A Break

Today and other days I have been playing on the server and it has been really fun, I loved the hogsmeade map and I could talk with other people that I made friendships with, and today it was a really fun day I participated in an event and even though my K/D was terribly negative I know for a fact that everyone just had fun and it was a good moment, I taught some classes and there was some guys just talking in a really fun way, also making fun of my accent and I couldnt stop laughing, in other words these are the moments that we all want to enjoy on the server.

The fact I managed to make friendships, make others laugh and the fact the server has changed to a much better place in comparison to a year ago, it makes me happy

But today one hour or two hours ago I received sad news in relation to a person that I love and I cant play the server for some time since I cant join and sound happy, I cant provide others with funny moments and I want to stay away from the internet as a whole for a while. And it is really impressive how in one hour we are happy and with a smile on our faces and the next hour all of a sudden we lost the floor that holds our feet.

I will definitely be back but first one needs to heal his heart and learn how to move on and therefore I want to stay out of the internet and of the server for some weeks

I wish everyone a happy week and I send you guys much blessings

Hopefully we'll see you soon dude. I hope everything goes well.

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Seriously wishin you the best man! Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you love when you’re going through something.
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Take all the time you need, we will be here for you when you come back:) 

I wish you the best
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We’re here if you need anything. Best Wishes. 
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edit: lmao i knew this would get downvoted but dw people me and john are cool
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I'm really sorry to hear that :C

I hope everything goes well for you, see you soon man.
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I'm not that bad of a person :3


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