Ryte Staff Report-Abuse

Sadly i think it's time for a demotion. It's not your place to be disciplinary staff unless there is no other staff on at the moment. You can't go picking fights then when you get butt hurt you ban them. That's really toxic and something Hogwarts doesn't need more of.

In my time playing on the server I've heard many jokes about how if you talk about Ryte's forehead, you get banned. I guess there might be some truth to it. 

You can't let shit like that make you lose your cool. If you can't remain clear headed when stuff is going on in the server, you are not ready to be staff.
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Here for those forum points like the hog people do  Harrygasm 
but this does look like something that should be dealt with some proper punishment. Over at CW he would of been toasted for giving out a BAN while not being disciplinary staff, only exception being if there are none on at the time, and he probably knows that. Nothing against you Ryte, but dissin and then banning ain’t a good move.
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Don't dish out if you can't take it back lol 

+1 for any action
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I won't be voting but I will point out the obvious & gaps in information

There were things happening in @ chat that would prove to be relevant to the situation, but it would constitute leaking so I recuse myself from voting as my vote could be interpreted as whatever I know being favorable/non favorable. 

The only three staff members who were online for all this were me, ryte, and ariel, and I was in VC with other staff members as it happened. Moderating staff are allowed to ask GMs to step in and assist with less than 2 moderating staff online, which is what I assume happened here. Criticism about overstepping may not be too valid for the initial report unless Ariel says otherwise. This ban also happened at the conclusion of Ryte's event, which he did have some jurisdiction over. Correct me if I'm wrong but the ban duration was also 2 days, not 1 week like some are saying. 

I'm going to try to look at this objectively- I will say that the INITIAL report itself is super low quality, the audio is poor and doesn't really say much. Player-generated logs aren't usually trusted. All we really have is one instance of back and forth, but more is being said than what the evidence provided gives.  

The INITIAL REPORT also involves Ariel as much as it does Ryte, as her kick was taken into account and she would have had to authorize Ryte to take disciplinary sits if it fell outside of the jurisdiction of his event, but again it is low quality and the community clearly aren't speaking up about Ariel right now. 

In this report, there are lots of members from the community stepping up with separate instances to back up the report, and asking for some sort of call to action. The "Hackusations" I've definitely said something about and verbally saying someone is hacking to their face after getting killed at the QP reduces your arguing power, even if you are right, and these concerns need to be kept private. Scripting is going to be dealt with by admins, unless moderators specifically ask us to spectate. We, and players, can make observations like "Player X is doing Y, which is evidence of scripting and should be looked into," in @ chat, but it reduces arguing power if you are accusing people of scripts publicly as staff, which is a higher standard we are held to (I recall you did this on Simon's mod app too). What Ale posted is concerning as well, and much of these things may be happening over the pseudo-30 day statute of limitations restriction which may or may not still be a thing (actual clarification on this would be nice).

Garbo had no motive to keep asking what the time was because anyone who was online knows that there was 10+ people asking what the time was at the front door in protest, I recall going by the front door and he wasn't saying anything but I did tell people there to chill out. The two of you were going at it. I've been around long enough to know that Newton's third law applies, and it's probably best for Ryte to just completely not involve himself in disciplinary matters for the time being. For one, it sours any relationship you can form with a player, and two it takes away work from the moderating staff. Yeah we're perfectly capable of enforcing the rules, but if we wanna banter back and forth with players we can't really involve ourselves with disciplining them. By all means, step in to gimp players who spam hatespeech in ooc and continue to take sits, but don't execute any commands to punish that moderators use- you'll start viewing things differently. 

You two have a bit of preexisting history so bias was likely a factor in both Garbo and Ryte's decision-making as they went back and forth. No amount of punishment to either of you will resolve this and you need to look inward to move past it. Nothing but hostility has been netted from this report so far. The adage "treat others as you want to be treated" applies here, and neither of you seem to care much for each other. 

Quote:recuse myself from voting

^this being said, each claim brought up in this post has to be looked at individually and many factors will come into play.
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+1, ryte been like this for a while now
where the evidence at tho
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(07-26-2021, 09:57 PM)Lukas Wrote: +1, ryte been like this for a while now
where the evidence at tho

LMAO, you can never know if anyone has a bhop script just by spectating him

You can only know if:

-You have a screenshot of his PC and can clearly see the script file
-You have a HACK MENU that tells you which scripts other people are using
-idk that's all my brain can think of

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As I am unaware of what happened since I don't play and usually log off when Ryte logs on my opinion on the situation with Garbo is a bit biased therefore I'm not gonna comment on this specific ban which was only 2 days anyways but I would like to add fuel to the fire because I think having a good staff team is essential for having good roleplay on the server.

I'd like to quote a comment from Jacob on Ryte his Staff Manager application back in 2019:

The usual trend is you have a tendency of putting up a front, a face that pleases the public

and this, I will not fall for again. The worst part about it is that you know that this is true, it's in your nature, your psychological build up. 
Most here that comment do not know of the past so they don't exactly know how to go about this, but most of what isaid can be seen from recent too.

This is still true to this very day. Ryte has many qualities but hasn't improved on his temper over the years. And this shows time and time again. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that agrees that Ryte needs his position taken away. 

- To prevent this from happening again ( losing temper )
- To prevent hacks or events with alot of deaths usually on Rytes name ( powergaming )
- To increase the overall RP and freedom of expression 

Note: I am not saying that Garbo did nothing bad here but the way it was handled by Ryte was immature and for someone with that much experience it is baffling that he still doesn't know or care how to handle situations like this.

All that being said, I have nothing against him personally but I just think he shouldn't be in any position of power therefore +1 for this report
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The discussions on this thread regarding him and stuff regarding hacks/scripts is entirely irrelevant. 

None the less I have looked at this for a while now and have talked it over with a couple people and it was agreed upon that there is some concerns that were raised.

This doesn't mean that Garbo wasn't in the wrong either. There has been many back and forth with people and staff that are just childish. 

I will not go into that extent but I have informed Ryte that he is suspended for 2 weeks.

Report is accepted.
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