Update to event hosting rules!

Hello party people! I am excited to announce the following changes to the Clone Wars Server:

Non-Staff Can Host Events under the following conditions:

1. They get a Gamemaker to supervise them during the entire duration of their event (said Gamemaker will assume
all responsibility for the event and its outcome)

2. They submit their dupe in advance as well as a description of their event to the staff team

3. They must be in good standing with SBS CWRP (meaning no bans or kicks in the past 30 days)

We are hoping this gives the creative members of our community with very particular event plans an outlet to express themselves and get more involved without committing to the staff team! As always, let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing our community continue to develop!

EDIT: These rules also apply to sims and passives; if a dupe is not required that is fine but we will still need a general description.
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