Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2

This server has a HUGE problem with doxing and racism in general and I think things like that SHOULD be more important than someone acting out when they were OBVIOUSLY set up. AND  YES WHAT HE SAID WAS OBVIOUSLY WRONG. I dare say *those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones * Peace and Love   - ~ Vince~ EDIT i was there wtih shiggy when the dude was asking about trot , when we told our side of the story we were TOLD NOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS SITUATION ON THE SERVER BY MODS, i'll do what I want as usual but ya that's SKETCHY me thinks shenanigan's are being played . I mean I have video of people we all know and love on the server saying racist homophobic things , INCLUDING STAFF so are we SURE yall wanna play this nitpicking BS ? Think strongly and carefully , karma is a bitch.

+1 for reduction or full unban
+1 for Full Unban based on what people have said

People change.
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I feel morally obligated to say one thing before the final decision is made. Everything I say here had no proof to it as I do not record, so it is only as good as my word is. And while I can't say I can agree with everything Trotters has said I can say that I think this might of gone a little too far. But for now I take you back to events that happened prior to the events that resulted in this ban. It might shine a small light on the intent of the person going after Trotters.

One or two days prior to the events I was sent to detention (most likely for sitting at a teachers chair or skipping class) and out of no where someone else in the detention cell asked me if I knew Trotters. Never talked to this person, no one brought up Trotters while I was in there other than this person, I said yeah and listened as they told me that Trotters is Transphobic and a bad guy essentially just seconds before I was released. I walked back to my friends and said what happened but brushed it off cause I didn't think anything of it. I never saw that side of Trotters so I figured it was just someone venting about something I didn't understand.

Now one the day this ban happened, I was sitting at the QP with three other people and we were just relaxing and talking about whatever came to mind and suddenly the same guy from detention came up to us and asked if we had seen Trotters. None of us had so we said no, but I was a little upset at that point cause I remembered this guy from before so I was quickly trying to get them to leave with short answered and they said to our faces that their intent was to find Trotters and harrass them. We couldn't say anything back because they left, either because they were trying to continue their search or because Trotters had changed their job around that time and they knew where Trotters would be. I pulled the three people to the side and told them that that was the guy from detention and as we were trying to figure out what to do we got word that they had found each other and were fighting in the outer courtyard.

I don't know if I can agree with everything Trotters had said but this person sounded like they knew what they were doing. They went out of their way asking people where Trotters was and if they knew them and if felt like they had what they needed to antagonize them into a fight. Should it have been handled differently, yes. But in the heat of the moment things got said. Trotters got punished but I don't think it's as black and white as, you said this very bad thing here so you get to leave forever. This person was actively harrassing them in and out of the game with personal information and it got out of hand.

Now I direct a new line of questioning to Trevor. And before I say it I am sorry for calling you out like this but it always sat weird with me, I was too scared to ask this in the server because of they way the wording made it sound but, after Trotters was pulled myself and one other person were pulled and told to not talk about the events of this in the server or we would be punished. Why could we not talk about this?

+1 for a reduction, what you said was wrong Trotters. There is no way around it. But I think you shouldn't be gone forever because someone made it their mission to do a gotchya by continuously harrassing you.

after watching those videos I think he should be unbanned. What he said was wrong and deserved the ban, but if he was really harassed for a month like he was in those 2 videos then I can understand the frustration. he served 4 months let the man free. +1
Also, I'm assuming the people who harassed him were the same that made those vids. If that's true then they were literally trying to make him say something just to get him banned. That really only makes it more understandable tbh.
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Mmmmmm ok. I have been hesitant to respond to this thread but I only feel it's right as I have never experienced anything directly firsthand from Trotters that came from a place of ill-intent. 

I have heard a lot from other sources of things he has said and honestly I do believe if they were true he should have been held accountable, especially after watching the clips. But I also do know the people who were non-stop harassing you, and can attest that this is true. In all honesty, after you getting banned for saying something to a transgender, I thought it was funny and deserved that you were getting harassed outside of the server. I do apologize for that and know now that that was wrong. We all make mistakes and in the end it is Gmod. A lot of people on this server do tend to say out of pocket shit and target for whatever reason. 

As for your ban, I do believe that a perma-ban knowing the situation from both sides personally is wayyyy much. These people were getting on specifically to harass you, it wasn't just a coincidence that they were on at the same time. I know that for a fact and it wasn't right, or fair, for you to get the shit end of the stick and end up with a perma. 

Trotters- I hope this appeal goes in your favor because you were a nice person and I'm not going to bring up any shit outside of your ban because it wouldn't be fair. If it were true, you'd be held accountable for that separately. I do hope that if you come back you try to not directly involve yourself in this drama. It is draining for anyone and it shows a lot that you have waited to post your appeals. 

+1 for a reduction/unban
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This whole situation is a massive clusterfuck. Something like saying "kys" to me is the same thing as saying something like "Faggot" or the forsaken N word; something that is commonly said online in a heated manner but still should be enforced less leniently than general disrespect due to the further meaning of said terms and how it effects certain groups of people.  

As for the ban, there's clearly context behind the situation and it's not like he's saying "kys" and giving death threats nonchalantly to random people on the server, it's toward somebody that's been harassing them for a while, which is something that I think staff enforce very strictly as well. If Trotters was perma'd then it should make sense that the people who did all that harassing shit on him would be perma'd as well. I wanna exclaim that being harassed does not excuse his actions, and that behavior is still very unacceptable, but you also have to consider how these events even occurred to begin with.

+1 for an unban since it's been over 2 months

Just report harassment of that calibre to staff sooner before shit escalates and don't stoop to that level by doing shit that's equally as bad. Also for the love of god just don't say weird shit like "cute 16 year olds." Even if the context you're trying to say it in isn't technically pedophilic, it's pretty disturbing to the other people that hear that shit and it most definitely can come off that way, so just don't talk about that shit in general, please and thank you.
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Hey Trotters. Although I somewhat agree that what you said on the server was a little too far, the context clearly shows that it was not just some in the vacuum statement. I really hope that the person who doxxed/harassed you has been c-banned, if not that's a miscarriage of justice. The people who were harassing you should be given bans for spreading drama on the server. I genuinely think that you're a good person trying to get past your previous statement and some vigilantes decided to take it upon themselves to harass you for something you've already been punished for. As someone who's been bullied and harassed before, I can understand your feeling to lash out at the people hurting you and I empathize with where you're coming from.

I think that a full unban is in order, although I have some misgivings since I really like playing Narcissa and Trotters plays it A LOT.

+1 for unban

There are no excuses for telling people to kill themselves in my books.

Neutral (as you do apologise for it) to -1.

edit to be fair people change. Neutral to +1 for ban reduction since you've already been banned for several months.

Hey Trotters!

After discussion within the staff team and gathering the feedback given from the community.
I have decided to accept this appeal and give you a full unban.
Please in the future if a situation like this were to continue, use the correct methods to get someone away from you.
Mute them in tab menu, walk away, contact staff with evidence or just let us know its happening. 
I hope you are true in saying you want to do better and I'm willing to give you another chance.

Appeal Accepted
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