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Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 20th, 2021

These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Star by Star Gaming ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your volunteer services on any of our services and or platforms such as and not limited to, our websites, game servers, any other media form, media channel, console or PC application, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto. You agree that by posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM APPLYING FOR A VOLUNTEER STAFF POSITION AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

You accept and understand that you are not any form of an employee, contractor, or agent of Star by Star Gaming. You accept and understand that the volunteer services you provide will be a donation and under no circumstances will you expect wages, salary, or benefits from Star by Star Gaming for the services provided during your time as a Volunteer Staff member. We reserve the right to remove or let go of any volunteer staff member for any reason and at any time at our sole discretion.

Any and all actions, including and not limited to, player and or user punishment, such as issued bans or otherwise on our game servers, websites, or other platforms, as well as any statements made by you, or any behavioral misconduct, does not express the views of Star by Star Gaming and are conducted at your sole discretion. You agree that all of these are of your own and you withhold full personal responsibility. Your actions, behavior, and or statements will be taken or given at your sole discretion and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of our respective officers, agents, partners, contractors, volunteers, volunteer staff, and employees, from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand due to the outcomes of your gross negligence, willful misconduct, actions, statements, and or behaviors or any other conduct on your behalf, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability while performing volunteer staff services for Star by Star Gaming.


These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions can and may be updated at any time without notice at our discretion, so be sure to frequently check back for any updates to these terms and conditions. An effort to inform you that they've been updated will be made, but not promised, so it's your responsibility to periodically check back. By posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you are accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions indefinitely regardless of any changes or amendments to these terms and conditions unless or until you are no longer a Volunteer Staff member. If at any point you no longer agree to these terms and conditions, you must immediately resign from your Volunteer Staff position and cease to continue your volunteer services immediately.

Please do not remove or delete these terms and conditions from your application, otherwise, your application will be considered and declared void.

Applicants Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:203387041

(1.) Do you agree to and accept the Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions? If so, please answer with "Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions." -
Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions.
(1a) What is your most recent or commonly known in-game name or alias? -
Hallowed Marlene Weeny-Nayeli
(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be at least 7th year to apply.) -
4th Prestige, 6th Year
(2.) In which time zone do you reside? -
(2a) Please provide the hours of the day that you are the most active on the Hogwarts RP server according to CST (Chicago, US), so the managers and staff know when they can expect to see you. -
10 am CST-3 am CST
(3.) What is your age? -
(4.) Approximately, when was the first time that you joined our Hogwarts RP server and how did you initially discover it? -
I joined the server on February 12, 2017. It was the day I bought Gmod, which I had bought to play on this server. I found it from some friends who told me about it. 
(4a) How can we be certain that you will remain active on the server upon being accepted for a volunteer staffing position? -
I've been here for over 4 years, I do love this server and community and I do not plan on leaving any time soon.
(4b) Do you understand that you can be let go at any time for excessive inactivity at our discretion? -
Yes of course
(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with but also enforce the rules of the server when necessary? -
Yes of course
(5a) When listing the 10 basic rules, please explain what they each mean to convey to us that you understand and comprehend them wholly.
List Rules below:
1:No fail RP. Fail RP (Fail role play) is when you do things that wouldn't happen with your RP character. For example, Voldemort would never come into the school and start teaching classes. Snatchers wouldn't snatch other dark forces. Students would never jump off of tall structures to kill themselves.

2: Be respectful to other players and staff. This is very self-explanatory, treat everyone how you would like to be treated. This means all rude, disrespectful, and hateful remarks are not allowed. And of course no hate speech of any kind.

3:No RDM. (Random Death Match) Killing any one of your own faction, or anyone without a VALID RP reason is prohibited. For example, Dumbledore can not go up to a student and kill them because they are both light forces, and there is no RP situation that would warrant that. But Dumbledore can most certainly kill a revealed snatcher, as the snatcher is a dark force, and them being revealed is a VALID RP situation that would warrant Dumbledore killing them.

