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forenote: i've been providing the contents of this guide to snatchers for a while, but am not allowed to link the google doc ingame. New snatchers will be given this link. The contents are subject to change depending on the current compendium and anyone is willing to provide feedback (staff are encouraged to edit this for clarity and correctness if needed). Staff are free to remove my character's name/repost this guide if they would like to pin/sticky it.

Request from me: If it is prefect law and there is a snatcher that is new or keeps breaking snatching rules, please provide a link to this guide and refer them to the compendium. New snatchers are often some of the most energetic and delightful people on server, and often unintentionally break server rules or more embedded job rules contained within the compendium coming up with unique ways to snatch and lure people. They should be informed of what they are doing wrong rather than beaten down and punished if it comes to it. Try approaching them in PMs, you'll find most are eager to speak with experienced players and learn from them. 

(Scratcher’s) Snatcher Guide

Written and transcribed by his twin Constantin “‘cause Scratcher is illiterate.
“So you wanna be a snatcher, huh? Just became a third year and fancy yourself worthy enough to serve the Dark Lord? Slow down there! The Dark Lord wants snatchers who know what they’re doing, not some random kid who just decided to join his ranks to get revenge on some prefect at the school. There’s some things you need to know before you even leave the dark forest, things that will increase your chances of survival and prevent you from getting sent to Azkaban. Knowing these things will help you rise in the ranks of the dark forces, and you too may become one of The Lord’s favorites.”

First things first
Snatchers wake up all over the dark forest. In this area, you are REVEALED. This means an auror can find you and cuff and send you to Azkaban, or students and animals can find you and kill you without you initiating. If they see you leaving the forest, you are also revealed! This can be frustrating for people just starting out! The same also goes for the Quidditch Pitch where if you die or leave the QP you have to wait 200 seconds before coming back
At this time, you should retreat to the Graveyard or sneak your way over to Hagrid’s if the current class isn’t Quidditch to read this guide. Additionally, you may choose to read this guide in silence somewhere at the school or in the field, but don’t be surprised if a prefect tells you to go to class! You work for the dark forces, but you are undercover as a student and can pick up homework for whatever house you were sorted in (if you're not V.I.P.)- don’t blow your cover until the time is right!

What is a Snatcher?
For one, it’s a dark force job you can select once you get third year at any prestige by typing “/snatcher” in your chat window. You can also select the job from the F4 menu by scrolling to it and selecting it as an option. 
Note about appearances- there are both male and female models for the Snatcher job. Some places you can swap your appearance safely include the attic in the graveyard, the matron’s office outside of lockdown, and Hagrid’s Hut outside of Quidditch time. It is also possible to change your appearance in the Restricted Section, but that is ill-advised as you may get sent to detention by a prefect because they will think you’re a student somewhere you’re not supposed to be! 
Additionally, snatcher is a ruleset applied to [a custom job] that is able to perform all the functions of someone on the “Snatcher” job. 
All jobs that are able to snatch are also jobs that abide by the rogue ruleset in the compendium. 
There are other definitions of what a snatcher is that aren’t covered here. 
If you have cuffs on a dark force (or allied neutral) job, you are a snatcher, or have the capability of “Snatching.”
You can buy new cuffs for yourself from the F4 menu or by typing "/buyshipment Rope Restraint" in chat. They cost 500 galleons. Beware! If you are caught buying or picking up cuffs, this is a revealing act and can get you killed or apprehended.
Head Snatcher and Lead Snatcher (Scabior at year 4 and Fenrir with VIP) have poorly communicated boundary rules and may not enter the outer walls or school outside of lockdown. 
They may go up to the archways of the outer wall, but not be under them. They also may not be on the walls. Note: breaking these boundary rules does not reveal you, but you can get kicked and banned for it as it's not allowed. See the compendium for details. Fenrir may also not use his werewolf attack form in the field on the day map, but he may use it on the night map (remember, this form is considered revealing) 
Fenrir also has access to black apparition. 
Apparition with black smoke is a revealing spell on any job that has it, and just like Avada Kedavra and Crucio, it may not be used inside of the school outside of lockdown.
When lockdown occurs, everyone is revealed at all times and NLR restrictions are lifted. Do not kill students in their house dorms, work together with the dark forces to kill as many non-Dark Forces as possible inside of the school. During lockdown, your ability to snatch is revoked (if there is a forced event lockdown, do NOT snatch during it)
*Important* once lockdown ends, flee the school and do not return until 550. Do not keep killing- retreating is your priority. 
You are revealed until 550. If a scenario starts where you are being pursued before 550, and that mark passes they may still kill or apprehend you.

