Halloween style mystery event.

(1) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - Passive RP 

A strange structure has appeared outside the walls of Hogwarts. It disappears as quickly as it arrives, over the past week, seemingly at random, students of Hogwarts are compelled to go to this structure, head inside, and are never be seen again! Friends of these students have a cold shroud wash over them, they do not worry or do anything at all to stop their friends from walking off into the darkness alone until they are long gone. 
The building is full of patrons, some quietly eating their meal and sipping their drinks and others gnawing loudly on raw flesh and bones. The Nomadic bar has collected dark beings from all over the world, they are not the type to all be sitting in a bar such as this with no quarrels, something very powerful must be present to keep these beings in line. 
The head waitress of the bar has a secret more dark than any of the patrons could ever imagine, she does not seem to own the bar however everything that goes on is revolved around her. She is an ancient entity in a human form, no one knows what she is but her cold aura of pure evil is enough to deter anyone from asking. 
The students who enter are greeted warmly like a guest, ushered to a table and given some well cooked food, the meat in their food is their classmate who previously went missing, and soon they will meet the same fate! 

(2) What are the details of this event and how will it be run? -

The professors of Hogwarts are glumly aware of the increased disappearances of the students, Dumbledor is convinced it's no ordinary group of snatchers. Dumbledor orders a curfew and that everyone be in groups and on the look out for strange behaviour, everyone is tense and very paranoid in Hogwarts at the moment. 

The Event:
Students are not convinced that the Headmasters curfew will do anything, who will be next? Will it be them? They must do something to stop the disappearances from continuing or there will be no one left! A group of brave students band together with the intent of finding out who or what is behind all of this. 

Event Preparation:
- Spawn in 'the Bar' (Could be anything just so long as it can comfortably fit multiple people inside and is placed outside of castle walls.)
- Gather your bar patrons and main DF characters. Give them everything they need and brief them on what you want them to do and their restrictions. 

- Gather you LF team. Ensure at least one of the main heroes is a good leader and that they stick together. Give the heroes any equipment they might need to help with their investigation.
- Tell players on professor and prefect roles to act paranoid and inform students that something is happening and not to go outside. 

Players involved:
Dark Force:
- 1 main actor as Head Waitress or Head Waiter (Player model what you thinks best.) 
- 1 Chef (anyone DF with a blade. Or give someone a meat cleaver.)
- Minimum of 3 snatchers to acquire guests. (Or any DF that can snatch.)
- Assorted patrons (the crazier the better.)
- As many as possible bar workers/patrons focused on defending the bar from curious LF.

Give these characters something unique if possible and the head waitress bonus health (like a boss fight.) 
I think wild neutrals will look great and give the feel of a bar that's truly gone crazy and picked up patrons from all corners of the globe. Just make them DF to avoid confusion. I think an Erkling prowling around and blood and bones all over the place will look great. 
I'm sure students will wander in by themselves but snatchers with unique models or names might rile up some more interest in the event by players who weren't paying attention to the chat or undertales. 
Light Force:
- 2 or 3 main heroes.
- 1 Headmaster Dumbledor or Professor McGonagall.
- Any and all brave enough to save their school.

I think Ginny, Neville and Luna would be perfect heroes. Give them something unique, maybe give Neville the sword of Gryffindor? 

Early into the event distract the heroes and have them called to fights with NPCs or players who are 'Wandering Patrons' looking to catch themselves their own meal. 
E.g. Undertale werewolves have appeared outside herbology or at Hagrid's Hutt!
This should hopefully avoid them solving the mystery too quickly. 

Once our heroes have solved the mystery they are not to go in and attack the bar, remind them they are just a small band of students. They tell Dumbledor or McGonagall what they have found out! 

Great Hall meeting:
The students in the Great Hall are told the situation and to hide in their dormitories until the Ministry arrives. Our heroes will pipe up and say the evil has to be stopped here and now, Hogwarts students will be the ones to stop this evil once and for all. Our heroes lead their like minded brave classmates to battle and save the school! 

Their objective is to simply kill the head waitress.

(3) What problems could arise and how could they be remedied? -  

- Problems could arise if the heroes are having trouble finding people to build up their army. 
Pick some people that are enthusiastic and that you believe could do the role well : )
On the contrary this event could become large scale and quite chaotic if too many people are involved. 

- First years and second years enthusiastic to join but unable to help. 
I see this in a few events but if you have time please give them something like a knife and or med-kit so that they can have fun too and even be very helpful. 

- Our heroes cannot solve the mystery. I'm sure they will, or maybe they are looking in the wrong place and taking too long
Maybe spawn in NPC werewolves outside and get students to spread their sightings to the heroes leading them outside and closer to their objective. 

- Unfair teams.
Do your best to judge how many LFs the heroes might gather and ensure your DF side is capable of holding them off long enough to be a challenge but not impossible.

- Our heroes split up.
If they split up they will probably solve the mystery too quickly and together the event will be more authentic. Designate one of them as the leader and the heroes and other students follow him or her. 

- Our heroes die.
If one of or all of our heroes die before the mystery is solved just bring them back together and continue.
If the heroes die during the finale of the event let them respawn and come back on their own to continue fighting. 

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