Leo Carew's Moderator Application

First thing I want to write here is: Do not be discourage (easier said than done) by the -1s, take it as feedback, keep working on it and never give up if this is something you really want!

Now on to my feedback: the rules section you need to go into more detail into it, explain a bit better, give more examples, read other applications and compare your definition of the rules, and get some inspiration, ask doubts in-game whenever you have it (regarding the rules) and apply the knowledge you gain from those interactions with staff (when you ask about doubts) here in the application.

It does not matter if you are applying for staff or not, because no one knows the rules at 100 per cent and therefore do not hesitate in asking questions, it is one way to keep on learning and improving always.

And if what others say about your activity is true, then try to be more active (IRL always comes first) but whenever you can hop on in the server and play even if it is just for 2/3 hour (but in those hour try to prefect and teach and have fun on the server at the same time).

Now more positive feedback: I saw you teaching classes today, you did a good job, students listen to you, you seem professional from what I have seen but you were also joking at times which is good trait.

I believe you are working on all the feedback others have given you and you definitely have the right attitude.

My vote will be: Neutral (but can change if I keep seeing you prefecting and teaching)

Good luck!

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It is evident you do not wish to put in any effort besides writing up an application, even with the two pages of feedback on this application and more on previous you still seem to never attempt to work on any of it on the server. I only ever see you on DAR or another rogue, often freespelling or just being overtly rude to other players.

There's a lot to work on if you want this position

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Hay Leo i have been playing with you on Hogwarts RP for a bit now and you are a responsible prefect and teacher and its good that you want to change today i will be giving you a                                                    +1 


I’m so sorry but I think I remember your last app, are you sure you are 18? I’m not sure if it said that on you last app if you have one but
I’ll check and since I haven’t been on for a while I cannot say anything but I will when I reply soon again. for now no vote

Hello agian! So my last reply, I do not want to make a big deal out of it but you were being dishonest about your age it says your 18 and the date you were born but your previous app you were 17 so I did some research about the dates of when you posted it now and when you were 17 and it turns out the dates that you put on this app that is your brithday means that on your last 3 apps you were already 18 but it all said 17 but let’s not go into that other than that as I’ve seen people talking about how you haven’t been active recently because you went on a break but immediately after you came back you made this app which is not a good thing right off the bat as said from other people but you do prefects meetings which is good and others things but for now I say -1 from being dishonest about your age (by making it seem like your older) because if you were dishonest about something that you did in the server as staff would not be good and coming back from a break and immediately applying again but gl for the future!
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Seems like you have a temper problem, dont think that makes you fit for staff. If some light banter and a couple stupefies is all it takes for you to get a nasty attitude then i dont want to find out how far that temper goes when you have the ability to ban people. -1
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Application Closed as requested
Death does not come easy.. you have to work for it

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