i'm the best rper on the server hands down

i say the spell name before casting the spell
i make sounds when dying
i say ouch when taking dmg

y'all cant even compare u wish u were me

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App Accepted

Welcome to the staff team
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Yes! You need to be staff! You know the rules so well, you prefect a bunch and you are a really nice guy!

Yes you may have broke a few rules in the past but for the past few months all I have seen is positivity from you everyone deserves a chance and honestly I think you would do really well as a mod.

Huge +1 from me
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Pretty good at teaching, but you wanted to make sure I saw you teach and noticed when I left the classroom and confronted me about it. Please ease up on this in the future, you will get noticed if you do things of note or are noticeable, but if you force us to notice you, then that forcefulness is what will be noticed first. I can easily write it off as you being eager to perform/get noticed but the intention is more likely to be interpreted in a more negative light if I keep seeing it. It's different in the real world, where in business this might be seen as a desirable go-getter trait, but it doesn't show your true self. 

I have seen a tendency toward commanding others rather than guiding. I would like to see you ease up a bit before considering you for staff. I would like to see or hear about experiences from staff about your prefecting and great halls. Keep your app up and follow/uphold the rules to the best of your ability whilst it is up. Since you're a bit new and have a ways to go I want to give this advice- if you lose interest at any point but may want to apply in the future, make sure to let forum staff know to lock this up.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the server and to help others enjoy it as well (you are, after all, going to sacrifice your ability to RP without interruption). 

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-1 hatespeech

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