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Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 20th, 2021

These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Star by Star Gaming ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your volunteer services on any of our services and or platforms such as and not limited to, our websites, game servers, any other media form, media channel, console or PC application, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto. You agree that by posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM APPLYING FOR A VOLUNTEER STAFF POSITION AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

You accept and understand that you are not any form of an employee, contractor, or agent of Star by Star Gaming. You accept and understand that the volunteer services you provide will be a donation and under no circumstances will you expect wages, salary, or benefits from Star by Star Gaming for the services provided during your time as a Volunteer Staff member. We reserve the right to remove or let go of any volunteer staff member for any reason and at any time at our sole discretion.

Any and all actions, including and not limited to, player and or user punishment, such as issued bans or otherwise on our game servers, websites, or other platforms, as well as any statements made by you, or any behavioral misconduct, does not express the views of Star by Star Gaming and are conducted at your sole discretion. You agree that all of these are of your own and you withhold full personal responsibility. Your actions, behavior, and or statements will be taken or given at your sole discretion and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of our respective officers, agents, partners, contractors, volunteers, volunteer staff, and employees, from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand due to the outcomes of your gross negligence, willful misconduct, actions, statements, and or behaviors or any other conduct on your behalf, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability while performing volunteer staff services for Star by Star Gaming.


These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions can and may be updated at any time without notice at our discretion, so be sure to frequently check back for any updates to these terms and conditions. An effort to inform you that they've been updated will be made, but not promised, so it's your responsibility to periodically check back. By posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you are accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions indefinitely regardless of any changes or amendments to these terms and conditions unless or until you are no longer a Volunteer Staff member. If at any point you no longer agree to these terms and conditions, you must immediately resign from your Volunteer Staff position and cease to continue your volunteer services immediately.

Please do not remove or delete these terms and conditions from your application, otherwise your application will be considered and declared void.

Applicants Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:522974076

(1.) Do you agree to and accept the Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions? If so, please answer with "Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions." - 
Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions.

(1a) What is your most recent or commonly known in-game name or alias? - 
Noble Alyx Omega Weeny

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be at least 7th year to apply.) - 
Prestige 7, Year 7

(2.) In which time zone do you reside? - 
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

(2a) Please provide the hours of the day that you are the most active on the Hogwarts RP server according to CST (Chicago, US), so the managers and staff know when they can expect to see you. - 
I basically no life the server so I'm pretty much on all the time. (CST) 5am - 6pm.

(3.) What is your age? - 
19 Years of age

(4.) Approximately, when was the first time that you joined our Hogwarts RP server and how did you initially discover it? - 
I initially joined the server around December and came with some friends and really enjoyed it so I decided to stay.

(4a) How can we be certain that you will remain active on the server upon being accepted for a volunteer staffing position? - 
Ask anyone that knows me really, I play a lot. I'm also on when other staff members get off so if I'm accepted, I can help more around the server.

(4b) Do you understand that you can be let go at any time for excessive inactivity at our discretion? - 
Yes, I understand there's really no point in having someone staff if they are inactive.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the server when necessary? - Yes, I understand pretty much all the rules of the server and i will enforce them, if anyone needs help with any of the rules, questions or anything i will take them aside and discuss with them.

