Halo Bulletins 14/11/2021

Halo Bulletins 14/11/2021

Server News

Update will be coming out soon, contact @K2 for more details on the update, that is about to be released.

Staff News

@Jack (3) has passed their trial, and, is now a Full Moderator. Congratulations, Jack!

@Mina is now on their fourth week of Trial Gamemaker, and, has been given feedback. Good Luck with your trial, Mina!

@noblechief is now on their second week of Trial Gamemaker, and, has been given feedback. Good Luck, Fives!

We are in need of more Gamemakers, so if you feel like you'd be able to handle being a Gamemaker, feel free to apply at:

Staff LOA's & Low Activities

Blair, RJ, Izer, and, William are currently on LOA, or is on Low Activity.

Additional Notes


Halo Bulletins will next be posted either this Sunday, or next Monday.
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