4:Obey staff and RP leaders. Very simple as well. Staff and RP leaders are very important, as they help the entire RP experience flow smoothly. Disobeying staff and RP leaders disrupts the RP for everyone, as well as causes problems amongst people of the server.

5: No free spelling. Free spelling is casting spells without a VALID RP reason. For example, a student would never shoot stupefy at their wizardry professor. But a student can most certainly shoot stupefy at a dark force during the lockdown. Students caught free spelling can/will be sent to detention by prefects, as they are an arrestable jobs. But jobs that are unarrestable, such as professors or Aurors, should never be free spelling due to the fact they CANT be sent to detention.

6:No meta gaming. Meta gaming is using outside information to your advantage. This is any information that you did not obtain through RP. For example, if you are being snatched, you can not tell your friends in discord to come rescue you. Or, telling your friend in discord to change to a certain professor to drop a certain spell. Or being a dark force and learning certain information, then switching to an Auror to tell all the other light forces.

7:No Mic/Chat spam. Screaming, playing music, singing, or using a soundboard on the server is all considered mic spam; and is prohibited. Spamming the same message in chat over and over is considered chat spam; and is prohibited as well.

8: Owl Post is for RP purposes only. Owl post, is used to communicate certain RP information. Such as a professor activating PTS in their classroom, or a snatcher trying to sell their snatched student. It is NOT to be used to communicate useless information. For example, asking where your friend is on the server, or to have regular conversations with others. Everything else can go in OOC or local chat.

9:No ERP (Erotic Role Play) Doing or saying anything that is inherently sexual or has a sexual connotation is prohibited. Make sure your conversations are clean, as this also pertains to trying to hint/find loopholes to make ERP comments.

10:Do not avoid the AFK system or map exploit. After 20 minutes of inactivity, you are automatically kicked off the server. Any third party influence, that can keep you on the server past the 20 minute mark of inactivity, can be met with a ban. Map exploiting is using features of the map, which are not intended, to your advantage/desire. 

(6.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be accepted for a volunteer staffing position on SBS. (100 words or less) -
I am a relatively old player, I do love this community and I do genuinely like making people laugh. All I ever want to do is make friends, have a good time, and make sure others are having a good time. I am also very big on reminding everyone that every person you meet on the server, is a real person with real feelings. Which I think a lot of people tend to forget from time to time when they speak to others. I used to be quite the rule breaker I will admit, but I have done my best to clean up my act. 

(7.) In your opinion, which quality of yourself do you feel that you need to improve on the most? -
I do believe I need to improve my confidence. I tend to doubt myself quite a bit, and I would like to be able to make decisions without second-guessing myself.
(7a) In your opinion, which skill set of yours do you feel that you need to improve on the most? -
A skill that I have gotten better at, but definitely needs some improvement is self-motivation. I feel discouraged from time to time, but its something I have gotten better with and will continue to work on.
(8.) How would having you on our volunteer staff team benefit our server and what qualities set you apart from the rest of the applicants? -
Like I said earlier, its very easy to forget that these players we deal with are real people with real emotions. There is a level of anonymity and emotional distance from these players, that its easy to brush off their concerns and frustrations. Personally, I try my best to treat them like I would treat someone who is speaking to me face to face.
(9.) Have you ever previously maintained a game server staffing position, or currently are, on any other Garry's Mod servers? If so, which ones, and in which staffing positions? (List them if possible) -
Yes, I was head admin on a Mexican border RP called Juicy Land Gaming for about a year. And a moderator/admin for about a year prior.
(10.) Have you ever previously been banned on any Garry's Mod or SBS servers? If yes, then please list approximately when, how long, and the reasoning(s). -
I have received a couple of bans in my past, I am not too sure when because it has been over the course of over 4 years, but my most recent ban was a couple of months ago for 3 days for rdm.
(11.) In your opinion, are the server staff or the players of more importance? Why? -
I believe that both are equally important. Without either the server would not be able to run the way it does.
(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (E.g., patience, response time, etc.) -
Patience: 8/10
Response time: 8/10
Communication: 9/10
Approachability: 9/10
Conflict resolution: 8/10

