weird screeching noise when I walk

how do i fix? its happened in another rp as well, it happens sometimes idk why, idk if you heard before, but it sounds like a bounce mixed with a machine mixer, or like broken mic or a shattering of metal eco

 I assume you are talking about the foot scraping noise when walking shiny floors or props. Different types of floor make different soinds when walking on it, plastic or shiny floors will make a screech when walking over it. You can probably turn off walking sounds in console, not sure exactly how though. 
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its fixed after restarting my game, but i still have audio problems,

like this , it sounds like a lawn mower, and its in the corridor to classes

I also had a similar problem when I was on other gmod servers, for some reason when I moved around the footsteps were an unbelievable level of high pitched noise. I know you said you solved it but for future reference deleting the gmod cache folder fixed this for me.
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