Clarification on Micspam rules with Peeves

Ok can we please get more clear rules on what micspam is and isn't allowed with peeves? People have micspammed music and entire youtube videos about informational shit yet depending on the admin the rules seem to differ to their interpretations of what are allowed. I was playing music and was told to stop, asked if my soundboard of tachanka's "LMG mounted and loaded" line was fine and they said yes, then later on I'm told soundboards aren't fine. I feel like the people at the top need to make it more concrete and further define what is and isn't allowed for peeves so that conflicting things like this doesn't happen.

Hmmm, rules say you can't micspam "music", which is understandable but says nothing about not being able to use a soundboard, and I've also been told in the past that I shouldn't use a soundboard, yet as you say people do that all the time, some final clarification would be appreciated.
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This question gets asked pretty often and that's because it has no clear answer. I like to play peeves so I like to think I have a better understanding of this than most, so here goes.

The most succinct answer is it just depends what staff memer(s) are online.

The compendium says:

1.) Follows rules above.
2.) Can micspam to a reasonable degree.
3.) Cannot micspam music or something that is racist or harassment.
4.) Can freely insult and annoy students within RP boundaries.
***If you are unsure that what you may do could get you banned, feel free to ask staff in advance.

So they are pretty clear that you cannot mic-spam music. They are also pretty clear that you can insult and annoy students. Unfortunately, many staff memers will take it upon themselves to write their own ruleset and will try to punish you for insulting and annoying students. All you can really do is follow their made up rules until they log off, or let them ban you and then appeal it. As for the acceptable level of mic-spam, it's the same thing. Some will say no recordings whatsoever. Some will say only recordings of voices, no noises you couldn't make with your mouth. Some will say "I don't like peeves" and gag you, then run away, even when you haven't said anything (I'm talking about Ryte btw).

The temporary solution to this is to memorize every staff memer's personal ruleset and follow it while they are online, defaulting to the strictest staff memer on at any given time. The more permanent solution would be to have a server manager that makes sure all the staff understand the same rules (but first we'll need to have a manager who plays the game and communicates with the community, something we haven't had in a long time.)

Hope this helps.
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The big thing to keep in mind with Peeves is the "Can mic spam to a reasonable degree" part. Different people will have a different meaning of "Reasonable". Some people may consider blasting a airhorn in your mic reasonable while most will not. 

The important things with Peeves is 
1) No music 

2) No hate speech, no discriminatiry/other forms of hate sounds, sounds, etc. 

3) Soundboards can be allowed depending what the sound clip is (Don't play anything ear rape or extendedly long non-sense just for sake of making noise. You're meant to be annoying but don't take it to far) 

4) You can not disrupt active classrooms. So you can't go into class causing issues. And you can't sit right outside a class in voice range of said class and mic spam. (This would be loop-holing) 

There should be some more clear rules on compendium for him yes. And different staff will consider different things acceptable that some staff may not which will cause conflict with player and staff team. "This admin/mod allowed me to do this and you won't?" (Just remember rule 4 and respect the wishes of staff to avoid trouble - maybe find another thing to do as Peeves so not to escalate the issue - Talk to the staff member about who allowed it but if they ask you to stop for the time being maybe just respect that until they can speak with said staff member.) 
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