What is Snatching? 
Snatching is the act of abducting a student, ministry personnel, and non-staff visitors to the school (typically adult jobs) from anywhere on the map by placing them in cuffs.
The act of snatching requires successfully cuffing your target under certain conditions, which is covered under #4. 
Included in a snatching scenario are 3 main events: 
Cuff - Escape - Ransom/Trade/Kill
Golden rule: You must do everything you can to increase your chances of escaping once revealed
Beware! Once you pull out your cuffs outside of fumos, have someone cuffed, announce that you are a snatcher, stupefy outside the outer walls (starting in the field area or herbology bridge, the outer courtyard doesn’t count), or do something undeniably dark, your rogue status no longer protects you and you are then revealed as a snatcher/dark force and must retreat. 
Your retreat may include killing pursuers on the way to the dark forest or Quidditch Pitch (When Quidditch Class is active, this PVP area is moved to Hagrid’s Hut). Once you pass into the dark forest, you are no longer required to retreat [as per the server rules]. Additionally, if a student is not pursuing you or a retreating ally, you have no reason to kill them. You are only allowed to kill the students who are actively chasing or shooting spells at you. 
If you are not being pursued, you are in no rush to retreat. You may choose to even use the person you abducted as bait to help kill more people to add to the ever growing undead army. But remember, you can never abandon a “pinned” snatch anywhere, you must be with them at all times. 
To pin a player you have cuffed, or to pass them on to another person, hold E (bound to use) and left click. The person will either be pinned to the surface you are aiming at, or handed off to another player.
Alternatively, you can press R on the cuffed player to let them freely walk about if they are attached to you. Incidentally, this is also how you pick up a player who is able to roam while cuffed. 

If it is night time, night time rules apply. "Night Map" rules are poorly understood and communicated, particularly for newer players. Certain job boundary rules for trolls/giants and revealing animagus forms are loosened and requirements to retreat fully are lifted.  

You can retreat to being in the field or the area by Hagrid's (but not at his spawn) without being required to retreat fully to the Quidditch Pitch or the forest. You may kill, pin, and torture snatches out here, but are offered no extra protections.

Who can I cuff?
Students (including the prefects and head prefects) all Ministry/Order of the Phoenix jobs (including Kingsley and the Minister for Magic, but not including Dumbledore) can be snatched. If you are confused about custom donator jobs and need a quick point of reference, gives a comprehensive list of who is and isn’t snatchable. 
*do not snatch unsorted students*
*do not snatch anyone from dorms, this is a safe area*
*do not snatch anybody from the restricted section, including the bottom of the ladder, this is a safe area*
*Do not snatch in Dumbledore's office, the astronomy tower, or in the room of requirement (regardless of if class is active or not) - there is a teleporter that must be activated to leave these rooms, and you will get separated from your snatch if you try.*
NEVER walk up to someone and ask if you can snatch them, announce that you are a snatcher, or cast damaging spells on students to start fights out of nowhere. This is force revealing yourself and you may be in turn be apprehended and flushed (or called out for breaking the server rule of metagaming), or even killed. If flushed, you will be sent to a little cage in the restricted section and have to wait out the duration of your cuff timer until you will be released from that prison.
*Important* you should never snatch in ACTIVE CLASSROOMS or the doorways! This means you can’t waltz into Class 2 when they’re teaching Muggle Studies and cuff some annoying kid and walk out. This is strictly forbidden and can get you banned from Hogwarts! Be aware that the entire Herbology courtyard, when class is in session, is also considered an active classroom. 
In addition to knowing who can be snatched, you should also know who is not allowed to be snatched. This includes all faculty jobs at the school (including teachers/Dumbledore/Hagrid/Chef/Filch/Madame Pomfrey), Statues, Nymphs, all Wild Neutrals, LightForce Animals, all Allied Neutrals, Hogwarts Horcrux, any dark forces, and unrevealed animagi. Never, ever cuff someone you’re not allowed to, even as a joke! Someone can easily report you and you will get warned or banned from Hogwarts for it. 
Unrevealed Animagi- 
You must assume that anyone in an animagus form is a wild neutral or light force animal unless one is revealed to you as a dark force animagus (meaning you saw them transform). If they are dark force and unrevealed, then you can not assume they are on your side and count toward your numbers. This means that if you never saw Sirius Black become a dog, and he is standing among a group of people in dog form, that he doesn’t count toward the light force numbers until he pops out of form, and that dragon that told you to snatch someone isn’t presumed dark force unless you, with your eyes, saw them transform. If they are allied neutral, they count toward their own numbers. 

