lag/graphics settings

So I bought a better laptop, better graphics I beefed up the ram but now when I try to play the game I "Stutter" like a reccord thats broken
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 is my graphics card and i have 32 gigs of ram.
I dont know anything about graphics card settings and im curious if someone who has better knowledge might be able to help me change the settings to make the game smoother.

So I lot of issues that I had with the server seemed to stop when I put Gmod on an SSD. Graphics cards are kind of useless in gmod, as a majority of it is CPU based.
If I were to try and fix it, i'd reinstall gmod, get it on a ssd, maybe look into getting a better cpu.
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July 12th, 2016
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I agree with Joey, ssd's elp out a lot. Unless you're bottlenecking and have an ass cpu it's probs not the hardware. 

Another thing that helped me more than anything else was to connect via ethernet. If your modem is down stairs and u feel it is worth it, you can buy a wireless ethernet adapter for $40.
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I have gmod installed on a SSD I think its something to do with my graphics card settings but idk enough about changing nvidia settings to figure it out

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