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Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 20th, 2021

These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Star by Star Gaming ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your volunteer services on any of our services and or platforms such as and not limited to, our websites, game servers, any other media form, media channel, console or PC application, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto. You agree that by posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM APPLYING FOR A VOLUNTEER STAFF POSITION AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

You accept and understand that you are not any form of an employee, contractor, or agent of Star by Star Gaming. You accept and understand that the volunteer services you provide will be a donation and under no circumstances will you expect wages, salary, or benefits from Star by Star Gaming for the services provided during your time as a Volunteer Staff member. We reserve the right to remove or let go of any volunteer staff member for any reason and at any time at our sole discretion.

Any and all actions, including and not limited to, player and or user punishment, such as issued bans or otherwise on our game servers, websites, or other platforms, as well as any statements made by you, or any behavioral misconduct, does not express the views of Star by Star Gaming and are conducted at your sole discretion. You agree that all of these are of your own and you withhold full personal responsibility. Your actions, behavior, and or statements will be taken or given at your sole discretion and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of our respective officers, agents, partners, contractors, volunteers, volunteer staff, and employees, from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand due to the outcomes of your gross negligence, willful misconduct, actions, statements, and or behaviors or any other conduct on your behalf, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability while performing volunteer staff services for Star by Star Gaming.


These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions can and may be updated at any time without notice at our discretion, so be sure to frequently check back for any updates to these terms and conditions. An effort to inform you that they've been updated will be made, but not promised, so it's your responsibility to periodically check back. By posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.",  you are accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions indefinitely regardless of any changes or amendments to these terms and conditions unless or until you are no longer a Volunteer Staff member. If at any point you no longer agree to these terms and conditions, you must immediately resign from your Volunteer Staff position and cease to continue your volunteer services immediately.

Please do not remove or delete these terms and conditions from your application, otherwise your application will be considered and declared void.

Applicants Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:126725093

(1.) Do you agree to and accept the Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions? If so, please answer with "Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions." -
Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions.
(1a) What is your most recent or commonly known in-game name or alias? -
(1b.) What is your RP Rank and Loyalty Rank? -
SGT, Platinum 1
(2.) In which time zone do you reside? -
(2a) Please provide the hours of the day that you are the most active on the Halo RP server according to CST (Chicago, US), so the managers and staff know when they can expect to see you. -
Weekdays: 5CST PM to 11CST PM, Weekends: 9 CST to 11 CST
(3.) What is your age? -
(4.) Approximately, when was the first time that you joined our Halo RP server and how did you initially discover it? -
About a year ago, searching for good HaloRPs to play as I wanted to get back into it
(4b.) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? -
Personally being on the server is fun, and shown by activity since the revamp, I have been trying to get as much as possible and with School coming to a close soon, Ill have alot more empty free time to fill up.
(4c.) Do you understand that you can be let go at any time for excessive inactivity at our discretion? -
(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with but also enforce the rules of the server when necessary? -
(5a) please list and explain the main 7 server rules so we know you understand and comprehend them fully.

List Rules below

Rule 1 - No FailRp: Performing some action that your character wouldn't do, have access to.
Rule 2 - Be Respectful: Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.
Rule 3 - No RDM: Killing another player with no acceptable reason
Rule 4 - Listen to Staff and RP Leaders: Follow instructions provided by these persons
Rule 5 - No Meta-gaming: Using knowledge that you wouldn't know in-game. EX: A friend telling where enemies are
Rule 6 - No Micspam or Chat spam: Repetivley saying the same message or playing music or sounds over mic
Rule 7 - No Cheating or Exploiting: Hacking Gmod to give an advantage or using a bug to gain an unintentional advantage.

