Mock Trials!

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We're back baby with Mock Trials!

I'm giving everyone a week advance before our next Mock Trial dates!

The days and times that the mock trials will be occurring are the following:

July 25th at either 11:00am CST, 5:00pm CST or 9:00pm CST

June 28th at either 11:00am CST, 5:00pm CST or 9:00pm CST

June 31th at either 11:00am CST, 5:00pm CST or 9:00pm CST

Please join the Mock Trial Discord! Here I have explanation of the rules, important information, sign up channel and where I announce mock trial pairings with the staff!

Here is the format to fill out on either a reply to this thread, in the mock trial discord or a pm to me directly on discord at MyrandaPANDA11#8370

Commonly Known Name:

Steam ID or Discord (So that I can get in contact with you):

Position possibly interested in (Moderator or Gamemaker):

Year in game( Minimum year is 7th, same as staff application):

Day and time that would work best for you (Monday or Friday at either 11:00am CST or 8:00 CST):

Any comments or concerns- whether it be a staff member you’d prefer not to be assigned to because of personal reasons, etc.

DISCLAIMER: In regards to the comments or concerns question, if you don't feel comfortable saying who you just personally don't wish to work with, feel free to request a staff member instead. Either way, if you pm me specifically with the format your concerns will be confidential with me only. I want this experience each week to be fun and interesting and also a good learning experience as much as possible!

There is also a feedback form for those who have signed up to give me feedback on how the mock trial went for you and any suggestions you may have. You can find that here 

Encourage your friends and those who are interested to join and try it out! We're excited to see more new people joining the Mock Trials each time! Message me if you have any questions!
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