Hogwarts Correction Center is now Open

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Studies have shown that there has been a rise in delinquent students who find themselves frequently in detenton. Due to this, on [Friday 3:30PM EST], Hogwarts will be visited by a child psychologist in order to interview these troublemakers to get information and hopefully study the increasing factors behind the students' misbehaviour.
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Couldn't be me.  Prefects are too lazy to bother putting me in detention.

@Pierre Saint THEY'RE ONTO US!

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this is because of the rebellions that been happening..heehee voldehappy
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The Time of the event will be Friday between 3:30PM and 5:30PM! EST!!!
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The following are the findings from the Child Psychologist! We can say this was definitely a success

[4:21 PM]
Gar - Parents lack the attention to give him, so he wanted to end up there for the memes due to lack of attention
Cactus - I hate prefects, they are the worst. Has zero empathy

[4:42 PM]
Ron Swan - Wants to be the coolest hufflepuff, hates his house so he acts up

[4:43 PM]
Gar#2 - Dog gets more attention than him. Dog barks and they come, while Gar barks and no one comes. Parent Neglect

[4:48 PM]
Pidar - Very mad. His friend stole his money. He was betrayed and that is why hes here(edited)


[4:58 PM]
Ron Swan#2 - Misclicked a spell. Learnt that he has something to prove to people

[5:06 PM]
Deacon - Upset that the prefects are playing favourites.

[5:13 PM]
Cactus#2 - Got Fat. Telling a lot of lies from his origins.

[5:17 PM]
Erich - Freespelling to see others suffer due to lack of dad. Negative attention. Peer Pressure.

[5:18 PM]
Eid - Spitting on people gives him a feel of power

[5:27 PM]
Chance - Stole a hairbrush from his mother to get back at her.

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Ryte's correction center event is over! 
I wish I could have been there. But I hope it was fun :)

Thread locked!
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