You must never use your cuffs on a person in an animagus form without having seen them transform in front of your eyes or them having been announced to be an [animal’s name] animagi in an owlpost stating that they are revealed by another dark force within the last 2 class periods, and without the announced person dying. It is very rare that a light force will be called out by a dark force for being a type of animagi, but it is permissible especially when after high value targets, or bothersome targets that you have been commanded to acquire. 
If you receive information in-character from someone about an animagus form not through owlpost, that person must be the one to expelliarmus the target before you can snatch or pursue them, otherwise it can be considered metagaming. 
If you see the person transform in front of you, they are now revealed as an animagus to you only for the form you see them transform into and you are able to use your cuffs on them.
If a person with an animagus form transforms under Fumos, then you didn’t see it happen. In-character, you have no way of knowing that they transformed unless they start to taunt you or give you evidence that they transformed. 
If one of your roleplay leaders are telling you to snatch another person who is not allowed to be snatched, that this is forbidden per the server rules and should not be entertained (even if Voldemort himself is ordering it!). 
Lastly, if someone from your own faction owlposts that they want someone snatched, or you owlpost to your faction that you need help snatching someone, this is not a revealing act. Other factions using this information to reveal you would be considered metagaming on their part. 
To ameliorate any confusion for people who may be unfamiliar with how owlpost works, be sure to try and address who you are speaking to in owlpost so it isn't a guessing game.
Ex. "/op Snatchers, I need assistance in the inner courtyard to acquire a target!"

How do I snatch?

A successful snatch scenario requires that you either match or outnumber the number of light force individuals present before you cuff your target (this includes 1v1 situations), or you perform the act of cuffing under the third year DADA spell known as Fumos. Additionally, there is a rule to not snatch in front of any professor jobs unless under Fumos. Another important reminder is that light forces may not cast into your Fumos. This is considered metagaming on their part, if a light force is shooting into your Fumos- politely inform them that they can not do that, and contact staff if needed. You may cast stupefy into your own fumos, however damaging spells still reveal you even if cast under the smoke of Fumos.
*IMPORTANT* there is a spell called Acriea that higher prestiges get access to that can see through fumos. If you are reading this guide, you likely do not have access to it yet. This spell is very high pitch. If you hear this spell, you must IMMEDIATELY put your cuffs away. This is your only warning about the spell. If you are being annoying and continuously and unsuccessfully keep attempting to snatch in a crowd, don't stay around because people will usually cast this spell to reveal and kill you. 