(5a) When listing the 10 basic rules, please explain what they each mean to convey to us that you understand and comprehend them wholly.
List Rules below:
1: No Fail Rp - No Rail Rp (No Fail Roleplay) is breaking the expectations of your roleplay job e.g. Not listening to Teachers as a student for they are your Roleplay leaders and Committing Suicide.
2: Disrespectful, hateful, and offensive behavior/speech toward others is not allowed - Any slang, derogatory language, phrases or words that is considered an attack should be looked out for on the server and immediately be reported by players and dealt with by staff.
3: No Random Deathmatch (RDM) - Do not attack other players of the server if you aren't in a situation to do so. RDM is not tolerated on the server!
4: Obey Staff & RP Leaders - Follow the indications of staff, and obey your roleplay leaders- Obeying Staff is a main key of a healthy server and Obeying The hierarchy of your position is key for Roleplay. You can find a job description and see if you have an RP leader by pressing f4 and reading the description of your current job.
5: No Massive Free spelling - Don't cast spells if you aren't in a scenario that involves you to. any non-damage spells are given a warning if they take it further after a warning then prefects send them to detention as punishment then if taken even further reports will be made to staff.
6: No Metagaming - Metagaming is using other services to your advantage such as being in discord with someone or saying it chat that you are snatched basically giving them information which they haven't come by themselves.
7: No Mic spamming/Chat spamming - Mic spamming and chat spamming anything gets annoying and can make people annoyed with the server so to keep everyone happy prefects send them to detention and if it goes further than staff will be brought into the situation.
8: Owl post is for Significant Roleplay purposes only - Owl post is for RP purposes only such as a teacher with class orders, Snatch Prices etc.
9: No ERP - Erotic Roleplay (ERP) should not be going anywhere near the server as they're children coming on the server frequently so the server needs to stay clean.
10: Don't Avoid the AFK System or map exploit - Using any software to avoid being AFK (Away from Keyboard), any glitches or map exploits are not tolerated on the server and should be immediately reported to staff.

(6.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be accepted for a volunteer staffing position on SBS. (100 words or less) -
I try to be a kind person and if anyone has a problem with me, I will try and sort it out. I am also great at assessing situations and coming to reasonable acceptations like around the server I have helped people with problems they have had with other players because at the end of the day I just want everyone to have fun. I would really enjoy being staff to help out around the server.

(7.) In your opinion, which quality of yourself do you feel that you need to improve on the most? - 
My imagination, I feel like I have a really narrow mind and i feel the need to work on that.

(7a) In your opinion, which skill set of yours do you feel that you need to improve on the most? - 
I think I need to make a focus on my delivery with some things but that will just become good with practice.

(8.) How would having you on our volunteer staff team benefit our server and what qualities set you apart from the rest of the applicants? -  
I'm in a timezone that other staff arent on and i feel like the times that i am on staff is really needed. I don't really have any beef with anyone on the server so i am not biased.

(9.) Have you ever previously maintained a game server staffing position, or currently are, on any other Garry's Mod servers? If so, which ones, and in which staffing positions? (List them if possible) - 
No, I have not.

(10.) Have you ever previously been banned on any Garry's Mod or SBS servers? If yes, then please list approximately when, how long, and the reasoning(s). - 
3rd of May for RDM and it was a 1 month ban but got deducted as I apologised.

(11.) In your opinion, are the server staff or the players of more importance? Why? - 
Really the players because its staffs' job to look for any rules getting broken, making sure the server is happy and everyone's having fun also making sure the server is a safe place for all the old and new players to enjoy and come back to.

(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (E.g., patience, response time, etc.) - 
I would give myself a 8/10 because of the fact that if there are a lot of reports coming the response time is obviously going to be long but I will make sure to get everything done.

(13.) If you find yourself in a 'staff-sit' where you're unsure of how to fairly distribute punishment and or handle the situation or discrepancy at hand, what do you do? - 
I would look at the offence (what was said, how many times something happened) and decide on the punishment and if I can't decide then ill seek help from other staff members and come to a decision.

(14.) You both understand and realise, that by applying for a volunteer staffing position on the server, you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to role-play and or socialise freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues and or volunteer staff position tasks at hand no matter the situation and to the best of your abilities? - 
Yes, I understand and agree to leave anything that I am doing and go handle with any server related issues.

(15.) If applicable, please provide a list of all your previous volunteer staff applications, provide a link to them if possible, and list any reasons why they may have been locked. If they were previously accepted, please provide a short explanation of why you are no longer volunteer staff at the time of this application. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

Hey Alex! So I am going to be honest, I wasn't expecting this from you...But nevertheless, I will give my vote. Now you see, I barely play much lately so I barely know what is happening these days. However when I have been on, you have always been kind and responsible. Ive mostly seen you on the server doing your own thing, however I may be wrong, you may have been prefecting lately. I'd wait for other votes and what people say about your prefecting, responsibility, etc. But in my opinion you could be great as a staff member! Neutral for now
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In all honesty, and I hope this doesn't come out as offensive, but you're a Master Prestige and I've never heard of you before. I genuinely do not remember any encounters we've had. I don't think you stand out, and I do recommend prefecting, reinforcing the rules, hosting GH (assuming you don't do them much), and just generally talk to others more.

