategic command. This will allow for more joint trainings among the three groups, as well as the emergence of unassigned ARC troopers. Battalion ARCs will be under the join command of GARSOC and their battalions. Troopers wishing to take on a more advanced role on the server in combat, espionage, and combat related RP will be invited to tryout for GARSOC, where they will join the 41st Elite Corps. From there they can continue on in 41st or diverge into the different subgroups, such as RC and ARC.

IV: The Expansion of the Republic Navy

This update, an inspiration from longtime player @Chancellor Lee of the Republic  (please shout him out/thank him if you see him, he was the groundwork for this!). Navy will continue to be a free life to all players but will come with the creation of RP subdivisions (which are not discrete jobs but functions a naval player can partake in). These divisions are as follows:

1.      Naval Command/Base Ops
          a.      These are your standard naval personnel. They include Acclamator/Venator crew command and are responsible for day-to-day affairs on-ship and on-base. This is the default naval job, and all non-specialized players will begin their naval careers here. Naval command are stationed on the 3rd floor of the Venator, and the Naval Command Center is on the 3rd floor of the base. 

2.      Communications
          a.      Naval communications are responsible for being the intermediaries for battlefield communications. When comms officers are present during events, they will take comms traffic from the ground forces (e.g. requests for pilots, any comms to republic command or the navy) and they will forward that to the appropriate party. Comms are also responsible for hailing reinforcements as well as other Republic entities.

3.      Intel
          a.      Naval Intel are the attaché between GARSOC (see section III) and command. This way, when GARSOC are on an operation, they can report their findings to intel, and intel will handle the admin chat interactions, and report those back to the GARSOC team. This removes the @ chat spam from several different players, as well as provides an overhead advisor to special forces, which should lend itself to a more immersive environment.

4.      Cruiser Support
          a.      Cruiser support is a more niche role for players who want to focus more on support craft logistics and combat. Such craft include the Arquitens and Consular-Class cruisers, and specialized training from pilots will be required for using such craft.

5.      Weapons/R&D
          a.      Weapons/R&D are for players that want to handle armory management, as well as weapons maintenance and related RP. As a result of this update, PAC updates and changes will no longer be allowed in public spaces, and will take place in the armory, as that is RP-wise where armor and weapons changes would take place. This role is much more passive RP focused, for players who want to engage in weapons systems without being a trooper on the ground forces

6.      Medical
          a.      Whereas a combat medic would be focused on battlefield stabilization and minor injuries, the naval portion of medical would be where the nurses and doctors would reside. This is where surgical/advanced medical RP would take place. This way, instead of just joining medics or naval medical, players can choose at which depth they engage medical RP by joining one, both, or neither.

7.      Pilots
          a.      While the other naval branches will require training to be a part of/participate in, pilots will still require a tryout to get into. Current pilots will have their rank transferred to the naval equivalent. While joining pilots will not cost a life, passing the tryout will be required to become pilot certified. Furthermore, pilots will be responsible for the following craft/responsibilities:
                                                               i.     LAAT transport
                                                             ii.     Bombers
                                                           iii.     Fighters
                                                           iv.     LAAT/C (38th will call in vehicle support at which point pilots will bring the vehicle down).

Lastly, the Engineers will also be added into the navy. Unlike the other naval jobs, becoming an engineer will require the use of a life. Whereas a player that has donated for second life can be in the navy, 38th, and 212th (just an example), one of the two non-naval lives will be taken to join engineers. This is to keep balance since engineers have access to several tools.

Naval forces are under the command of naval officers, which are separate from the ground contingency, but are still expected to salute officers and respect their command.

Naval ranks will also now be split entirely from trooper lives, so all players will need different names for their naval character and will all start at the CT rank for Navy (pilots are exempt from this). Furthermore, naval officers can begin promoting other naval players once they reach LTJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade). All promotions will be logged in an area of the SBS CWRP Discord (#naval-promotion-logs).
[Image: unknown.png] 

The 104th, Shock, and 501st will remain unchanged, with the caveat that 104th will now be the point battalion on all breaching operations. When there are 104th on, they will lead breaches and be the command on how to handle them. 501st will continue to be another infantry battalion, so that frontline players have the option between them and 212th.
Please let me know if you have any questions, I will update the post with any information I have left out, as well as any spot changes we feel need to be made (see EDITS at end of post for changes made). We look forward to curating an environment for all players, and hope that this change is the first step of many that can accommodate RPers and Star Wars fans alike.

We expect this change to go live in tandem with Operation Blazing Claw (more details to be announced soon!)
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Pretty dope as usual with the big updates, good luck with this big change!
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This is a really cool update man. I am super pumped to starting wiping the floors with all this new content released.

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