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I’m somewhat conflicted. I’m the one who issued your last ban, and i accepted your appeal almost immediately. Graveyard raiding is a very trivial rule break, and i’ve never seen someone accumulate bans this long for it. It makes me feel that maybe it should be capped at a week or something. Regardless, I accepted your appeal almost immediately because I thought that if you were going out of your way to appeal such a lengthy ban, you surely wouldn’t have done it again. But here we are. Emmy, I am confident that when you return you are going to do it again almost immediately.

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Everything already stated, you're on some kinda mission to be perma'd for GY raiding I imagine at this point, and I don't want to see that personally, so I personally want this ban to stay how it is.

Continuing when you return is entirely up to you but it's rather stupid to do, because it accomplishes nothing and only inflicts damage upon yourself when it turns out that you do one day get perma'd, thus all that work reaching your prestige is gone to waste by that point.

-1 I can't count the amount of times I've seen you do chess in the GY and highly discouraged you from doing so.
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You’ve had way too many bans for Graveyard Raiding

This appeal is a -1 from me. Wait it out so you don’t commit it in the future cause it’s leading to a perma soon. 
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I don't even know how it gets to this point lmao.

Like if you wanna play chess in the gy so badly become a snatcher or something. The only reason I can think of you doing it so many times is to troll  its such an easy rule not to break. Getting kinda crazy at this point and i can't see you not coming back and doing it again.

-1 you should wait it out.
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Any sort of reduction would just lead you to break the same rule again and you would probably get banned for 6 weeks or 5 weeks. I am sure you are a great chess player though lmao

My advice: - in 2x or 3x weeks make another ban appeal and probably the votes will be different but I feel that you need to serve at least 2x weeks of your ban so that you learn the lesson

-1 for reduction

If rule 4 wasn't a thing i'd probably be in support of an unban, but i think you disobey staff for the sake of it now. 

cya next month
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It appears the community has spoken

I generally go with popular vote on appeal decisions 

So I will be denying this appeal you're welcome to try again in 1 week time.

Appeal Denied.
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Denied by Gwendolyn. But you may appeal again in a week if you'd like.

Appeal is closed.
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