Leo Carew's Moderator Application

Neutral vote

Things you need to work on:

-A better understanding or at least explanation of the rules in yout application

-And if it is lack of knowledge of the rules then try to play on the server for a bit more so that you can get more experience and confidence when dealing with certain situations

Apart from that good luck with your application

Hey Leo, so from what the other's have said you can't apply for another app under a week dude. I don't really see you on the server that much, like hardly ever. I think you need to wait a bit and get around on the server more to get into the field of joining the SBS team. 

Also some tips to be more noticeable on the server would be teaching/prefecting and enforcing server rules on players. Therefor you will stand out to other sbs players and staff members.
So right now I'm sitting on a -1 for your application, sorry man.  
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