Myranda's Staff Manager Application

Hi Myranda! I'm really happy to see that you replied back to everyone's concerns and addressed them because I also had the same concern about your activity that could be you're on different times than me I don't know. I like you as a person you're very kind, helpful and sweet to me and I have nothing but a good time when you're on so it is kind of sad to see what others are saying about you. I'm still a newish players and so I don't know as much as others do this game so for that I will remain Neutral. I am curious though on why you think you'd make a good staff manager? what would you do differently than all the other candidate's? 

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Hii Myranda! Just wanna throw out some positive points:

- during my last run as staff, you were constantly hosting the Sunday meetings (which staff managers do)
- You’ve always been approachable (In my opinion, never had issues coming to you for things)
- You’ve also taken time to help us mods whenever we’d temp GM, same with Heinrich. 
- You’re constantly hosting Mock trials, which gives people that push they need to apply. 
- you’ve been around the community for years and know your stuff. 

A few things i have issues with: 
- Your activity, while i do see you more often now, I just hope it’ll stay active if you do get this position. 
- sometimes you CAN be snarky when it comes to handling certain situations on the server. 

I do think you’d be a really great pick for Staff Manager, I just hope that you’re 10000% into the challenge of this role. Overall, i’m going to leave you a +1 <3

Good luck! 
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I like Myranda she is one of the chiller staff members.
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(10-13-2021, 11:36 PM)ERROR: NAME NOT FOUND Wrote: Negatives
  • Stubborn to a fault 
  • Very combative over simple suggestions
  • Creates drama
  • Says things she immediately regrets, then feels bad about for days/weeks/eternity without addressing it
  • Not easy going, it's as if you're stepping on glass around her
  • Strict
  • Doesn't apologize when she's conceivably in the wrong
  • Doesn't give feedback in an effective manner
  • Attempts to put people down
  • Dismissive
  • Makes grandiose assumptions without proper investigation 
  • Along with the previous point, doesn't reach out
  • Doesn't take scripting reports seriously
  • She's a fighter, but comes across as being hostile at all times
  • Seems like she is entitled to certain social privileges
  • Players generally dislike her
  • I once asked for an apology from her and still haven't received so much as a DM in almost 2 months
  • Records things that didn't happen
  • Watches over, questions, and comments on everything you do. This wouldn't be as much of a negative if you weren't generally hostile in how you phrase things. 
    • Example: I gave a crossbow to someone as Hagrid, and you wanted to know the RP reason to why this person got a crossbow, and it came across as if you considered it a restricted item. In contrast, if Jacob wants to know why Hagrid has a crossbow, he'll ask what kind of cool things I'm planning or simply trusts that I have something in the works, and probably reaches out to get involved. Your phrasing can use a lot of work.
Overall, I feel that if you got this position at this time, we would be worse off. You have a lot you need to work on
Changing my vote to a full -1.

I must agree with Con here.
The negatives, to me, simply outweigh any benefits there may be in promoting this candidate over others.

Further, I feel that this application, it appears to me, is a power grab.
What evidence do I have to substantiate this claim?
Absolutely none.
It is, of course, my entirely subjective opinion on the matter. The 'vibe', if you like.
I think you are an outstanding Administrator and echo the positives Con has highlighted here.
Notwithstanding those positives, I am of the opinion this candidate is not the one we should be looking for.

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Myranda is a super chill staff member, many people stated that she might come off as rude but many people might do that in a jokingly manner or even without noticing and that happens quite a lot to me so I understand it, although I never seen that occur and Myranda always came off as nice when I was on.

Hi Myranda,

So, I don't see you on very often, and when you are on, I don't hear much from you. In particular, there was 1 instance in which there was actually a student going around typing out profanities in local chat, and you blatantly ignored requests and clips sent to you in order to "sing and dance" in the graveyard (please see attached clip link).

I can say I may be lacking in participating in the server around the same time you log on, but it always seems that you are trying to play as a student as opposed to a moderator, let alone a staff manager.

I have also had a few encounters with you where there was an issue going around and it seemed as though you were focused on other things around you as opposed top the problem on hand.

I'd love to be able to see you progress and become more of a community player, although it seems hard as I just don't see you around that often.

-1 For me, although that is always willing to change.

- Octavious Cannoli


Hello again, to address a couple more concerns:

For Gina’s comment about this application being a power grab, all I can really say it’s not whatsoever. I have reached out to Gina and explained that being an admin for a couple years I’ve had ideas about what I’d think help the staff and community and I feel as staff manager I’d be able To accomplish these goals.

To address Octavious’s comment, as I have previously stated earlier about activity I’m fairly active - for the past couple days I’ve been out of town due to visiting my boyfriend which was planned before manager apps got posted, so if that helps explain any activity issues I hope it does. I also play on a bit later time zone which can be 9pm CST or later at times. The video posted and the instance you’re describing I’m honestly having a hard time remembering it, but I believe I looked at the clip you sent shortly after it was put into chat? But again, I can’t recall this instance much so I do apologize if it seems like I was ignoring the call. For the comment about seeming like a community member more than a staff member, to address this I take sits and calls when they come in. In the meantime I like to have fun on the server and be involved with the players instead of sitting in the admin room waiting for calls to come in.
Fee free to message me again, with any other concerns!
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