Where do I go once I have my snatch?
Once you have successfully cuffed someone, they are then known as a “Snatch,” or that they have been snatched. Continue to retreat out of the school until you are no longer being pursued and are out of sight. Do not worry about the person you snatched taking any damage from spells for the first 60 seconds after cuffed, they have an invulnerability timer. Please note: they cannot die to spells while this is active, but they can die to fall damage.  
For 3rd-4th year snatchers, the use of Speedom is the spell of choice to help with escaping. For 5th year and above, the use of the 5th year charms spell Spongify is the spell of choice to help with escaping. Most of the time, especially when starting out you will retreat to the graveyard as certain protections are granted there. Other popular locations to retreat to include the Dark Forest and Quidditch Pitch, but no protections are offered there under the Grey Area rules
Once in the graveyard, you should pin the person you have snatched by holding E and clicking on any surface. This makes it so aurors cannot attack you if they come to rescue (as per the grey area rules)!
It is imperative that if you choose to sell someone, that the pin you place is in a location that can be reached from a standing position- you may not purposely make it impossible to rescue (this is considered metagaming). 
You may choose to torture/kill or sell the snatched person. Do this by /op Selling <NAME> <PRICE> (then year or job if applicable, you can also put a nice little incentive here). 
Ex. /op Selling Harry Potter, 4th year, “The Boy Who Lived”, 150k
Remember to not exceed 150k galleons. You may also choose to auction the snatched person and sell to the highest bidder. 
Dark force members who are higher up than you are entitled to a 50% discount from your advertised price (and only a 50% discount). Refer to this tree to know the hierarchy
REMEMBER: you are not obliged to sell your snatch to anyone, a snatch is considered sold once you have advertised /op sold to <someone>. You can do this by doing /op Sold or /op sold to <name> if there are multiple people offering to buy.
A person who is sold via owlpost now has buyer’s protection (assuming they have a ruleset that allows them to purchase, regular students and prefects may not purchase other students! Head prefects may purchase students, as well as aurors and teachers). Remember! An auror may attempt a rescue, be vigilant at all times and expect the unexpected!

This happens quite frequently, especially when people are resisting the restraints or glitching them out intentionally. When this happens, remain calm. There's a couple ways to deal with it. 
First off, if you have a higher prestige assisting you, ask them to use reducio (this shrinks the target). This doesn't always work but it's a good first step.
If staff are online and no higher prestige person is around to help, simply type "@ snatch stuck" and staff will assist
If no higher prestige player is around, and staff are not around and you are alone with the stuck person, try repeatedly walking into the location they are stuck at. This is VERY effective. 
If you make it it to the graveyard and never noticed that your snatch got stuck, it may not be worth going back to try and get them as a crowd may have formed. If you don't want to brave the challenge of pulling out the snatched person, my advice would be to say in ooc "It's OK if someone wants to arrest and release the person I snatched who got stuck" if it is prefect law. If staff are online, notify them and they will assist you.
If someone is intentionally glitching their ropes like this to either get stuck of take damage, ask them to stop. If they continue, get staff involved in the future.

My snatch left and reconnected, now what?
Sadly, this happens quite often.
If they return within 10 minutes (which is the length of a cuff timer), this is a reportable offense. If they are gone more than 10 minutes and then return to the server, then you can't do anything. Be sure to contact staff if they are online as staff are the only ones who can impose sanctions on people who do this

I'm revealed! Now what?
Someone announced you as revealed in owlpost, this means you are KILL ON SIGHT (KOS) to any light force or allied neutral job that sees you for the next 2 bells. 
Here is what the compendium says about KOS status:
Quote:Kill on Sight (KOS):
1.) If you are to witness a rogue revealing themself within the school boundaries, you may owlpost a KOS on said rogue.
2.) Once the rogue is under KOS, they may be killed by any light force member that sees them outside of the forest.
3.) A KOS lasts for 2 class periods OR until the rogue dies.
4.) You may post in OOC (to prevent OP clutter) if you are the rogue and have died, thus meaning your KOS is over. E.g. /OOC I have died, my KOS is over.