(13.) If you find yourself in a 'staff-sit' where you're unsure of how to fairly distribute punishment and or handle the situation or discrepancy at hand, what do you do? -
There is nothing wrong with asking for some help. I am not perfect, and I am not gonna know everything. Experience comes with time, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask another staff member for some advice when I am unsure about what to do with a certain sit. 
(14.) You both understand and realize, that by applying for a volunteer staffing position on the server, you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to role-play and or socialize freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues and or volunteer staff position tasks at hand no matter the situation and to the best of your abilities? -
Yes of course
(15.) If applicable, please provide a list of all your previous volunteer staff applications, provide a link to them if possible, and list any reasons why they may have been locked. If they were previously accepted, please provide a short explanation of why you are no longer volunteer staff at the time of this application. (Disregard if this is your first application) - 
In my previous application, I had applied for GM, but after shadowing some mods and doing my own sits, I decided to lock my GM app because I thought it might not have been what I wanted. 

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Marlene is an amazing person, there are no reasons he should not be made trial moderator.

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didn't u already apply and locked it for not being ready like last week? like you legit said you were not ready.

edit> nvm i get it now the last one was GM and this one is mod, anyways you are a awesome person you are amazing everything in the app looks great.


  ~Sasha Bean~
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Yes! You need to be staff! You know the rules so well, you prefect a bunch and you are a really nice guy!
Yes you may have broke a few rules in the past but for the past few months all I have seen is positivity from you everyone deserves a chance and honestly I think you would do really well as a mod.

Huge +1 from me
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Marlene is one of the nicest people on the server. Never fails to make me smile and will always make an effort to say Hi/Talk to me when he sees me. He knows the rules well and is always prefecting and I've seen him do a few great halls and teach quite a bit.

I think you could do great things as staff.
Good luck!

+1 from me!! 
~Andy Albion-Hubbard~
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Marlene is one of the sweetest people I have met on this server. He almost always prefects and has more then enough knowledge on the rules. I think he would be a good fit for moderator. 

A huge +1

Good luck!!
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I'm not going to vote, but just note some negatives and positives from interactions with the applicant. I feel if I was to vote on any app it would skew it in the end. + Postiive, = Neutral, - Negative.

+ Does understand the rules well, I'll get to why later.

+ Been around since 2016, knows a lot of the community

+ Has knowledge of most jobs and their specific rules.

= I've said this in the past and it blows peoples minds. Ex minges turned good make the best staff, simply because they can blend in with the crowd and catch them off guard. They know exactly what to look for.

- Previously a minge, but has turned suit. Hopefully they don't turn back to the dark side.
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Your very friendly and approachable, you have a good understanding of the rules and you are active on the server, I always see you prefecting and have seen you helping out newer players where you can. Your application is also well written and it's clear you put time and effort into it.

Goodluck with your application!
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Hey Marlene 

I know in the past you have been very mingy in the past and have told you not to do somethings

But recently i have seen a change in heart and attitude 

Pro's- Prefect A lot - has good knowledge of the rules - 
Things to work on - would like to see you do a Prefect Meeting or Great Hall
Teaching Classes

Neutral to Plus one
Goodluck on your app 
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Hey Marlene,

So I've had the pleasure of you taking some sits in front of me and I must say you handle them very well, even when they are complex situations that usually catch us off guard you seem to know the right things to say whilst still being very informative of the rules to said person.

Yes your history of minging is bad but recently i have saw a huge improvement on your behavior, not just this but I have witnessed many of your great halls and classes that you have taught and you seem to be able to control these situations very well whilst still holding up the aspect of RP.

All round I think you definitely deserve a chance at trial.

As I stated before though you do have quite the legacy of rule breaking.

Neutral to +1
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