(6.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be accepted for a volunteer staffing position on SBS. -
I've been into roleplay for a long time, as well as story creation Creating stories for others to enjoy is something I like doing, For example, I used to make missions in Arma 3 for a unit. But the main reason I want to Join game makers is to create more things for the players to enjoy on the server.
(7.) In your opinion, what do you need to improve on the most? (qualities, skill sets) -
Confidence, Speed of thinking on the spot, and coming up with ideas(quickly). 
(8.) How would having you on the Halo staff team benefit the server and what qualities set you apart from the rest of the applicants? -
I want to see the server suceed, expand and have more players enjoy, I try to see what player are wanting and can problem solve, finding solutions to a variety of problems that could arise. I am also try and take all feedback and rely on it to improve on what I do.
(9.) Have you ever previously maintained a game server staffing position, or currently are, on any other Garry's Mod servers? If so, which ones, and in which staffing positions? (List them if possible) -
I am currently an admin for TSF community, although ever since I joined their staff team(it's been a while) they haven't had an actual server up so I'm really just a discord moderator for them.
I have been a game maker for ACE networks CWRP and Geetslys HaloRP, although on both occasions I only did 2 events before the server died so I wouldn't say I have too much experience as a Gmod Gamemaker.
(10.) Have you ever previously been banned on any Garry's Mod or SBS servers? If yes, then please list approximately when, how long, and the reasoning(s). -
3-4 times on random DarkRp servers for 1-2 weeks for FailRping and prop spam a long time ago
(11.) In your opinion, are the server staff or the players more important and why? -
The players are always more important, Staff is only there to give the players a good experience, without players there wouldn't be any staff
(12) Please list and rate your skills out of 10 (EX patience, response time, leadership, activity, etc.) -
Patience 8, Response time: 7, Leadership: 6.5, Activity: 8, Problem Solving: 9, Quick Learner : 8
(13.) On a scale from 1 to 10, how familiar are you with Garry's Mod's default tools, context menus, and utility menus? -
(14.) Please provide us with at least two detailed examples of events that you would orchestrate and how you would proceed with organizing, operating, and constructing them. -
In this event, MPs would be informed that an intruder had made its way onto the ship privatly. PLayers would report to briefing, once all players were present MP would search everyone. Everyone would turn out clean. Then an AI would alert that all lifepods had launched. The players would chase after them(Map Change). The players would then search the crashed life pods for any evidence of where the intruder went while fighting off innie forces. At one of the life pods there will be access codes to get into a hidden innie base. After clearing the base the players would find the intruder and extract.
(gm_cruiser canyon i think)
In this event, Players would be sent to hunt down an HVT. One Squad will be tasked to tail a Supply vehicle to the HVT's Location. The Vehicle will leave a compound after Main force attacks a compounf forcing the vehicle to leave. The team will then find the HVT's Compund and take him. They will have defend the HVT from attacking forces while the Main force takes out multiple Anti-Air installations. Afther installations are remove. Extract will be sent(probably gm_bigcity)
(15.) Do you have any prior experience using ULX administrative system or sandbox building on Garry's Mod? -
Yes, I have used the ulx system alot and done alot building in my free time in gmod.
(16.) You both understand and realize, that by applying for a volunteer staffing position on the server, you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to role-play and or socialize freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues and or volunteer staff position tasks at hand no matter the situation and to the best of your abilities? -
Yes, Understood.
(17.) Please provide a list of all previous volunteer staff applications, provide a link to them if possible, and list any reasons why they may have been locked. If they were previously accepted, please provide a short explanation of why you are no longer a volunteer staff at the time of this application. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

Hello Darling!    Now with not knowing your potential you are very great server wise with not breaking rules. But I would like to see some activity out of you more often, but as if right now until that is fixed Neutral To  +1
That one PIES

I agree with Pies. You do have potential though.

Neutral to +1
Always trying to improve as a person.
SSGT Elijah 
Non-Commissioned Officer
Military Police - Halo RP
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Your application has been accepted.  

Welcome to the staff team and please contact one of the admins for training.
RP names:
GEN. Sable
LTG Sable 'Aura' (Resigned from position. First highcomm on the server. (Application process.)
1LT Noa 'Aura' Mathilde (506th)
HCAP Noa 'Aura' Mathilde (NAVSPECWAR7)
RADM 'Aura' (SOAS)

WO|Ildria-S075 (Overseer)
SO Socii Aurian Delkamee (SS)
HG Campion Aurian Delkamee (Honor Guard)
Commander Carter (First and last Carter)
Ensign Aura (First leader of AF)
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