[Hogwarts RP] Hogsmeade Map Progress & Server Manager Updates

Hogsmeade Map Progress and Server Manager Updates

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Hello everyone.

With today's announcement, we are going to be covering two different topics. The reasoning for this, is mostly due to the fact that we would like to still keep you updated with the progress of the Hogsmeade map, though we don't have much to 'visually' share with you this time around. A lot of progress has been made to the finish, however, we don't believe it's quite enough worth sharing images of. There are a lot more technical things that have been completed since the last update, so we'll go over those here. Additionally, as you may or may not have known, Michael, our previous Hogwarts RP server manager has resigned. Applications for the manager position have been open for about two weeks as previously announced by our Staff Manager, Justin, and they'll stay open for just a bit longer. Let's dive into all the details regarding both of these important subjects now.

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To kick things off, let's talk Hogsmeade. Since the previous update, a plethora of (what I believe most of you would find truthfully boring) optimizations, fixes, and otherwise have been completed. Additionally, skybox models for all the landmarks and buildings had to be created for optimization purposes, which took up a large amount of the time since the last update. With the map being very open world in comparison to Hogwarts, maintaining playable framerates is a large challenge. Our level designer has had to go a bit above and beyond to optimize the map to the absolute best instance possible. To give a perspective of how close we are, though, all that's left is the remaining flora, since most has been added, soundscapes, and some finishing touches. With that said, we will be saving the rest of what is to be seen for the maps actual release. This means the next announcement regarding Hogsmeade will be for the maps first alpha release on the live server, and no further development progress updates will be given.

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Moving on to the next subject, the Hogwarts RP Server Manager position. I'd like to start off by thanking Michael for his time here. I do see and understand that he has received a lot of scrutiny for inactivity, but a lot of what Michael did during his tenure as server manager happened behind the scenes. I can say with full confidence that the server would be and would have been in a much worse place, a long time ago, if it had not been for Michael. Any sort of help that I and SBS can receive voluntarily, is a blessing, as one might say. This goes for any staff member of any level, but especially one with such responsibilities. I am personally grateful for his help and his time here, even if that didn't entail much direct activity on the server itself. An argument that I've seen a few times and that might be used against this again, is that the server could be in an even better place had someone else been in the position with more activity, but the truth is, it's mostly speculation, as it always has been with previous managers. Michael's ability to resolve a lot of the situations thrown at him and do what the role allows given the resources he had and that I can give him or any server manager, which are very limited in the first place, were of standard and a great benefit to the community. Outside of the topic of inactivity, it's a tough role to fill, and every decision you make or action you take (or don't) will be scrutinized. You have to be willing to take the flack for being wrong, even if you feel that you really aren't, be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, and simply do the best you can. With that said, I do believe that any and all of the things that the community has found to have been flaws of his, can be used as an example and improved on by whoever the new manager will be. I would suggest that the new manager soaks in and makes an honest attempt to improve on these concerns that have been voiced thus far on all of the recent applications. We can all always do more, and be better, so we're aiming to find someone that can or is willing. Adding to all of this, I will say that, there has never been a time in all the years of SBS, that we've had so many, of what I would believe to be, qualified individuals to take on a manager role, especially one as a server manager. Not to mention having so many of said individuals actually apply for such a position at the same time. In this past, we've mostly had to take 'leaps of faith' in someone, out of the very few choices we ever had at any given time, who we hoped could uphold the position to an acceptable standard. Now, virtually every applicant that's applied so far seems to have qualities that could make them a great server manager. They are also all generally very different, which will absolutely complicate the selection process. This will be the toughest decision I've had to make for a manager role ever, and frankly, I think that's a good thing. A very good thing. I believe that speaks volumes about the current staff team that we have on Hogwarts RP. We certainly have numerous individuals on the team, that have also applied, that I believe have the ability to make the server a great and even better place to play.

Final Details

As for Hogsmeade, I will leave you with another SOON! Hopefully the last one. *wink* As for the Hogwarts RP server manager role, we will be closing applications on Sunday, July 25th at 11:59 PM CST. A week or two will be allowed after applications close to begin the selection process and select a new manager in that timeframe. It is absolutely imperative that you are leaving feedback on all the current applications, as the feedback is being considered heavily for the new manager. With how tough the decision is already, just from a base viewpoint with no feedback at all, your feedback is going to be crucial during this selection process. Finally, if you're looking to apply yourself, you can find more information here. You have until the aforementioned date to post your application. If you haven't yet seen who's applied, and you'd like to leave some feedback of your own, you can find all of the current and any future applications here. To do something a little different this time around, we will allow feedback to continue on these applications even after they close, and we might even publicly ask some more glaring questions on the applications based on feedback or any concerns that we have, and see how the community reacts to their answers.

Star by Star;
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Thanks for the update!
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I'm not going to be mad or pressed by literally anyone that gets Server Manager. I realize my biasness blinds me, (negative or positive) and having someone whose detached from the community making the decision makes me trust the process. Also Pogsmede here we come
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SoonTM haha. Looking forward to it!

can't wait for the map B)

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