Hello from your new friendly grit bin

what's up gang - I'm a grit bin (google it if you don't know what one is)

I'm a friendly british guy who's recently came back to GMod after some years away, been playing around with DarkRP but that seems pretty whack these days, and then I discovered HogwartsRP! Been looking for a friendly, english speaking server with a decent population to join and start enjoying the Hogwarts RP cause it's right up my street! This seems to be the largest group I could find and I'd love to slide on in - Great to meet you all and I'm sure i'll see you in game soon!

harrylove a grit bin  harrylove

You single-handedly ruined every UK playground for an entire season. 
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Hey man welcome, I hope you have fun. :)
Been playing for a hot minute
July 12th, 2016
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The Ministry will fall..
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Welcome my dear.... welcome voldehappy voldehappy voldehappy
 voldehappy voldehappy voldehappy voldehappy 
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Welcome brah

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