Mike Donner's Staff Manager Application

My response I put on your Server Manager App still stands.  The main take-away I got from your reply to me on that application is that you will try and lie and excuse your way out of a situation that makes you look bad.  

The fact that you tried to have your current Staff Manager application hidden by having it deleted is a MAJOR red flag.  It makes it look like you're trying to hide all this valid criticism from the community because it makes you look bad(which it does).  Joe's post was pretty eye opening to some of your behavior I hadn't been aware of.  You wanting your application to be removed, as well as your retaliatory reply to Joe's feedback only makes it look like you cannot handle criticism(whether it be constructive or not).  The community has been down this same road before when it comes to Staff Managers not being able to self-reflect and realize their faults. 

I also find it kind of funny that you spearheaded the whole "anti-harassment" campaign, when it appears like you've been actively taking part in harassment and targeting on multiple different occasions with different people.  It is hugely hypocritical in my eyes for you to act like you are some sort of savior, when in reality you have been part of the problem behind closed doors.

You are also manipulative and have a strong issue with bias against those you perceive to have issues with.  My main example being, a former staff member starting hanging out with our group.  All we did was watch movies and play other games outside the server. You then decided to tell them that they weren't allowed to hang out with me or any members of our group(even off the server).  Going so far as to give them this person an ultimatum of "if you're friends with them, you can't be friends with me" or something along those lines.  The POI you put on Charlie also seems to be a good example of this as well. 

From the outside Mike appears to have the qualities of a Staff Manager, however if you scratch the surface just a little bit, it quickly becomes apparent he is far from a good choice.  I am honestly worried for the sake of the Team if he were to get this position.  I will be a HARD -1 for this app.
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I wrote out a long response, but i'll leave it short and simple (20 edits later lol). I will concede that I did something I thought I'd never do and I contacted Guy privately with my vote for you last time, which put you as a bottom pick. I feel you are too vindictive for a community position. Yes you lead meetings, you could probably recite the reminders from memory if asked, but that's not enough.  

Sorry, but if you were to step down right now and reapply for moderator, you wouldn't even get it. This alone warrants a -1, and quite possibly a revisitation on who should have admin right now.

edit: sorry, long post now. had to get this out of my head.

I don't want to come across as hypocritical so I looked back at my Server Manager vote. 

Quote:[...]This has resulted in him getting in the middle of things where he otherwise shouldn't, though likely has to do with him being forced to be the point person at times (or possibly, volunteering to be the point person). This comes across as a bit two-faced, though it's certainly not his intention to be. At face value, he's a very good and proactive candidate
One of the biggest positives about this candidate is the value he puts on feedback: he is good at receiving, processing/digesting it, and handling it in very good ways.

I will say you've proven me wrong on these points. You've also gotten defensive when I approached you with another staff member's feedback in the past, where I was to give peer feedback as an alternative to someone getting a staff report that would have likely gone through, to the point where an "anti-Con" group was formed and you played both sides, and even went so far as to vote to punish me when you were one of the people who agreed with what I said in the first place. I could understand why you would vote +1 when Michael was such a tyrant to begin with and everyone wanted to agree with him (He reminds me of Stalin tbh), but how you played both sides and expect this position is beyond my comprehension. How far you went to get me in trouble just makes me sick thinking about it sometimes. I was just too blind to see until one of the people from that group told me about it after it fizzled away. That knife wound in my back hasn't healed yet. No excuses can really be made for it as your position is indefensible, and you are one of the biggest reasons for my distrust in the staff team over the past 4 months.

tldr, -1

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I don't really have a positive or negative opinion of Mike. He never really stood out for me when I was a staff member, but all of the comments above are concerning.

Additionally, what looks really bad is the fact that this thread was deleted. Why would you delete an application and then reopen it once it was restored. Pretty weird if you ask me.

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Wow this is something else. I never had an issue with you personally, but I will just say Mike, definitely use this app as an eye opening experience. 

I find it pretty alarming and shocking tbh I just never expected any of this from you, I was one of those who only knew the surface. 

I highly recommend letting this application go as the concerns here are far beyond fixable for this run.

No Vote just advice. Keep your head up as a person and learn from this.
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It looks like Jacob misunderstood, as near as I can tell, there wasn't a request to unlock this application. I'm waiting for final clarification, so this may be reverted if I am wrong. For now at the very least,
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