Barry’s hogwarts discord ban appeal :(

It’s been 16 days since my ban.... I’m cold, I feel alone. 

I haven’t spoken to a soul since. I miss being in the help room to help the new players, I’ve resorted to helping in just the normal SBS discord :’(

Please help me I can feel my personality.. changing

I don’t like being an outlaw to the Hogwarts discord my friends have been looking at me differently while not even speaking to me. 

If anyone is reading this message, help.
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Please help him, someone!

You've made this man an outlaw. His family hasn't seen him in weeks.
Please let him come home to SBS Hogwarts Roleplaying Discord Server. He will be a good boy, he promises.
- Emily Aob-Waffles -
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I wasn't aware of this appeal until this morning. Nevertheless, this is not the first time this has happened to the announcements made but without logs at the time, we do not hold evidence that this was a second offense. For future reference, your emote reactions consisted of sexually explicit content. These could violate Discord's terms of service in some form or another or even ours due to the vast age range that has access to see what you put. If this happens again, further punishment may be sought after other than a Discord server ban.

Appeal accepted.
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Appeal Accepted by Michael,
Thread Locked

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