Neutral to -1.

Sailor Etlenor Dragon Pizza Rivers Kronior

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Hi Alex!!! First off I want to say you're probably one of the first super welcoming individual's I've ever met when joining on this server. You have been nothing but welcoming , nice and a fun person to be around. I think the way you approach people is great and I think that's something that's needed in the staff team because staff can come off super intimidating. I always see you talking to a new person everyday as well which is great! But that being said some stuff I would like to see more of.
1. Teaching ( whenever you ask him to teach he will do it but I want to see him do it on his own)
2. Great Hall meetings and or Prefect meetings.
3. Showing new people around and showing that you know all the rules and are educated on them as well.  Heart
Other than that I think the time zone you are in is needed and I know there is times when I've been on and no staff are on but you are on and its been crazy. You are doing great job with prefecting so far which is great. Like I stated up above we need more welcoming staff ( no shade I've met some really welcoming staff) but I've also come across some staff that I'm nervous to be around. Other than that you're doing great I just want to see more of the stuff I stated above Heart Good Luck!!!
Vote: Neutral

Hey Alex!
So to begin with you are really a chill dude and we get along well; to me it kinda seems moreso you’re applying currently due to having a good amount of friends on the staff team - as I personally have not seen you prefecting a huge amount (you have started to play head boy/head girl a little), I haven’t seen great halls, and I haven’t seen teaching from you. Ofcourse I will try my best to look out for these; get involved with the upcoming mock trials and host some greathalls also.

Neutral to -1 currently I’m sorry!
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Neutral, applicant has potential.

I have seen you prefect, not fantastically I might add, but it's something I have seen, one thing I will say, I think teaching is easier and less stressful, don't burn yourself prefecting all the time because it just flat out gets rough as fuck past the first few hours of doing so.

Other than I think you're Karma's husband, that's all I know about you, so it would be nice to see what personality you have and how you "RP".

Good luck.
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Hey Alex!

You're honestly such a lovely guy and always super friendly to people on the server, However as other have stated I haven't seen you do any leadership roles such as great halls or teaching. Maybe this is due to being on a different times but I would definitely like to see more of this from you! 

I'm gonna be a Neutral on this one for now but may come back and change my vote if I see things change.
Good luck!
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Hey Alex,

I do think that you have potential and I know that you really enjoy helping others, however there are some major concerns that come up for me.  

You seem to constantly be involved in some type of drama.  Since very early on in the server I have noticed that you actively involve yourself in situations that cause chaos.  I don't believe that they are always made in any sort of malicious manner, but you make some very questionable decisions.  You have no issue choosing sides in things and believing what people tell you.  It almost seems that you let people think for you most of the time.  You do not come across as a very honest individual. 

You let your desire to be liked outweigh your ability to think for yourself.  I feel that in looking at you as a potential staff member this in itself is a HUGE red flag.  I really question weather you would be able to handle sits with players who may have had issues with you in the past/still have a lot of issues with you. 

I also feel that your application seems rushed.  Your explanations of the rules are very generic, and could use quite a bit more information. 

These are all things that can be improved with time I personally don't believe that right now is the proper time for you to be considering staff.  I think that you really need to take a look at yourself before being able to help others on the server in any capacity.  

I know this feedback may come across as a bit harsh, but I think it is really important. 

Its a -1 from me for now.      

Hey guys, thank you all for your feedback it is much appreciated!
I wasn't expecting this to happen when I'd be applying but I have some IRL stuff going on right now and it's been really hectic. I apologise.
I am requesting a thread lock.

Locked as requested

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