David Elios/Arsene's Staff Manager Application (bombshell app)

*Disclaimer, I am not going to go in depth on everything that I discussed and verbatim tell you what David told me, those are his words and I am terrible at typing so I'd rather he say it for the sake of not misconstruing how it was said to me*

After reading the comments on this application I decided before voting that it would be best to reach out to David himself for his side of the situations mentioned. I feel that everybody can grow from their downfalls in some capacity and that these things that people are saying he has done can easily be grown from. 

For starters, reflecting on the Odin situation, presently seems like it should have been the easiest situation to deal with. However at the time it was such a sensitive subject and I remember how strenuous it was for the staff team but also the community. While I can easily sit here and say I would have banned him immediately no questions asked, you have to think about the fact that he was not the only staff member involved in the decision, and this really was the first major c-ban put into place for pedophilia- there were no guidelines. It is also speculated that there was a legal issue that was at the forefront of the decision as well, since I was not involved I cannot say that there was or was not 100%, but I don't doubt that there was. There were a lot of missteps back when that situation happened, not only from David but all of the staff team handling the situation. I spoke with David at length specifically in regards to this situation, how he would handle it had it happened today, and what he felt he could improve on from it, which he mentioned to me that anybody wanting to speak with him on it he is more than open to having a discussion, this I felt helped me in deciding whether or not I wanted to give my support to David for this application.

Through confirmation with other management involved in the decision to cban Odin, David did not hold up the vote to cban him. He in fact +1'd the decision to cban Odin. He admitted to me that the decision itself was quite emotional at the time for him because it was a huge decision and with a thought as a 19 year old that you could get mail one day and being told you're getting summoned for a slander charge is a weight on the shoulders for anybody, especially someone who is just a manager on a game.

There is also the situation of David heading a cban for jokes made after the ban. I can't speak to exactly what that situation was so please take my comment here with a grain of salt- I was not there to witness this. I did ask about it out of curiosity. I recall that at the time of this anything mentioned about Odin after his cban did result in a ban. After asking David about this, he said that the reason why Joey had gotten a cban was because of his prior history with cbans, however when Joey explained the situation and confirmation of it was given it was recanted. Again- I was not there, I did not witness this particular situation, so I cannot give you much of an opinion around it, more so my recollection of the climate of the server after the fact. The server was sensitive after the Odin thread and cban, and a lot of people caught talking about it publicly like that were being reprimanded.

Also, keep in mind, that this situation was almost 2 years ago now, David is about the same age as me, and I can't say that as a 19/20 year old I wouldn't have made a lot of decisions as I would today just because it is such a serious and new situation that was happening. A lot of people went into this blind, and taking the issues as they came.

At the end of the day on that situation, it was the first huge issue that the team had dealt with like that, everyone was having everything regarding it thrown at them all at once, and I think everybody had downfalls regarding it. David admitted to me that there are things he would change had it come up now and that he is always open to a learning experience. There is also most likely actual guidelines in place for this sort of a situation and on Guys end there is likely some protection for himself and the server on the legal side of things.

Now we also have the issue of demoting Sean, in the most blatant terms he didn't want to overstep and demote someone while there was a staff manager in position, even if he was on LoA at the time. I think this is a very fair thought process to have, and he agrees he could have done things differently.

I don't think it's a fair thing to use someone's emotions as a weapon against their ability to handle a job unless it was actively preventing them from doing said job. While sure David was upset about having to demote people, he still did it. It is unfortunate to have to demote someone you've worked with for however long, who did volunteer their time to do something they didn't have to. It is a tough decision, but it is a decision that would be made.

Activity- this is another thing brought up quite a bit. I know it's a bit hard to see someone who had left the community for a bit only to come back and see them apply for a manager position. The fact of the matter is it's not like David came back yesterday, he has been playing actively for a bit, even before a manager position was open to apply for. He has experience with not only staffing on hogwarts, but also being in multiple manager positions in the sbs community as a whole. Personally, I believe that having an outside perspective has the capability of being one of the best things for the staff team. Also, David was staffing with a good majority of the current admins, so it isn't as if he doesn't know anybody on the team? I guess this is just a really light criticism to have in my perspective. 

During our discussion, I asked what he would bring to the table as far as the community involvement in things to do with the server, which I believe is a very important detail to discuss with potential staff managers. He mentioned to me the possibility of anonymous surveys to continue to develop the staff team that could ask the community if they feel things are too strict or there isn't enough events etc. I think this is a great idea, albeit the surveys would have to be seeded through to find the constructive ones, I think it is important for the community to have input. He also mentioned making use of the twitch channel and streaming to show off up and coming things to the server and getting opinions / input from the community which again is a great addition that I believe the server could benefit from. 

My vote for staff manager will always be what I feel benefits community input and involvement, I think that David would make his best efforts to take into account how we feel as a community about things. Therefore I will be giving him a +1!

** If you have any questions for David, as I stated before, he is very easy to reach and willing to talk about any critiques or discuss further anything you would like.
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I'll keep this short, I can use lots of words, but at the end of the day, I can always put my trust behind David.

