Prefect Role as Whitelisted.

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July 12th, 2016
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Change prefect to a whitelist..

...people might flash it around like every other custom..


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But still, people need access to the role as soon as possible to help deter the ones that don't want to roleplay away from those who do.

And my definition of roleplay is very loose.

It's more like hanging out, but knowing about the universe around you... if that makes sense 
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honestly on paper it sounds like a good idea but when all things are considered it may make people not want to play the prefect role if they have to apply and that may not be a big issue but if players want to become a prefect to improve RP have to wait through an application process just to get a single job not to mention being rewhitelisted everytime the houses get reset and I don't believe the system that works pretty well should be reworked just because some people decide they want to ruin your fun.
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The way the server is and how many people actually play a "prefect role" it just wouldn't work, there is a lot of prefect law, the server gets over 90, its gonna be chaos, personally i don't think it would work. There are a lot of closed customs with prefect abilities but they are hardly used. the easy access prefect jobs from each house are easily accessed and if one person is abusing that role, cant they just be dealt with the way any other rule breaker does? I maybe thinking differently here but I don't know, with that type of whitelist, its just more unnecessary paper work for "staff" to handle
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Prefects have always been one of the problems with HWRP, it's power without oversight, and a lot of ass holes are drawn to that job. When the only group with power is also a group of ass holes, any new player who runs into a prefect has a good incentive to leave and never return. I'm not going to bother discussing how much roleplay takes place on HWRP, because it's irrelevant. The roleplay of prefects is secondary to the attitude and abuse of prefects.

A restriction on who can prefect isn't perfect; when I last played Hogwarts, there was a plethora of custom jobs who will bypass any rule like this. But it's probably good enough. Checking which of the hundreds of prefects is actually up to scratch is an admirable goal, even if twenty odd people are exempt from the check.

I don't think a flat application will work well. It shouldn't be *hard* to become a prefect, and really, bad prefects only become bad prefects after they've become prefects. A blacklist structure might be better for this problem, than a whitelist. To accurately oversee prefects: there is a need for a kind of trusted supervisor group (preferably spread out around all timezones) I don't think this can be Mods, because it needs people who aren't busy, and can focus hard without burning out. A good roleplay idea is head prefect jobs, but those are already prestige jobs. They could be altered into a whitelist position of trusted players, or a new set of jobs could be remade to do that.

You might think that job bans already exist, so why would a blacklist structure around preferring help? Job bans never worked when I played. They don't last any appreciable amount of time, and they require the already busy mods, to pay close attention to all job banned people. Job bans need a single situation which is bad enough to require removal, and that's very rare. The difference between this and oversight, is that oversight compiles all infractions, and focusing on just prefects, isn't hard, if that's your only job.

Just a short note on compiling infractions. I don't think that a single RDA claim will ever be enough: what makes a bad prefect is pervasive misuse. If we were to allow reports on prefects, and then compile all reports on each prefect into a single thread (including written reports of verbal complaints in game) then it would be much easier to take a look at the trend of each prefect's abuses.

In short, what's needed is a group of well trusted individuals; players who are in charge of prefects. These head prefects (or some other title) can teach and coach new prefects, ensuring that they know how to prefect (perhaps a distinction between prefect and prefect in training might help) - this coaching is important, prefect training simply decreased RDA calls (from a dozen a day to zero) when I was staff. When prefects are abusing their power, these head prefects can (probably after presenting the situation to an admin) remove that prefect from all perfecting roles.

This isn't a whole solution, it's a brainstorm. That's why there's a Server Manager. I don't think this idea is fleshed out, but it's an option that Michael can consider if he wants to look into this problem.
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I like what Lexa said. 

I just don’t know how it could be implemented.


New Custom!
Lead Prefect! 

Or Trusted Prefect
Or Perfect Prefect (that’d be pretty cool, eh?) 

One below Head prefect, two Below HeadBoy/Girl

Open Whitelist to all who apply, and are seen as worthy! 

1 slot per House?! 

They possess RP authority over standard Prefects, and their sole purpose is to coach them in their duties and ensure everything is running smoothly. 
Also able to host prefect meetings during free time! 

“Great position for people who want to stand out to staff!” - Me

“Very swell idea!” - Myself

“What a terrific idea! When can I signup for a whitelist?” - I
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