its about time, im david aka soniiiety

I finally make an intro thread after a bit of time, WELL ANYWAY, I want to make friends and share stuff, I want to become something good, and spread prosperity.

I also use tik tok, username same as in title of thread.

Im hoping to make a lot of progress and a lot of accomplishments, I think I can do it with just a bit of confidence,self esteem and dignity, I hope to get alot of answers.

I use discord, as well, if you would like to add me just say, I am a creator nomad, that has traveled medium distance through the internet, I hope to create some balance here, theres alot I still need to do, let me know if you want to progress with me.

I used to play everybody edits, thats where my pfp came from, i like ys 1&2 chronicles, i like metroidvania games.

Hey David, hope to see you around!
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Welcome! :)
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Welcome to the forums David!
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Welcome to the server and the forums David!
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