David has never been a person to seek power for the sake of that power. An ambitious application is not a power grab on its own. David has always been a dedicated and invested member of the community who has tried to do his very best in the aim of improving things.

The community Auxiliary was a flawed position. It was a position that tried to be Community Supervisor and Hogwarts Head Admin, and failed to do either well. David had intended to be Cvisor, and he wanted to fulfil the role of Cvisor, but the role changed underneath him, and whilst he still tried to fulfil the duties a Cvisor would (duties which were needed), it couldn't really be done with the CA position as it was created. I definitely think David wanted a greater range of power as CA, but that range of power was always in the goal of doing the job of Cvisor (a job which was supposed to be fulfilled by CA) and helping the community, it was never simply for power.

He might be recently returned, but that doesn't mean he isn't the same person trying to make the community the best it can possibly be. I trust David to listen to the opinions of others, and take them to heart, make decisions as fairly as any person can, strive to better the server and the staff team.

Good luck David

P.S. never forget, I have been blackmailing Guy for years. I'll never get community banned.

As an additional P.S. assumptions about David's interaction with community bans aren't very helpful, as they're based on limited, faulty, or non existent information. Many of the success in more recent community ban policy are partially or fully due to David's input. I just want to make the point, that when you're looking at the community ban system, you have essentially no information, and that means you'll be drawing incorrect conclusions. In short I often see falsehoods, so it's good not to take too much stock in what people say must be true of community bans. David's impact in cbans has been positive, and as a staff manager, he wouldn't be defining policy without the agreement of the other managers.
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Keeping it short but sweet


I believe you will have positive impact on the staffing team
You tell it how it is and always plays by the book
fair when it comes to any decision
knows the rules, knows the staff
blah blah blah

Perfect for the Role
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Coming out the grave to give my thoughts on this particular applicant. 

I will be honest, I haven't been on Hogwarts consistently in probably over 2 years HOWEVER, there was one of my former co-staff members that was always a pleasure to work with and learn under and that was David. I can't attest to his activity now or how his actions are now. But if there is anything I can say about Davis is that he is one of the most open-eared and willing staff members I've personally worked with and to see him back in a managerial position would be great for Hogwarts in my opinion. 

(Side note: 212th forever love ya Elios <3)
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David has been around the longest and is the most experienced applicant so far. He's been in power before and to my knowledge not been too bad, so I give him my blessing. 
- edit "<3"
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Big -1

What sucks is that we all know David will get this role regardless of whether his qualities fit the position, he is able to handle it, there are better applicants, and/or anyone mentions valid criticisms/concerns. What sucks even more is that everyone of us who -1's this app cares enough to give our thoughts even while fully aware of the fact that there will be retaliatory action taken against us once he gets the role.

David does not care about the Hogwarts RP server. He has said as much in very clear terms openly, and repeatedly (which is fine tbh, I can understand why, but it's weird that he is now applying for a super position related to it instead of focusing on the other servers that he prefers). Fact of the matter is he just wants the higher up position so he can exercise power over others and what server that power is on is an afterthought.

I will echo points brought up by Joey and Gina here. This dude did, no matter what he now decides to tell you, argue against banning a pedophile when ample evidence was provided to him multiple times of said pedophile using our community to prey on children. At the same time (not "after the ban") he was arguing for the community banning of people who tried to make others aware of the aforementioned pedophile's activity. You can wheel out the "I was scared of getting sued" excuse as many times as you want and all it shows us is that one of the following is true:
1. You actually believe that you could be sued for defamation/slander for banning some Australian dude from a Gmod server, meaning your apparent IQ disqualifies you from any positions of power in the first place. 
2. You don't have any credible excuses for your actions (else you'd be using those instead) and you truly just care more about your personal qualms with people like Joey and Finkle than you do about children being victimized by a sexual predator.
[edit: If I'm being charitable there is a third possibility (and honestly I believe that the reality is some combination of all three)
3. A policy was established by people who lack a moral compass and while you may have some degree of one (evidenced by you voting in favor of Odin's ban when push came to shove) you lacked the spine to challenge the policy when you were perfectly positioned to do so and instead went out of your way to uphold it.]
Terrible look either way.

During his time as community aux David deleted my posts/comments on the forums regularly. The only reason I know this is because other forum staff confirmed it. David never informed me that he was deleting my contributions to the forums nor why he was doing so, but he did it often. Anyone's guess is as good as mine on why he did this, but it shows he is incapable of properly communicating, something this role would necessitate. (It's really not that hard to let someone know what you think they are doing wrong, I don't understand the secrecy.)

Also while community aux, David attempted to implement a 'c-bans are unappealable' policy. First of all, this policy just seems lazy and unfair tbh, but that's not my call. The real problem is that a c-ban was successfully appealed shortly after the policy was implemented (while David was still community aux). If the policy is going to be 'you can't appeal a c-ban unless you have friends in the staff team' then just say that. It feels bad when we are repeatedly told that there is a new policy and then that policy is disregarded shortly after for one specific person only to be immediately reinstated for everyone else.

