Campaign Summary and the Battle of Coruscant!

(ooc) Please check out our summary of this phase of the campaign below, with the announcement for the next major installment at the bottom!

The Rise of the Replicators

Zero Hour – The Awakening of the Infinite Engine

The troopers discovered the endgame of the CIS on a small moon orbiting Rishi, where a CIS excavation team had been at work for weeks unearthing a monolith. A full stage assault was mounted on the small moon, and the Republic successfully defeated the CIS forces. It was too late, however, and the monolith was activated, creating a blinding flash of light.
Upon regaining their consciousness, the troopers then realized that the moon, while completely intact, was entirely different. In the place of the droids they had fought were troopers of an ancient era, adorned in the regulars of Sith Imperial troopers. The men fought their way through the moon to discover that the monolith, known as the infinite engine, had activated its primary security feature: the Replicators. The men repowered the monolith after several days and returned to their time, and everyone believed for a moment that the threat had been eliminated.
Little did they know that the Replicators were not bound by time.

Day 1 – The Fall of Kamino

Shortly after their “success” on the Rishi moon, a distress signal was called over Kamino, where a semi-synthetic fleet waged war from the stormy skies above. Although the clone troopers fought valiantly, the fleet was untouchable. Admiral Yularen sacrificed his life to hold off the replicators while the troopers escaped, and Kamino was utterly destroyed.

The troops are now based on Coruscant, and have reported the threat to the Supreme Chancellor, who has opted to not warn the senate yet, as the widespread galactic panic could destabilize all hope. As of yet, the replicators have destroyed five planets, and continue their quest to consume and eradicate all life to defend the Rakatan empire’s crowning achievement.
The Republic is still baffled as to how to address the threat. Until then, our battle group has been tasked with forming unlikely allegiances throughout the galaxy and saving as many people as possible.
Will you answer the call to save the galaxy from certain doom?
With this, we have an event announcement! See Below!

The End is Near

Keda has given us a grave warning. The Replicators are moving to Coruscant and when they arrive...there will be nothing left but dust. We've already lost Kamino and the majority of the Outer Rim. If Coruscant falls, then there is no telling what the Galaxy's future is. We must find the key to defeating the Replicators, time is of the essence. The creator of the Vexation may have an answer on Keda and her role in the Infinite Engine.

We must confront him and find out what we need to know...before all life as we know it... Perish

The mission will be this Friday 3/12 at 6PM EST . You won't want to miss this
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