Salvio Hexia change


(1) Have you read through the Common Suggestions and Answers post? 


(2) What is your suggestion? 

Turn Salvio Hexia in to a toggle spell, similar to how Lumos currently functions;                                            
You left click once to turn it on, and you stay under its effects until you left click again and you return to being visible.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition?

In it's current state Salvio is pretty underutilized and extremely situational,
it last for such a short amount of time that it's pretty much certain whoever you're hiding from is still gonna be in the area by the time it runs out and you'll get find out.

With this change we'd see it's utility raised just the tiny bit it needs, you'd still have the very loud cast noise, and the exposure while moving,
meaning it's only really useful while standing completely still, which is still pretty limited in my opinion.

We would also be adding more incentive for people to use Aparecium (the spell that reveals people in Salvio) and Acriea (the wall hack spell, also detects people in salvio)

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added?

You could argue that it'd be a little to strong, but I would still disagree; It has two spells that hard counter it and it's only completely useful while standing totally still.
Overall I think there's enough counter-play and it's utility is limited enough to warrant the buff.

There might also be ways to glitch it and get invisibility without a wand or something, I'm not entirely sure how the coding side would work so someone else would have to fill me in.
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+1 It would be very useful.

I think balancing the spell would be a step in the right direction. Maybe have the spell last 30 seconds to a minute and have twice the cooldown. 
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A lot more spells could benefit from this, such as Acria.

But it'll be a wait unfortunately
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+1. Nothing wrong with making more spells more useful. I've always thought salvio's a bit useless in it's current state.
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I think this is a pretty good QOL change to a semi-useful spell that could make it even more useful.
Yet another great suggestion from the White Gloves!
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i use it to escape prefects and i want it to last a bit longer sso yyes 

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Imagine you're teaching a class in Class 1 and a student stupefies you from outside the room, you go to investigate and he just goes invisible. Untraced, unable to be seen if it was a toggle spell. Same goes for other situations such as the RS or even in combat. With Salvio Hexia it's rather easy to stay cloaked anyway, especially as the cooldown ends right as it wears off. Heck, I used it for an entire PvP tournament.

I'd +1 if it you were saying increase the duration/cooldown by a little, 5/10 seconds or so, but that's not what this is asking for.

Anyway why would you move if you're using Salvio Hexia to hide? Duck around a corner and use it after getting some distance, works most the time.

It's not like it's difficult to get away from say a prefect chasing you, especially at sixth year where you have spongify etc.

There's also the counter spells you talk about, Acriea, Prestige 5, majority of players won't have this.

Aparecium, learned at year 6 when Rennervate is taught,
1: Who teaches Rennervate these days?
2: Not everyone is a sixth year.
3: Not everyone is a sixth year with Rennervate, whittles it down even more if you're just talking about prefects.

Going with a -1 on the toggle function, wouldn't care/mind for an increase in cooldown and duration.

Sorry if I sound nit picky :)

Edit: As said, only 1 person in Harry Potter had a "toggleable" invisibility device and that was Harry Potter himself. Might as well call Salvio Hexia an invisibility cloak.
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I don't know how I feel about letting everyone have access to it, maybe make it job specific. If Harry Potter had the magical invisibility SWEP then it wouldn't be overpowered or abused (it would also be within the lore). not all students should have access to it, nor do I feel revealable jobs should have access to it.

neutral to -1. this change would allow revealable jobs to break a lot of the rules around retreating.

edit2: joey's proposed idea on the second page is more balanced. a 15 minute cooldown with a toggle sounds more fair.
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If you can comment and respond to toto, I wanna know what issues an increased duration wouldnt have that a toggle function would. buffing salvio would also incentives people to teach rennervate. And harry wasnt the only one with toggleable invis, anyone can buy a invis cloak harrys was just the only one resistant to counter spells  -Revus

I think it would be cool maybe when you detoggle it there is a long ass cooldown though. Like Invisible > uninvisible > 15 minute cooldown make it so you cant interact with things while under salvio like port keys, doors and other things so there is an inherent disadvantage.

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