It's been a fun ride!

Hello there! I've been pretty inactive within this community for a while now due to personal reasons and just being focused on other things. But yeah I will be taking my leave from the community, it was very fun while it lasted. Teaching the students of hogwarts about food, and terrorizing students as Vietnam Warrior Filch lmao. 

I've met some great people and had some hilarious interactions whilst being apart of this community and I certainly wont forget my time here. A big thank you is owed to the people that made my time here a pleasure, I very much appreciate you all. And people are always welcome to drop me a message on steam I'm always up for playing some games.

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Everyone stay safe and look after yourselves!
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Sad to see you go Jim, Take care man! 
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Farewell! Will miss Filch, good luck on your endeavours!
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Take it easy bro! You will be missed and I appreciate all the memories and games we played; you know where I am if you wanna talk or whatever!
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Been wondering where you've been Jim,

Caretaker will always be your  job regardless!

Take care!
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Broomhandle war was probably the most fun I’ve had on the server!

 All the best Jim!

The Broomhandle name isn't a family, its a business, please approach Emily for full time and part time jobs.
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Sad to see you go Jim :(
The server won't be the same without you running in classes with a shotgun as Filtch, or the cabin in the woods with your shotgun as Filtch, or you with a shotgun as Filtch in general. 

Oh and can't forget the time the lupus thrashed the broomhandles
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I’m glad I got to meet you! You will be missed dearly, stay safe out there
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Take care Jim, we'll miss you :(
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RIP feelsbadman
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