The Daily Prophet: SPECIAL ISSUE!

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Issue 4: Special Edition!

The Wizarding World's Number 1 Broadsheet of choice, giving you the information you deserve!

Weather: Night/Day map, guaranteed.

The Daily Prophet exists to give you the information you deserve! Telling you what's been taking place on the server!
Todays Headline:

The Mcpoopypants family, who are they?
A new family known as the "mcpoopypants" has arisen, led by none other than a "Marlene" and a Mr "Cofo". Their goal in question, to figure out if farting into your mic is infact, micspam. They appear to have aggressive intentions to those with silly and immature names such as "McFartington". Many of them seem to believe a Toto Sinclair to be their mortal enemy, making it difficult to report on, however, their leader, Marlene, agreed to come forward in an interview, stating his aims and intentions.

In other news....
@Cofo and @Mike Donner both made a wonderful Boxing Tournament! 

[Image: vqzb42c.jpg]

This had 16 different contestants go head to head with just their fists!

[Image: tLHvL1Y.jpg]

The event was hugely successful and here's how each Match turned out!

The Qualifiers: (100 HP)

Match 1: Ryan Vanderlious Vs @Billy Von Doom !
Victor: Ryan Vanderlious

Match 2: @Joe Mason Vs Sammie Blackmoon!
Victor: Sammie Blackmoon

Match 3: @Toto Sinclair Vs Levii Sisca!
Victor: @Toto Sinclair

Match 4: Robert Parsley Vs Slendy Mcdankest!
Victor: Slendy Mcdankest

Match 5: Howard Nutts Vs Bruce Inkwood!
Victor: Howard Nutts

Match 6@Mork Vs Stevo Mevo!
Victor: Stevo Mevo

Match 7Ash Benzo Vs Murch Pendragon
Victor: Ash Benzo

Match 8: Salazar Slytherin Vs Nezuko Darkmoon!
Victor: Salazar Slytherin.

The Quarter Finals: (150 HP)

Match 1: Sammie Blackmoon Vs Ryan Vanderlious
Victor: Ryan Vanderlious

Match 2: @Toto Sinclair Vs Slendy Mcdankest!
Victor: @Toto Sinclair

Match 3: Salazar Slytherin Vs Howard Nutts!
Victor: Salazar Slytherin

Match 4: Ash Benzo Vs Stevo Mevo!
Victor: Ash Benzo

The Semi Finals: (200 HP)

Match 1: @Toto Sinclair Vs Ryan Vanderlious!
Victor: @Toto Sinclair

Match 2: Ash Benzo Vs Salazar Slytherin!
Victor: Ash Benzo

The Final came down to both Ash Benzo and @Toto Sinclair, the pair had a best of 3 fight with 150 HP, Ash got the first K.O, followed by Toto in the second. 
Ultimately in the third match, Ash Benzo had won, find out about their interview after the tournament had finished here:

[Image: ESlzgu5.jpg]
Ash Benzo stands triumphantly with their trophy, looking glorious.

No photos this week really! So enjoy this photo of an adorable Mooncalf instead!

[Image: wgqvHMn.jpg]
Look at how adorable it is!

 Recent Prestiges: (So many)

Victor Antonis: Prestige 7: Congratulations!

Jerry Pumpkins: Prestige 6: Close!

Toto Sinclair: Prestige 6: Close!

River Mead Prestige 6: Close!

Connor Rosenberg Prestige 6: Close!

Stefan Golubovic Prestige 5: Nearly!

Rory Omega Shoelace: Prestige 5: Nearly!

Oog Gigglen: Prestige 4: About halfway!

Oleg Holdin Plums: Prestige 4: About halfway!

Mat Gremlin: Prestige 4: About halfway!

Lamell Patriosus: Prestige 4: About haflway!

Ash Benzo: Prestige 4: About halfway!

Revan Winters: Prestige 4: About halfway!

B-J Sykes: Prestige 3: Almost halfway!

Jack Hassa: Prestige 3: Almost halfway!

Sam Sisca Mcguffins: Prestige 3: Almost halfway!

Sam Mafiaso: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Davy Mcguffins: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Jessie Pinkman: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Rice Gremory: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Jack Regulus: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Grumpus Cobblepot: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Bruce Inkwood: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Grets Omega Bigback: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Cruz Vorman: Prestige 2: Getting there!

Brian Brinestein: Prestige 1: A start!

Jade Skell: Prestige 1: A start!

Robin Christmas: Prestige 1: A start!

Ziggy Smalls: Prestige 1: A start!

Nezuko Suir: Prestige 1: A start!

Ryan Vanderlious: Prestige 1: A start!

Lynx Suir: Prestige 1: A start!

Havn't been mentioned and have been prestiged in the last 2-3 weeks? Contact Lead writer Toto Sinclair if you would like to be displayed here!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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These are so cute!
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Their leader Marlene?

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e4728oy4ef2xkbmqod241...y.gif&ct=g]
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(07-15-2021, 02:38 PM)Cofo Wrote: Their leader Marlene?

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e4728oy4ef2xkbmqod241...y.gif&ct=g]

Lemme fix that up <3
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(07-15-2021, 02:38 PM)Cofo Wrote: Their leader Marlene?

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e4728oy4ef2xkbmqod241...y.gif&ct=g]

You've been replaced. Your bags have already been put inside your taxi.

Long live the Mcpoopypants family.
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Thank you Mr newspaper man!

In all seriousness these posts are great! Keep it up Toto!
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Big Grin 
My ass got beaten on the first round. I need a rematch!

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