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1. Lieutenant Commander, What Are You Up To?

Lieutenant Commander Marshall is hiding something but it's for the UNSC's own good. However, ONI and MPs will be involved and will be investigating along with the Marines, and other regiments but ONI and MPs have a vital part in this. It's got to include something dangerous surely... because the Lieutenant Commander wouldn't surely hide something unless it's either very important, dangerous or confidential. We can tell for sure it's nothing confidential as one of the Marines overheard the Lieutenant Commander talking to an Ensign about some kind of keycode that leads to an underground base or laboratory and he did say no clearance is needed but clearance is needed for someone to go in one of the rooms in the underground base/laboratory. Once UNSC personnel finds out what secret he is hiding, Briefing will be held and announced and more information will be said in Briefing about the mission. 

2. Something isn't right...

The UNSC on a separate were briefed by the Lieutenant and 2LT to keep an eye on a UNSC ship that could possibly be breached. Moments later, the Captain of that ship tells UNSC personnel to go to the training room to get more training to improve their abilities, skill and combat within the UNSC. Due to this though, these unknown forces managed to breach the ship, acting like regular UNSC soldiers with valid ID's. But how did they manage to get these ID's and how are they managing to act like regular UNSC soldiers? Well here's the story. A recon team, that were apart of the UNSC ship went on a small operation but these unknown forces caught them, took them as hostage, slaughtered them, took their armour and uniform and ID's making it so they had a chance to get on an UNSC ship. 

However, it may be hard for them to even get on our ship, but it depends how the MPs will operate and deal with them but in character, they will have no clue who they are.

The Lieutenant and 2LT are told about this by the Lieutenant's AI and puts the ship on lockdown (the ship that they are on with us lot) due to the fact that the breached ship isn't too far and is in control of these unknown forces!

Tasks and objectives:
  • Find out the "unknown forces". Try and find out who they are, what they want and why they want an UNSC ship.
  • Find the leader of these unknown forces, possibly take him and question/interrogate them.
  • Once the ship is took back, and in control of the UNSC, make sure to do a thorough search to make sure they aren't any threats or dangers.
  • Check the ship controls, and possibly check to see if they are any civilians on the ship as they is a possibility of civilians being on the ship. There is one important thing to take into account though, there is one civilian on the ship that is possible an hostage, this has been reported by the Lieutenant's AI.
More information about this mission will be said in Briefing.

More information can be given by me if needed about this event. This is a simple brief of the event itself. I can explain the event further if needed.
(2) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition:

It would make a great addition because I personally think these events may turn out good, and would make it enjoyable for the players.   

(3) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added:

A lot of setting up possibly and an idea of the events having to be explained by myself.

Thank you for reading my event suggestions!
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Event idea accepted.

I'll be working with you to deliver this, any issues or extra ideas you have feel free to get in contact so we can work it out.
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