As a final point, I want to say that this applicant's "moderation" style when he was on the actual server exercising his powers was toxic. He spent an entire day teleporting to me like every 10 minutes to harass me about how he thought I was not prefecting correctly (maybe I'd understand if the 2 prefect slots were full and he thought maybe someone else would do a better job, but in these instances I was the only Hufflepuff prefect and I guess I wasn't being as strict as he wanted me to be / he just got bored of prop killing randos and had nothing better to do with his time). Each time, he took it upon himself to condescendingly lecture me about it. Like, dude, just kick me off the job if it means that much to you, I don't need your holier than thou attitude.

Anyways, these threads and posts are pointless and have no effect on the selection process, but Pierre is the best applicant and David is probably the worst one.
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I understand that I'm going to be repeating a lot of what others have said in this thread, but I would like to make it clear that these opinions are not just the view of a small minority in the community.

David, during his tenure as community aux, made misjudgement after misjudgement, it is not clear to me that his judgement has improved, and I do not believe it is in the communities best interest that he become staff manager.

As others have stated; David unequivocally contributed to the stonewalling of Odin's c-ban, he may not have been the sole reason, or even the main reason, but it is undeniable that without David, Odin would have been gone much sooner. The Odin situation persisted for the better part of a year and David consistently made the choice to keep Odin around while threatening community members that mentioned the situation with a c-ban, this was not a one off lapse in judgement, these were choices made again and again, with community pressure against them and they still went through. Sure, David can claim he would act differently now, but hindsight is 20-20 and we haven't seen him staff in any capacity to know if it would be any different now. (To be clear, I'm not saying David supported Odin, just that his flawed judgement made things difficult. I don't want anyone to confuse the two.)

I'd also like to expand on something Ronaldo said; David does not seem to care about the Hogwarts server past how he can use it to improve his position in the community. 
Almost every time he has reached a high position on Hogwarts he has left to go staff either on Halo or Clone Wars (Which is fine, but I feel like the position of Hogwarts Staff Manager, is better suited to someone dedicated to Hogwarts, if you wanna staff there, just staff there)
David has also, despite claiming to be interested in the interests of the community, been very quick to dismiss them when they don't align with him. The most notable case of this in my memory was during a conversation in Teamspeak with David while he was community aux; during the discussion we suggested bringing back community meetings so supers could gather thoughts and opinions from non-staff community members, David replied (almost verbatim) "I don't care what the community thinks, I'm not doing it". This quote seems to sum up his general attitude as community aux pretty well, I just don't really understand why someone would apply for a community staff position when they have that kind of outlook, and I really don't think it's the type of attitude suited to being a staff manager.

The unfortunate thing is I don't think David is lying when he says he likes this community and wants to support it, I just think he fails to see when his actions contradict his words.

He says he carries the communities interest but when they ran contrary to his own; he prevented action from being taken and refused to listen to others.

He says he want's the best for the whole community, but the second better position are open on Clone Wars or Halo; he goes there.

I don't dislike David, he's a really nice dude in a his personal capacity, but as community staff these actions are too much to look past and I think we have better choices available to us.


Hi everyone!

So, I honestly was giving a lot of thought about what people had concerns about and feelings they have towards me in my previous positions, whether it’d be good or bad. I of course appreciate all the honest thoughts and feedback that you all given, I do value people’s thoughts. But after talking with people and giving a lot of time to think about what would be best, I feel as it would be best for me to drop out. I think that there are steps I should take to improve in some areas and possibly re-join the staff team to connect on a more professional level if my mindset is up to it, it's always fun work tbh.

Some of you have made some points which I respect completely, and no one of course here came off rude or mean in anyway, so please don't ever think that if you said or believe that. Honesty is important when it comes to a selection like this. I appreciate that a lot! So, thank you! I will say that there are events that people had mentioned that I do wish I had done differently when I look back on it. I feel as my judgement has improved as I start remembering what happened at those times and wish I could have made a better choice on some matters. I never of course have any bad intentions that were intentionally negative with things, and if it seemed as I did or caused a poor choice, then that’s my bad. But I always wanted to try and do good ya know?

I don’t wish to write a whole book everyone’s major thoughts since it would take me forever especially if they are things I don’t remember or have little information on. But if there are things you guys are curious about and want an official answer on or context, my DMs are open ya know, as long as I can remember it, I can give an official answer since I don't want to deny or confirm something I may have forgotten possibly but I should be able to remember fragments or such. I do care a lot about this community and wish for it to be at it's best, seeing what it's become now from back then in terms of community, people and content has been awesome!

To end of, go and out show some love to Pierre, the dude is awesome and has a great mind. His jokes are kinda… Lame. However! I feel as he would give a fresh take to the staff team and would be a great asset on enhancing the team and the community as a whole. I feel as he would do a great job!

I appreciate all the input again from everyone! Stay cool surely!

@Sibyl @Lexa

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Application is closed as requested. 

Thank you for applying David :)
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