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Hey all, im quite new here but i am enjoying the hogwarts rp and i decided to buy an open whitelist job, the Wizengamot Justice, and i havent been able to be the job yet (i put my steam id and the server in the dono) and was wondering when the estimated time for this to be sorted out so i can be my job. 


When you purchase one of the open whitelist jobs/VIP, it can take up to 24 hours since the owner has to input it manually. Generally he gets it done pretty quick :3
Just make sure you followed the guide 100% and there shouldn't be any issues
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If it's been more than 24 hours, you can email with the same exact email you used to pay, give them you SteamID (STEAM_0:1:182631787), The server you're donating for (Hogwarts RP), and the whitelist you're purchasing (The Wizengamot Justice), and all should be good.[url=STEAM_0:1:182631787][/url]

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