Malfoy PVP Event!

(1) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - Passive RP PVP event. 

So I had this idea when I was roleplaying today as Narcissa Malfoy and my friend was Lucius Malfoy, we were pretending to have quite the bumpy relationship and saying we were getting divorced and doing all sorts of mean things to each other such as saying that I updated his life insurance and put a hit on him XD. Others got involved and we were having loads of fun, we even had Dobby as our house elf and Draco later arrived and Lucius and I were fighting over him. 

(2) What are the details of this event and how will it be run? -

Players involved: 
3 main actors; Narcissa, Lucius and Draco Malfoy.

Light force - Narcissa, Draco, Hogwarts students.

Dark Force - Lucius Malfoy and all the Deatheater buddies he can muster.

Narcissa being a dark force might need to be restricted and not fight at all and instead command her troops. Or have her fight for LF just for the duration of the event and not use DF spells. 

All roles are welcome of course these are just the 'main factions'.

Event Preparation: 
- Spawn in Malfoy Manor.
- Gather Dark Forces team.
- Spawn in artifacts and hide them throughout the manor.
- Spawn in the house goals for Light Forces to drop the artifacts into. With your experience I'm sure you guys            can figure out a nice place to put these in a fair location while also being challenging.
-Spawn in Court House for end of event.

Alter health, spawns, equipment and all sorts if you think necessary. 
E.g. Give the main actors bonus health or have someone playing as Dobby and give him a medkit to heal people. 

Number of artifacts in the goals allocated to the 4 Hogwarts houses are counted at the end of the event. The house with the most artifacts in their goal wins house points!

The Event: 
Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are now divorced, Lucius has Malfoy Manor and Narcissa has Draco. 

Narcissa and Draco want the ManorNarcissa has the cunning plan to have her nasty ex-husband arrested for possession of illegal dark artifacts in his house! Once Lucius is arrested, Narcissa and Draco will move back into their lovely home.

Narcissa and Draco rally an army of students to help them attack the manor.

This could be done with an advert for a great hall meeting and change the active class name to something event related.
This always works very well in previous events that I have played in. Especially if accompanied with a music track. 

Light Force objective: 
Light forces are to assault Malfoy Manor and kill any Deatheaters who try to stop them. Once inside they have to steal as many illegal dark artifacts inside the manor as possible. Once a player has an artifact they have to bring it outside and throw it into the goal representing their house! 

Repeat until all artifacts are recovered or until time is up (the timer might be a few class periods or so.) 

Dark Force Objective:
Dark Forces are to Defend Malfoy Manor and their friend Lucius from his bat crazy ex-wife! Kill all intruders and protect the illegal artifacts the best they can.

The Ministry sees Lucius' evil artifacts and his Deatheater friends flying around killing students that they apprehend Lucius and as many of his Dark Force friends that they can and bring them in to the court house for their trial, players can represent, defend and accuse Lucius and his friends of their crimes! 
I'm sure this could all be impromptu and optional but I definitely think it would be a great way and a very fun way to finish an event like this, hearing people arguing and having a good laugh at any funny moments that might have happened. Wrapping up the event in the court house could open up for some really cool and funny roleplay. 

(3) What problems could arise and how could they be remedied? -  

Unfair teams making the objective impossible for one side: 
During the Great Hall meeting ensure both teams are ready and do a quick count up of players, E.g. a full server of students filling the Great Hall ready to storm a house with only 5 Deatheaters in it probably won't go so well. The same could go for not having enough students trying to attack a house with all DF roles filled and all sorts of DF customs stacking their team. Unfair teams is the only major issue I could see happening with this event. 

I have played an event which gameplaywise was very similar in objective and went very smoothly (its where I got the goals with house colours idea from), it was run by Gina and Miro. I'm sorry I really don't know how to predict or offer any advice to fix problems that could occur. 

Please do my event I think it could be alot of fun! Make sure that if you do I am logged in!  Heart

Larissa I think this is super cute and clever, my only concern is about the Malfoy Manor. We don’t have a specific map and I’m not quite sure how a build would work on any of the maps, I’m obviously not an admin or GM but I am curious as to how it would work if possible.


Now that I think about it I do recall some of Gina and Miros events that had a house…but I’m not sure it was the Malfoy Manor…even so if this does happen it could be used.
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Another great event suggestion!!!! 

hope to see this on the server!!!!!!!!
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i love pvp this event would be a must go to
Charlie Allman
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