My spells have gone red and i cannot use them. There was no reset that had removed them and my friend who i join with at the same time still had there spells. Pls help and gib me spells back pls.

https://imgur.com/a/LfYf70o ronscared

You probably haven't played in about 2 months. This happens to save data and increase the performance on the server. Luckily it won't take long to learn them again. I could be wrong though and maybe it's something else.
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I think the last time i played was about a month ago or something so i dont think that is the problem. Plus my friend who i login with at the same time has there spells and last time they where on was with me and i dont have my spells which is why i think its a bug

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Luckily for you , Stupefy , Lumos and Speedom are very common spells and people often want to learn them in classes! Make sure you attend your Charms and DADA classes if you want these spells back !

Is there still no way for me to get these spells back since its a bug ??? :(

(02-12-2021, 10:05 PM)Bash Wrote: Is there still no way for me to get these spells back since its a bug ??? :(

Unfortunately getting spellbooks from spell classes is the only method to gather spells. Maybe your friend must have log into the server at some point before a month passed.
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If I'm being truthful I just think you weren't on for a long while and your spells were wiped because of it. There's not been a 'bug' happen with any consistently or semi-consistently playing players, that's unheard of. It's just way more likely that the system in place did it's thing and, as much as it sucks, you've gotta get the spells again. Sorry

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