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(07-20-2021, 01:18 PM)ERROR: NAME NOT FOUND Wrote: While it wouldn't be the end of the world if you got the position, I can't help but anticipate that Jacob may be repeat of the last server manager due to how close those two were and how much of an impact one had on the other. 

I agree with con,

I honestly don't think any of the server manager applicants are bad, and it wouldn't be the end of the world if you got it. But if you do get it, I really just see the same issues popping up again - the main one being activity, while I have not been the most active of recent, throughout my 3 years of being on the server I always noticed that your activity on the server was a bit poor. However, you are more active on the forums and I guess as the server manager you don't necessarily need to be on the server. So I suppose this isn't too big of a deal.

And going off of a few others said about the people pleaser thing, I had witnessed it on a few occasions, which kind of gave me a disfavorable opinion of you. To be fair it was a good while ago, but still gives me a murky feeling. 

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I want to start with the negatives to get them out of the way first. To begin, your activity. No doubt one of the biggest faults of our previous Server Manager was his resident inactivity. While you have never been quite as bad, compared to the other applicants, there is a severe drop (especially prior to Michael's resignation). Out of any of the applicants, you are the one I'm most concerned about with regards to being inactive after getting said position. Having both a job and attending university can be tough enough to balance alone, not even considering making time to play video games. I don't believe you're inactive because you don't enjoy playing on the server, but that your current lifestyle doesn't permit you to be as active. So that asks the question, Server Manager is a time-intensive position, and with you being short on time with other stuff going on in your life, will you be able to keep up with your duties? I'd definitely like to see a change in the position to hold the Server Manager more accountable for their activity. Until then, this will remain a big concern.

Beginning now I’m gonna shift this to talk about Jacob instead of to Jacob (this is because this is part is more for the community & Guy rather than stuff for Jacob to reflect on). I believe that Jacob is far and away the strongest of the applicants currently. For as long as I've been on the team, Jacob has had an almost "head admin" presence, and for good reason. Putting aside his presence on-server, he simply DOES a lot of work for the server already. Prior to Michael's resignation, Jacob was often his proxy for a number of different server-wide projects. Furthermore, Jacob has been around for so long that I have full confidence in him being qualified enough to make changes to the compendium, as well as overseeing the custom rules. Like others have said you are also a leader. Lots of the stuff Jacob does is not seen by a lot of the community, like looking into community risks, which he has proven to be very well versed and competent in. I can only hope Guy is made aware of it and considers it in his decision process. Jacob is also, with maybe the exception of Gina, the most experienced out of the current applicants with GMod as an actual program, meaning he will be able to work closely with and understand Alex Casey & Shy. It really boosts my confidence that Jacob won’t have to go through the typical Server Manager learning curve and will be able to hit the ground running. In addition to the developers, Jacob has a great relationship with Lexa, as evident by her vote, which no other applicants have the backing of.

Moving forward to how Jacob is with the community and on server. Many people have used Jacob's passive attitude as a negative, however I don't see it that way. He knows when to speak up on things, as well as when to let things play out. On the server you'll never see Jacob chilling or doing doorRP. He's constantly moving around the map to interact with players and (with the help of admin powers) making some of the funniest and most engaging RP you'll see.

Overall, I think Jacob fits the position more than anyone an already strong pool of applicants.

No vote.
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I want to say a lot about applicants ~(nothing bad)~ but I just find the choice so tough to choose from so i will try and copy and paste this to all my choices. Between Enzoe, Gina & Jacob I give all a +1 I know you all have different opinions about me but at the end of the day, we are all human, not everyone is the same or has the same way of thinking.

First choice would have to be Gina. Many still go on about the past and issues that happened but over the years that I have known Gina, She has grown to be so professional in her role as gamemaker, activity on the server is just fab, experience of commands etc are top notch and I know if you had to do changes, you would change it for the good of the people and the server and you are a peoples person. I personally think you would be the best person for the position because of these reasons and you will give what the people want from a server manager.

Second Choice would be Enzoe. A very friendly person who has came a long way since i was first introduced to you a long time a go and you do have what it takes to be a Server Manager, professional when it comes to commands, serious issues and also fair on moderating/admin issues. A people person but only one thing really stands out and that is your activity. If this was better then you would of been the number 1 choice for me.

Third Choice would be Jacob. Same as Enzoe in all aspects of professionalism. But again, activity could be better. You do tend to stray a little when you get involved with certain crowds and your moods do change but all in all, apart from activity, you would be the first choice if the others weren't applying. +1
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+1, this dude is like a legacy player. He been here for practically the beginning. He is very cool person and i think he is a great pick

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Personally, I do think Jacob is the best fit for this position. He's the most experienced out of all candidates, staff-wise; he shares and shows the same dedication he's been showing for the past 4 years, which proves the amount of effort he's willing to put into this position. 
  He was one of the few who truly looked at me with a different perspective when I was at my worst in the community, and helped a lot to try to get me to achieve a position in the staff team that I really wanted, which brings caring as another quality of his. 
  When you talk to him personally, he will take in every bit of information and work with it efficiently.
  He created something named The Mentorship Program. A program to help people with different backgrounds on the server to get on the staff team with positive feedback. The program that I'm sure inspired the creation of the current Mock Trials, which I believe is going quite successfully. 
  Overall, Jacob has the ability and creativity to succeed in this position, and I'm sure he will do great as one.
Will add more feedback later.
Big +1.

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I was only going to post for one person but Jacob ended up making an application. I'm probably the one who he went to get 'the scoop' on, and while obvious, I didn't care then and I don't care now.

Jacob is a good person. I am concerned for him in this position since I personally feel like SBS needs someone that is able to stick to their opinion and be a change agent. I have always appreciated how he tried his best to help people out in hard situations and own up to the things he has done wrong. 

He's literally never had a Staff Report on him in his years of being an Admin and Forum Moderator.

He is the most experienced and best pick out of all the candidates if you want someone that will have more of a parallel position switch and will make the most 'sense'.

Jacob will be a great choice.

My advice to you, Jacob, is that you work on forming your own personality not influenced by others and don't be afraid to upset other people with your true opinion. Good luck.

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Sorry Jacob, I think you are a good individual overall, but I believe there is a better applicant up right now. However, I do see you fit if that other applicant gets denied, Of course, I wish you the best of luck, I know you will continue to thrive further.

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