At your own risk, you may go back to the school, but if someone starts attacking you, you must retreat to the dark forest/QP/Graveyard without attacking back. This can be frustrating for new players! As you start out, make it a habit to never attack people who attack you out of nowhere, by defending yourself with damaging spells you automatically reveal yourself (and if you kill someone without an active snatching scenario, this might count as RDM). 
If you feel that someone is attempting to RDM you, get to a safe spot and report it in @ chat if staff are online, or record it.
Never knowingly go into active classrooms/clubs while being revealed. 
You lose KOS status after two class periods pass, or if you die. Do not purposely kill yourself to clear a KOS, your death may be deemed invalid and you can get punished for rule 1- no fail RP, and your KOS may still be active. You may try to claim the quidditch pitch for the dark forces, but do not make a habit of doing this simply to clear a KOS. 
If you die with a KOS on you, you should make an effort to notify your pursuers in OOC "My KOS is over, I died," otherwise you may be killed accidentally despite not being KOS.

One final word about NLR
So you messed up, you failed the dark lord and got one of his subordinates killed. Fine, whatever, that body will be added to the countless others and will be put to good use. But swear to me on Merlin's beard you won't return to that same situation for at least 3 minutes (200 seconds), and if you do return to it after those 200 seconds, just act as though you are a new body with a fresh take on the situation as opposed to the same person who died just minutes ago. Do not purposely go back to the situation you died in and carry on. 

Here's what the compendium has to say about NLR:
New Life Rule:

Similar to other roleplay servers, we utilize a system which we refer to as NLR. This system prevents players from returning to an area or roleplay situation in which you previously died, not by RDM*, for ~3 minutes or 200 seconds.*If you're confused about your death, ask a staff member.

Here are some basic rules about our NLR:
 1.) Accidental deaths such as crossfire, failing to cast Spongify/Apparation before hitting the ground, or being pushed off an area to your death still invoke NLR.
 2.) The size of the NLR area is not fixed and is relative to the situation, such as the Quidditch Pitch or a snatching in process.
 3.) Light/Dark Forces attacking the Quidditch Pitch will be prohibited from entering the area around the Quidditch Pitch and the pitch itself should they die for a valid reason.
 4.) If a teacher validly dies outside or in a classroom which they then have an active class in they are allowed to enter the classroom to begin/resume teaching.
 5.) You should not return to an RP situation should you die during it. For example, if you are following a snatcher then Lucius kills you, you may not use apparition to get ahead of the snatcher and try to kill him again, regardless if the snatcher moved areas.
Please note that #5 says to not return to a RP situation if you died during it, the 200 second rule is mostly for PVP. This rule should be respected regardless of the timer. If you choose to return to the same situation, you need to come across it organically or be re-invited to it either through PMs or owlpost (remember, owlpost is an invitation to a scenario, given that you are an intended recipient). This rule is poorly understood and loosely enforced, but it is a rule in most communities. You will find it improves the quality of the story you are trying to engage in if you follow this rule. 

This means that within RP, you don't go back to the people who got you killed and talk about how they killed you. You died during a situation, get over it. 

Likewise, they died while you had them snatched or after you tortured them. They shouldn't bring up the fact that you killed them, this may reveal you and is considered metagaming if this happens.
You will find yourself more immersed and get more enjoyment if you carry on as if you don't know them and that they are crazy or had a nightmare. It also adds another layer to your roleplay if you carry on as if nothing happened. Do not let the comments of others ruin the enjoyment you get out of Hogwarts. 

If people keep carrying on about how you tortured them and they died, and it begins to cause unwanted drama or lead to unnecessary reveals, remind them of this rule (in PMs or OOC if you must) or report it to available staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, maybe you want to add something, feel free to contact me or leave a comment!
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Snatcher Guide
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You know I appreciate your dedication and detail, especially towards the overall improvement of the server. Right?   ravenclawPride Heart

We finally got a snatcher guide!Very helpful especially for those new snatchers.Good job!

A pretty big change (my first edit since February)- this is more of a correction, but I had learned that casting into your own fumos has been long regarded as metagaming by staff (at least with my interactions). 

Correction: Casting into your own fumos for the sake of snatching is and has always been allowed. This was recently clarified as being the case.

Spoiler: old and incorrect

has been changed to

Spoiler: current
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Frequently Asked Questions
Snatcher Guide
Before you apply for staff in SBS
Prefecting Master Class: RDA-Releasing and Etiquette

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