Salvio Hexia change

(04-07-2021, 07:18 PM)Joey Wrote: If you can comment and respond to toto, I wanna know what issues an increased duration wouldnt have that a toggle function would. buffing salvio would also incentives people to teach rennervate. And harry wasnt the only one with toggleable invis, anyone can buy a invis cloak harrys was just the only one resistant to counter spells  -Revus

I think it would be cool maybe when you detoggle it there is a long ass cooldown though. Like Invisible > uninvisible > 15 minute cooldown make it so you cant interact with things while under salvio like port keys, doors and other things so there is an inherent disadvantage.


with a 15min cd post turning off makes me feel like it would be a tad long for it but i feel the cd in this way is a great idea to balance it, maybe 10mins
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I agree with what others have already said, it would make the spell more useful and give it more of a use when hiding from people

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Based on other people response, this would upset the gameplay balance but considering Salvio Hexia is somewhat obsolete in it's current state.
Neutral for original idea
+1 for Joey's modified suggestion
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+1 yes I think this is a very good idea as I use it all the time in lockdown as I am bad at pvp and will be funny (there’s your reason xD)

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I'm all for making spells more useful, I mean the only time I see this being used now is when people stand in door ways to troll.

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Salvio Hexia is a Year 7 spell if I remember correctly ( sorry if I’m wrong I don’t use spells ) and if this were a thing it would definitely benefit newer players to grind it out to get that spell. 

Salvio Hexia would be more useful and add a little more spice to the server. It would take away the situational occurrences considering currently it only lasts a few seconds 

+1 to this Suggestion
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